Forced sex

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I am a young girl age 24 living in an apartment. My neighbour is an old man divorced. I had always issues with this annoying old fucker.

One day I had a party at my place. I was drunk and slept. My friends left at 1 am. Doors were just sticked to each other. Due to loud music this old man was disturbed and came to my house for scolding me but saw me slept. He got tempted and came near me. He hold my dress and drag it above my chest slowly, I could sense the shivering due to cool breeze. He shut the door and came near me again saw me in bra and panty. He dragged my bra up and started staring my round boobs.

He clicked pictures of me in that vulnerable position. Then removed my panty little down and spread my leg slowly so that I won’t wake up. He clicked pictures. And all of sudden I woke up because he grabbed my boobs so hard started smashing it. I opposed him but he blackmailed me with those pics. He was succeeded in taking revenge.

He started kissing me vigorously,ramming my boobs and nipples. Then he came down threw my leg in air and started eating my pussy. He was eating my pussy with lips and was thrusting his middle finger in vagina. With one hand he had spread lips of my pussy,licking with lips vigorously, like an animal and thrusting his finger inside out.

Then he clammed a little and putted two finger in my pussy and started ramming in so hard that I squirted like a hell lot of liquid on bed. He forced me to bolwjob him then started fucking me like an animal. Throwing legs in air thrusting his penis so rigorously vertically down inside my delicate pussy, I cummed so hard. He had so much stamina.

Then he started fucking me from behind holding my hair ,digging my face into pillow he was fucking me continuously that I cummed two time, 4 time in total up till now. He was ramming my pussy. His thick large dick was digging my pussy walls, I was numbed ,tears were rolling down, asking him for mercy but he was fucking me so hard. Then he brought me in missionary ,threw my leg in air and started drilling my pussy. I cummed 2 time but he wasn’t stopping ,drilling me in out vertically and threw his dick water all into me and here I got my last orgasm with him. My pussy yelled the white cum of his dick out of my vagina.

Before going he finger fucked my pussy leaving me squirting lots of liquid.

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