First daughter

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Found out i had a daughter some 15 years after she was born.
Really only reason i found out about her is her grandmother looked me up and called.
Turns out her mom had 5 kids by 5 different guys, was still a stripper and used drugs.

My daughter was only girl out of the 5 kids. She tells me the other 4 kids dads had already shown up and claimed there boys.

She says i need to come do a paternity test and do whats necessary to claim fay.

After talking to wife we decided to go find out.
I went to the local child support office a d gave a sample, they said it would take 3 days to get the results. Wouldnt you know they came back as she was my daughter. They told me i would have to go their and do the paperwork for custody.

Georgia was quit a drive. After we met up with the old lady and the case worker we found out her mom jessica was in prison and would not be getting out anytime soon. Shes the one that gave her mom my info. The case worker advised me to go meet Fay and spend some time with her that it would take a few days to process all the paperwork.

Wasnt sure what to expect when her grandmother pulled up at the hotel we were staying at.
As we are looking out the window, i see this short blonde get out. She had on blue jean shorts cut way to short and a tshirt. They come in and everyone interdouced there self. Fay turns to sit down with her ass cheeks hanging out. She was about 4ft 5in tall, small firm titties, tan legs, nice round ass and a really cute face with full lips. Lots of makeup on.

My wife looks at me with shes really dressed like that look.

She ask if im her dad and we explained her mom did work with denise back in the day and we did have fun with her.

She was like yeah my mom told me all about yall. She said you cheated on your wife with her.

Denise cuts in, hum sorry sweety i was right there in the middle of everything.

Her grandmother changed the subject.

After couple hours she said it was time to go. Fay asked if she could stay with us over night and get to know us better?

None of us minded except we only had a queen bed room, Fay didnt mind.
Her grandmother told her she had no night clothes either.
She says she would manage.

As soon as the old lady left it was like a switch flipped in her. She became all affectionate hanging all over me. She kept trying to sit in my lap. And it became daddy this daddy that.

She says she couldnt say in front of her granny but her mom had really told her all about us and she knew all about us both doing her. She went into details and denise stops her telling her she shouldnt be telling you stuff like that.

Fay asked why and denise tells her because your to young.
She just laughed. She asked all about where we lived, about my other kids and family. Would i really let her come live with us because she did not want to live with her granny. She says i really want to go home with yall please.

Anyways, we went to eat, gave her some money and let her run into walmart to get something to sleep in. Denise tells me you know the girl has daddy issues right? Your gonna have your hands full with her. I asked what she meant by that. She says you seen how shes hanging all over you and keeps trying to sit in your lap. Yeah so. She has daddy issues. I bet you anything shes not a virgin. Knowing jessica she encouraged her to be a hoe like she is.

We came back to the room late. It had been a long day. I took my shower put on clean boxers, then denise took hers put on her night gown and we climbed into bed. Fay came out of the bathroom wearing a short tshirt.

Thought you were getting a pajamas or a night gown? She says I normally sleep nude so this is a gown to me.

I was on the edge of the bed denise was in the middle leaving alot of room on her side.
Fay walks up to my side of the bed, daddy can i sleep by you?

Denise starts moving over and tells me oh let her jd. So i move over.

She lays down and scoots back up against me. I can feel her ass cheeks up against my leg. Dont feel any panties covering them.

Anyways, i dose off. I wake up on my side. Takes me a min. To relise i am facing Fay in a spooning position. My dick is hard as a rock. And fay is wiggling her ass around against my dick.
I lay still thinking oh shit shes gonna wake up and think im trying to mess with her or something. Be all i need for her to tell the case worker i tried messing with her.

Just when i decide to turn over towards denise i feel her hand reach back behind her and slide down between us. She rubs her fingers around my dick. Her fingers start messing with the front of my boxers were they are buttoned up. A second later her fingers are in the opening of my shorts pulling my dick out the opening.
She starts moving up alittle and then moves around and slowly moves her ass back towards me. She wraps her hand around my dick and then she moves her ass back against me. I feel wettness and warmth, the head of my dick starts sliding into her pussy as she pushes back against me.
Holy shit my head is inside her, she removes her hand from between us and slowly starts pushing her ass back against me more of my dick slides into her pussy, she keeps going till my whole 8 inches feels like its inside her tight pussy. And i do mean tight,warm and wet.

She holds still, it feels like shes trying to squeeze my dick with her pussy muscles.
Slowly she moves her hips forward and then pushes back. She pulls forward till feels like little over my head is inside her then she pushes back sliding my dick back in deep.
Fuck i gotta be dreaming. This cant really be happening. Theres no way shes really fucking me.

I hear moaning coming from her, she has a slow steady pace going working her hips back and forth.
Man i want to grab her hip and push her onto her stomach and fuck the shit out of her but i know i cant.
Then it hits me, what the fuck am i going to do when i get ready to cum. No way im cumming inside her.

Her pussy feels so fucking good around my dick. I move my hand behind me slowly and place it on denise’s thigh and slowly pull her gown up past her hip.

I wait till fay moves forward till just my head is inside her and pull back and out and turn over real quick facing denise. I stay still a few mins. I hear fay say oh daddy why you move for.

I feel her get out of bed and go into the bathroom. I quickly slide my dick between denise’s legs up into her pussy and start fucking her fast and hard.
Grab her hip pulling her back into me to meet my thrust forward. Gotta hurry before Fay comes back out. Denise is moaning i whisper shhhhh….

I start swelling slam into her and fill her full of cum. Pull out and denise pulls her gown down and goes back to sleep.

I dose off to.

Next morning, denise is up before me
I lay there with my eyes closed trying to sleep more. I hear her ask Fay do you want some breakfast? She says yes please.

Denise tells her she will be back in a few. To wake me up.
As soon as denise shuts the door Fay climbs onto of me straddling me. She starts moving her hips around wake up daddy.

Im awake. Denise went to get us food she told me to wake you up.

I open my eyes look down at her and see her bald pussy in full view. My dick starts to harden and i push her off me real quick turning on to my side.

Whats wrong daddy she ask? Why did you do that for?

Thinking quickly i tell her i need to go pee and take a bath.

I stay in the bathroom till denise gets back, she comes in and says so what got into you last night i wonder?

I tell her what happened. She says i told you she wasnt a virgin and shes wanting some daddy attenion.

I didnt think you meant like that denise.

You know what happened with my dad and me when i was little. I can spot it in others..

Denise ask me so how was she atleast? I stick my head out the shower.
Tight and wet

Well let me go have a talk with her. Few min.s later denise opens the door hey babe we are going down to the pool be back later.

They had been gone a bit when there was a knock and it was her granny. We sat and talked.

Found out that her mom let her different boyfriends mess with Fay and even messed with her with them. She says Fay needs to get away from here and not come back.
Denise and fay come in. The old lady told Fay she needed to come with her and pack her stuff up. She would bring her back.

I tell denise what the old lady told me and she tells me that fay pretty much told her the same stuff and she told her shes bisexual. She said fay started swimming around her and even started feeling on her.

She pops off jd you could have a submissive sex toy with her. I laugh shes my daughter. Jd i dont think she cares.

To be continued

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