Experience with my neighbour sister – Part 3

To continue with the story, just to describe about my neighbour sister. She simply resembles like old actress Bhanupriya who has perfect body, navel, boobs. Many times I used to masturbare thinking her as bhanupriya character in sorry teacher movie and myself as the young boy who always tries to seduce her, holding her hips and hugging her. We were talking daily in phone. At some point of time we started feeling like without speaking we can’t pass a day.

One fine day I went to her home when she was alone. She is a good tailor and she was stitching something in the machine. She was in dark blue saree and wearing dark blue blouse. She asked me to sit in front of her.

When I sat there I got a clear view of her boobs and navel, when she keeps her hand on the stitching table while stitching. Her blouse was transparent so that I cam see her pink bra with white polka dots.

I can’t control. I asked her to complete the stitching soon. While she was watching me then and there and gave a kinky smile. My rod got erected.

Once she completed her work, I took her to the sofa and started caressing her boobs by moving the pallu side.

Started biting her stomach and I was kissing her navel. While doing this for sometime, I felt like I want to kiss her boobs. Belive me, they resembled exactly like bhanupriya boobs in sorry teacher.

I started to Suck her nipples on the blouse. She was bit hesitated at first and then she slowly started enjoying it!

Then we had some foreplay with dress on both of us and returned to my home. I masturbated thinking of all the things we had.

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