Daughter seduces daddy into taking her virginity

I remember distinctly when things changed between me and my daddy. It didn’t happen slowly over time. It came to me in a rush. I didn’t realize at first exactly what was happening to me. I guess since I had never experienced sexual feelings before, I couldn’t identify them as such right away. I do know that I was confused at first. Very confused. In my head I knew it was wrong – so wrong for me to have such feelings about my father. In my mind I was ashamed and afraid – but, between my legs, it felt so good that I could not resist.

It happened on my 18th birthday. The first time I became wet for my daddy was like an awakening. Such dirty thoughts I had never imagined before came to me without abandon. The desire was so strong; I simply could not resist seducing my daddy no matter how hard I tried.

I used to be so innocent. When I had a bad dream I could crawl into his bed and cuddle and without all the naughty desires. When I sat on his lap, it was sweet, not dirty. The hugs and small kisses were sincere. I remember that Saturday when it happened. Everything changed in one day. I lost all control. I seduced my father and lost my virginity.

He was sitting in his leather chair watching the news that morning. I had just woken up and brushed my teeth. I heard the TV and thought I would go say good morning to Daddy. At that time, I had no idea what was coming. It was just another day. I walked into the living room having slept so well, I was feeling good and giddy.

“Good morning, Daddy! How did you sleep?” Daddy looked up at me and I could see him tense immediately.

“Sarah, what are you wearing? Put some clothes on right now!” His voice was stern and with a tinge of anger. It caught me off guard. I looked down at myself – I was wearing the same sheer cotton V neck T shirt I’ve slept in for years. Granted it has gotten a little small for me, the thin cotton stretched over my growing breasts. I had noticed my tits getting larger and rounder. I was developing much earlier than all of my friends at school. I didn’t know just then that my Daddy had been noticing too. My pink panties peeked out from the length of the shirt.

“Daddy I am wearing the same thing I always wear to bed.” I felt tears burning in the corner of my eye. I didn’t expect Daddy to be so harsh. “Did you I do something wrong? Why are you mad at me?”

His voice softened. “I’m not mad sweetie. No, Daddy’s not mad. It’s just that you are older now. Those clothes are so small on you. Maybe it’s time you start covering yourself up a bit more around the house.” He looked away from me, stealing only small glances.

I stood in front of him, still a little confused. “But why, Daddy? It’s just me and you.” I took a step toward him. “I was hoping I could cuddle with you this morning and watch TV like we used to.” Daddy’s eyes met mine. He was no longer looking away, just the opposite in fact; his eyes took me in from top to bottom.

There was silence for a moment. I felt a twinge of self-consciousness for the first time as Daddy looked my body up and down. He exhaled and suddenly that fleeting awkward moment was over. “We can cuddle, Honey. Just for a little bit though, ok? Then you go and change,” Daddy said.

“Thank you Daddy!” I bounced toward him, feeling happy and chipper once again. “Can I sit on your lap like I used to?”

“Yes, Sweetie. Come sit on my Daddy’s lap.” Daddy’s voice became a hoarse whisper. I sat on his knees, sliding my bottom backward into his lap. I sat sideways, bum on his covering his groin, my legs hanging over the side of his thighs.

“Daddy your voice sounds different. Are you sick? Are you sure you aren’t mad at me?” I pouted a little and looked Daddy in the eye.

“Honey, Daddy’s not mad. I was just surprised at seeing you in those clothes this morning. You are growing up so fast,” Daddy said, his voice still a hoarse.

“You don’t like it that I am growing up, Daddy? Aw, it’s okay Daddy I am always going to be your little girl!”I said as I wiggled in closer to him.

Daddy’s eyes became intense as I wiggled. I felt something starting to push against my bottom. “Daddy,” I giggled, “what’s down there? There’s something hard sticking into my bum!” I shifted backward a bit expecting to find daddy had the remote control or something sitting on his lap but instead found nothing but the crotch of his pants sticking up like a big tent.

“Daddy what is that!” I bit my lip and looked up at daddy’s face, feeling concerned and confused. “Daddy what is that big thing in your pants??”

Daddy’s eyes hardened. He put his big strong hands on my waist and lifted me from his lap. “Go change Sarah!” he said sternly and swiftly walked out of the room. I stood there feeling confused and wondering what happened as I heard my daddy walk down the hall and into the bathroom.

I went into my bedroom to change my clothes as daddy instructed. As I pulled my t-shirt over my head I heard a strange sound coming from the hallway. What was that? My head peeked out into the hall and heard those sounds again. It was coming from the bathroom. Who was daddy talking to in there? I tiptoed into the hall and toward the bathroom door and listened. Daddy was moaning!! I was worried that he might be getting sick. I was about to knock on the bathroom door to check on daddy when I heard my name. A whisper, in that hoarse voice. I stopped, held my breath and listened. “Ohh Sarah my sweet girl,” I heard daddy moan.

What was daddy doing? I know it was wrong to spy on him but I was so curious! I quietly got down on my knees in front of the bathroom door and looked through the keyhole. Oh my god! There it was! That thing in Daddy’s pants! It was enormous, long and thick like big cucumber. Daddy was rubbing it and moaning. I was in awe! I quietly watched daddy stoke and tug on his cucumber and heard him whisper my name again….. “Sarah baby Daddy wants to fuck you,” he spoke quietly to himself while he moaned and stroked his cucumber.

My eyes widened. I’ve been pretty sheltered and very sexually inexperienced for a girl of 18. I had never been touched.

I’ve heard some of the other kids at school talking about this. Some of the girls have told me about their boyfriend’s cocks, and how boys will sometimes jerk off. Is this what Daddy was doing? But Daddy wasn’t a boy – he was a man – and I never imagined that cocks are that big! Does Daddy want to fuck me with THAT big thing?

I was enthralled and continued to spy on Daddy. I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock, the length and thickness, must have been 10 inches long. The tip of it was like a big purple plum, or a giant mushroom. I watched quietly as he stroked the length of his big member when suddenly Daddy let out a low deep growl from the back of his throat and threw his head back. His big thing was spitting streams of white stuff! There were three big spurts of stuff and Daddy shot it all over the bathroom counter. So much stuff!!

I was so hypnotized by what Daddy was doing I forgot my silence and let out a small gasp. Immediately I covered my mouth, I saw Daddy stop and look toward the door? Did he hear??? Quietly but oh so quickly I got to my feet and scurried back into my bedroom without making a sound. Just as I was quietly click-shutting my door I heard the bathroom door open.

I held my breath, I heard Daddy’s footsteps leave the bathroom and stop in front of my bedroom. Did Daddy know I was watching?? Did he hear me gasp?? Still holding my breath I heard Daddy breathing outside my bedroom door. I was quite as a mouse…. then I heard his footsteps walk away. I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on my bed.

What was Daddy doing in there? Was he jerking off like the boys at school? Was he jerking off and thinking about me? He said my name. He said he wants to fuck me. I asked myself if I heard that right. And how come I never noticed that big giant thing in his pants before?? Daddy’s cock is DEFINITELY bigger than all the other boy’s dicks; there was no doubt about that. And what was all that stuff that came out of it? Is that what happens when guys cum? I had heard about that too, but I’ve never seen it before. WAS Daddy saying my name while he rubbed it?

As I pondered about what I saw I realized I felt a certain heat coming from between my own legs. I stood up and pulled my panties down to examine, and was surprised to see the crotch of my panties were very very wet. I felt an unusual tingle between my legs. What was happening?? I touched my fingers to the crotch of my panties. The warm liquid was a little thick, not like pee though, so then what was it? I lifted my fingers to my nose to smell, it had a sweet musky aroma. I wondered if it was the same stuff that came out of Daddy. Girls cum too, right? But not the same is it? I didn’t think so, Daddy’s was much thicker and there was a lot more of it. Hmmm, maybe Daddy left his stuff on the bathroom counter and I could go compare.

I quietly opened my bedroom door and peeked my head out. No one in the hallway, I snuck into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Examining the counter, I was disappointed to see Daddy must have cleaned the counter top. I took a step closer though when I saw some of the white stuff on the sink cupboard. He missed a lot of it! There was so much Daddy must not have realized he got it all over the cupboards too. I looked closely at the wayward spurts of the white stuff. There was a huge dollop hanging there. I got down on my hands and knees in front of it, examining it.

It was a thick substance. Carefully I placed my finger under the drip and lifted upward, collecting the white stuff on my finger. It was still warm from Daddy’s body. I rubbed it between my finger and thumb, feeling its consistency. Very gooey. I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to taste it. I don’t know where that came from but in an instant I went from being curious to wanting it in my mouth. I brought my finger to my mouth and cautiously put the tip of my tongue against the gooey stuff. Mmm, it tasted a little salty. And good. Very good. This is my Daddy’s cum from his cock, I reminded myself. At that thought, the hunger overtook me.

I put my cum-covered fingers in my mouth and sucked it clean of Daddy’s white goo. Licking my lips I noticed there was a tiny bit more on the cupboard. Mmm, I wanted to eat that too. I leaned forward and licked Daddy’s stuff right off the cupboard. It was Yummy, I thought to myself before realizing this act had began to make the wetness between my legs appear again. The tingle down there was getting stronger. Still on my hands and knees, I looked over the cupboards again seeing no more white stuff.

Disappointed I was about to get up when I noticed a creamy gob on the ceramic bathroom floor just beneath the sink. More! I hadn’t even contemplated whether it was a good idea to eat off the floor or not, I just knew my mouth was hungry for it as I licked daddy’s thick white cream off the floor. I moaned involuntarily as I licked up Daddy’s semen. Something inside my belly and between my thighs was heating up. My body felt electric and carnal on my hands and knees in the bathroom looking for more of daddy’s cream.

After licking up daddy’s mess I admit I felt a little ashamed. I tried not to think about it. I hopped in the shower and told myself I shouldn’t have spied on my Daddy when he was rubbing and pulling on that big cucumber cock. I definitely shouldn’t have licked his gooey juice from the cupboards and floor. I was relieved to find that by the time I had finished my shower Daddy had gone. He left a note saying he would be gone for a few hours. I was also relieved to have cleaned the wetness from between my legs. I sat in front of the TV and tried to forget about the strange things from today. I TRIED to forget, but my mind kept wandering back to what I saw in the bathroom.

Daddy really seemed to enjoy what he was doing. I found myself wishing I could make Daddy feel that good. I love my Daddy sooo much and making him happy means a lot to me. Selfishly, I also found myself wishing I could have some more of his daddy cream.

That night during dinner Daddy was quieter than usual. Every once in a while I would catch him staring at me, his eyes intense, and then he would look away. I found myself stealing glimpses of his crotch – not understanding how such a big thing could fit in his pants there. Later still when it was time for bed I lay awake, unable to sleep, unable to do anything but think about my Daddy’s big member.

Eventually I could not take it anymore. I slipped the blankets from my body and quietly stood up, intent on going to talk to Daddy. I stopped in front of the mirror and noticed I was wearing another tiny sheer shirt, even tighter, that daddy would not approve of. I noticed my nipples poking though. I touched them lightly finding it both strange and arousing. My panties were bright blue bikini cut and hardly covered by little round bottom. I did not want to anger daddy so I slipped a robe on over my little clothes.

I tiptoed down the hall. Daddy’s door was open just a crack. Quietly I pushed it open and stepped inside his bedroom. “Daddy?” I whispered. The moonlight poured over my handsome father. His chest was bare, a sheet sprawled over his waist. I heard him snoring lightly into the quiet night. Asleep. Maybe I shouldn’t wake him, I thought to myself.

Silently, I moved closer to the bed, my eyes fixed on daddy’s waist. I wanted to badly to see his big thing up close. Slowly I lifted the sheet and exposed daddy’s naked body. There it was! It didn’t look nearly as big as it did earlier in the bathroom. Maybe I had imagined it? Still, it was big enough.

I could not help myself from what I did next. I reached down wanting to touch it the way I saw Daddy do to himself. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and slowly, cautiously, stroked it. My eyes widened as it grew right there in my hand! Daddy moaned and shifted his body. I stood still holding my breath. Please don’t wake up Daddy! My little hand continued to stroke Daddy’s hard-on, his shaft much too thick to get my fingers all around.

It grew like a big giant cucumber again, huge like I remembered it, now pointing straight in the air. The moonlight exposed its throbbing veins, its big angry hard mushroom head, and a bead of wetness at the very tip of it. “Ohhh Daddy I love it!” I whispered so quietly, speaking of his cock. Daddy moaned lightly between snores.

I wanted to be closer to Daddy. Quietly I slipped my robe off from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Slowly I crawled in the bed, under the sheets. Just as I laid down daddy moaned and shifted again. His big strong arms wrapped around me as his body turned toward my backside. Daddy pulled me close. I held my breath and went still.

Did I wake daddy?? Relieved, I heard his rhythmic breathing and light snore. Daddy was still asleep, I smiled to myself as I realized his shifting had pulled me into spooning position with him. I felt that big rock hard bat pushed against my bum. “MMmmm,” I moaned silently to myself, feeling so good, all of that wetness and tingling between my thighs coming back stronger than ever. I knew I shouldn’t be here, doing this, taking advantage of my sleeping Daddy.

As I laid there feeling a little guilty, I considered sneaking back out to my own bedroom. Just then I felt Daddy’s big hard cock twitch against my bum. The heat of his big daddycock pouring through the thin fabric of my panties. A renewed desire took over as I pushed my bum back into Daddy’s hard-on.

“I want more to feel more of you, Daddy,” I whispered sweetly, quietly, not wanting to wake him. I reached down, hooking my thumb under the side of my little panties, I cautiously pulled them down over my bum, lifting my thigh toward my chest to slide my panties down further and off one leg entirely. Feeling the thin layer of panty fabric move away from between daddy’s hard cock on my little round bottom. I gasped lightly at the heat coming from my daddy’s dick. His thick shaft pointing upward toward the small of my back, his big sac full of daddy goo hot and tight against my watering pussy. The length of his dick resting in against my butt crack like a fat daddydick sausage between my buns.

“Oh Daddy.” I moaned again and slowly, very slowly moved forward and back, caressing daddy’s dick with my ass cheeks. Daddy continued his rhythmic breathing, sound asleep. Daddy’s head rested next to mine, his face buried in my hair. I turned my head toward his, feeling braver and hornier as I continued to rub my ass up and down the length of his cock. I kissed my Daddy’s lips ever so lightly, letting my tongue invade his mouth just a little bit. Just a little past his lips… mmmm I felt daddy moan. More wetness dripping from my pussy onto my thighs.

“I need more, Daddy,” I whispered into his mouth, my lips still touching his, I moved my hips slowly forward thus moving his big dick downward. I relished the feeling of that fat round mushroom tip against pushed into the top crevice of my asscrack. I reached down and spread my butt cheeks open. Ohhh it was so naughty and dirty what I was doing! As I spread my ass cheeks wide I continued to shift my body so slowly so that the tip of his daddydick slid down the open crack of my ass. A small jolt of electricity gave me pause as his cockhead pressed against my tiny little pink asshole.

“Ohhhh Daddy!” I moaned a little louder this time, then reminded myself to hush. I can’t wake Daddy!! Not like this! Not when I have been such a bad girl, with his dick pressed against my tiny cherry ass hole. I kept his big fat cockhead there for a minute, it felt sooo good, I pushed my bum back toward his dick. Ohh his member is so huge it will never fit in there will it? I thought as I gyrated small tiny circles making his cock circle my asshole. I felt wetness dripping from daddy’s cock.. mmm I smiled to myself feeling my asshole getting wet. “Is that your goo Daddy?” I whispered. “Do you have more hot cream for me?”

Daddy moaned a little between snores as I moved my butt so his cockhead continued downward… down between my swollen pussy lips. Mmmm I let daddy’s cock slip between my thighs. I gasped as its rock hard head pushed against my clit. Electricity and heat shot through my body. “Ohh yes Daddy!” a low moan escaped me… I rocked lightly forward and back, guiding daddy’s cockhead over my clit.

Oooh I have never felt like this before. My careful quiet movements gave way to deeper thrusts, still slow and quiet but harder now, more friction as daddy’s mushroom head rubbed my clit. I swear I could feel Daddy’s pulse through his cockhead, throbbing as I rubbed it over my wet little puss.

I turned my head and lightly kissed daddy’s lips again. I felt his hot rhythmic sleeping breathes going into my mouth, his breath circling around my tongue while his daddycockhead rubbed my hungry little girl pussy.

“Masturbate me with your big cock, Daddy!” I moaned into his mouth. The tip of my tongue explored his lips, this time Daddy’s mouth parted a little and his tongue reached out to mine. Daddy moaned too and I began to thrust a little harder, a little more recklessly, less worried about waking daddy and more attentive to the electricity and heat growing from my pussy, warming my whole body.

“I’ve never felt anything like this before Daddy, it feels sooo good! Masturbate your little girl, Daddy! Rub your rock hard cockhead over my clit! Do it hard ’til I cum Daddy!”

I felt daddy beginning to thrust back.. the length of his big dick sliding between my pussy lips, the tip of his cock rubbing over my little clit harder, then harder, then ramming into my clit.

Daddy began to kiss my mouth deeper, our tongues entwined, I sucked on my daddy’s tongue and grinded my wet pussy and clit into his fat cockhead. I could feel the pulse of his dick, the throb of it harder now. Blood flowing hard through his cock veins while my swollen pussy dripped hot little girl juice.

Suddenly daddy came alive. In one swift movement his body shifted downward and his cock moved upward.. the big mushroom no longer against my clit, now pushing its way into my little pussy hole. Still kissing Daddy, his eyes still closed, Daddy’s hand tightened on my waist and pulled me downward onto his cock.

Oooohhh I felt the incredible stretch of my little virgin pussy hole, my hymen resisting the invasion of that big round mushroom cockhead. Expertly Daddy pulled my waist down toward him. Hard, steady, slow. My pussy widened, I sucked in my breath and groaned as Daddy’s giant pulsing cockhead made its way into tiny little tight wet pussy tunnel. Suddenly every nerve ending in my pussy came alive as Daddy’s fat mushroom pushed halfway past my opening. “Oh Daddyyyyy, yesssss!,” I yelled. “Pop my little cherry, Daddy!!” just as daddy’s eyes finally begin to open.

Halfway into my taking my virginity Daddy was finally awake and aware, he looked into my eyes in surprise at the very same moment my hungry little cherry hole squeezed tight around his big mushroom cockhead and sucked it inside, fully breaking into my little girl virgin hole. The suction and pop of my pussy from daddy’s cockhead invasion me squeal, a balloon of wet liquid head grew rapidly inside me…… so close to bursting.. so close to exploding my first wet hot orgasm all over daddy’s cock.

Daddy’s surprise grew to shock – he rapidly retreaded his mushroom from my pussy… my horny little hole greedily tried to hold it inside but daddy pulled out hard and fast, so fast my little cherry hole suction-popped again as daddy pulled his dick out.

“Daddy nooo please don’t stop!!” As daddy pushed me from him I rolled onto my back and instinctively slide my fingers between my legs, not wanting to lose this incredible feeling of heat and wetness.

That cockfull feeling inside my pussy opening, just Daddy’s big cock tip and only for a moment but it was sooo amazing, like nothing I ever felt before. On my back, my thighs spread wide open, my panties half off and hanging from one thigh, I looked up at Daddy and slid finger into my pussy. I looked at Daddy’s eyes — full of confusion, anger, and intense desire.

“Daddy why did you stop!” I whined and moaned.

“Sarah! Jesus! Stop it! This is wrong! What the hell did you do?” Daddy demanded.

“I’m sorry Daddy I didn’t mean for all of that to happen!” I moaned and fingered myself recklessly for Daddy, no longer caring if I angered him. No longer feeling shame. I felt nothing but desire and need …. intense need for daddycock back in my hole. “Please please just fuck me now Daddy you can be mad at me later!”

My one little finger inside my pussy wasn’t anywhere as good as daddy’s fat cockhead. Two fingers now.. I slipped a second finger into my hole, grinding my hips and squirming, looking up at Daddy. “You popped my cherry Daddy and made me feel so good!! See how wet I am? I was going to cum, it was so close Daddy, don’t you want to make me feel good like that?”

Daddy’s eyes softened – but not his cock – as he looked down on me. The desire slowly overtook the anger. Daddy’s big cucumber dick stood at attention as his eyes started to drink me up.

“Daddyyyy!” I squealed. “I’m sorry, I can’t stop it now! It feels too good!”

Daddy stood still, not moving, watching me, my thighs spread wide open, my little blue panties hanging from one thigh. He watched his little daughter . I fingerfucked myself with one hand, my other hand lifting my tight sheer t-shirt up over my titties. My shirt up below my neck I continued playing with myself – Daddy watched me intently still not moving. His eyes growing darker, his big hard dick twitching.

“Pleeeease Daddy! I watched you in the bathroom today Daddy! I spied on you through the keyhole. I know you want to fuck me Daddy cause you whispered my name while rubbing your cock.” Daddy’s cock twitched again. His body tense and still, like a statue with a giant hard-on daddy kept watching me.

“This is wrong. You’re my daughter,” Daddy’s voice was deep and broken, hoarse, but full of lust.

“It’s ok Daddy cause I want it! It’s only bad to fuck your daughter if she says no. Look at me – Daddy I WANT this so BAD! I am fingerfucking my pussy for you because I need your cock!”

Daddy’s hand slowly lifted toward his dick. He wrapped his fingers around his shaft and stroked it slowly.

“Yesss Daddy that’s what I saw you do! I saw you stroke your fat dick, did you know I was watching? Did you hear me gasp when you starting spurting your jizz? That was SO MUCH cum Daddy I didn’t know what was happening at first. It made my panties wet watching you.” I paused to moan and squirm, still fingering myself, wanting so badly to convince daddy to come fuck me.

“Do you know what I did Daddy? I snuck into the bathroom and licked your cum up. You thought you had cleaned it all but there was too much of it. You left some of your goo on the cupboard and floor. I licked it all up Daddy! I got on my hands and knees, I licked and sucked your hot creamy juice from the floor.”

Daddy started stroking his cock hard now. He took a step toward me, standing between my legs, looking down directly at my pussy, his eyes moving up my body slowly to my face. “You licked up my cum, did you, that’s very naughty.” His face softening, voice still deep and hoarse. He went still again. Unsure. Still drinking me with his eyes as I played with my bald pink pussy,

Daddy finally spoke. “Did you like eating daddy’s goo?” Daddy said, his voice harder, more demanding. Daddy began to stroke his dick a little faster now.

“Yes Daddy!! I was on all fours looking for more daddygoo!! I wanted more!! It tasted sooo good in my mouth! Can I have more of it Daddy?” Daddy paused, watching my pussy again. So wet, my fingers audibly swishing around, a little wet swimming hole for daddycocks.

“You can have more, Baby.” Daddy stepped closer to me. “Daddy has lots of cum for you. But you don’t just want it in your mouth, do you, Sweetie? Daddy dreams about filling all your holes with his sticky hot goo. But first I am going to eat your little pussy out ok Honey?” In one swift movement Daddy was at the end of the bed, his hands under my bum lifting my pussy in the air toward his face. So close. His lips were so close to my dripping busy.

“Your little cunt is so wet and hot, Sweetie. ” Daddy blew lightly, cool air over my pussy. My whole body shivered. “Do you want Daddy to eat your hole?”

“Ohhh yes!!! Daddy!” I was lifting and squirming my waist, trying to get my pussy closer to Daddy’s mouth. Daddy kept moving back though, teasing me. I reached down and began rubbing my clit.. “Daddy I can’t wait for you anymore! Can’t you see how wet I am?”

“Yes Baby I see. You are dripping. And you smell so good. Your pussy is so pink and fresh and delicious – I can’t wait to lick it and suck it. But you have to convince me, Honey. Daddies shouldn’t eat their little girl’s pussies so you have to beg me. Can you do that? Beg Daddy to eat your pussy.”

“Daddy plllleasee pleaaase eat my pussy!! I NEED your daddymouth on my little cunt.. I need your tongue licking and lapping at me. Don’t you want to taste your daughter’s pussy, Daddy?? Don’t you want to eat my hole as badly as I want you to??”

Mmmm Daddy dove deep, his face into my little girl muff, his tongue into my hole, then lapping all the wetness, drinking my juice. My body shook, the ball of wet heat growing inside me again, deep in my pussy. Not yet exploding but leaking wetness… a slow wet orgasm leaking from my pussy hole on to daddy’s hungry tongue. “You’re so wet, Baby, and so delicious.” Daddy’s muffled voice vibrating in my pussy.

“Fuck yes Daddy lick me lick me lick me! Lick your little daughter – eat me from my asshole to my bellybutton!” Daddy half groaned and snarled as he spread my ass cheeks open. I could hardly breath, I moaned and squirmed.. “Daddy,” I said breathlessly, “When you were sleeping I spread my ass cheeks and let the tip of your cock press again my asshole. I’m sorry I was so bad Daddy!”

I could feel the wetness from my pussy dripping far back around my butt cheeks, all around my little butthole. “Such a bad girl!” Daddy said, and slipped the tip of his tongue into my little ass. “So tight Baby!!”

Daddy moved his tongue along my slit and slipped a finger into my wet sex juice lubricated asshole. I squealed and squirmed loud and hard. “You like that don’t you, Honey? Only bad girls like to get their assholes fingered. You are so good at being bad, Sweetie.”

“I’m your girl Daddy! I am only bad for you!! I will do ANYTHING for my daddy!”

“That’s what I want to hear, Babygirl. Daddy’s going to fuck your pussy now. It’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Yes Daddy pop my little cherry hole again and fuck me good this time!! Your cock is so big, like a giant cucumber, but I can take it Daddy.”

“Do you want Daddy’s goo in your little hole, too? Daddy’s gonna fuck you, daddy’s gonna fuck your virgin hole really good baby. If you want Daddy’s hot juice you have to beg me. Be a bad girl for Daddy, ok?”

“Yes Daddy I want your goo! Ever since I saw you shoot buckets in the bathroom. Since I licked your cum from the floor and walls, I’ve wanted it. Please give it to me!! Fuck me now Daddy!” Daddy’s fat mushroom head pushed into my pussy again, easier this time but filling me up no less.

“Ahhhgghh YES Daddy! Go deep! Fuck your little daughter with that fat cucumber daddy dick!!” Daddy thrust his cock deep, filling my little pussy hole up all the way, taking all of my virginity this time.

“Your pussy is so hot and tight, Babygirl.” Daddy grunted as he thrust his cock. “I love fucking my daughter’s hole. I love you, Baby. Daddy loves you so much.”

“I love you too Daddy!” Breathless, shaking, that wet hot liquid balloon growing huge inside my cunt, stronger than ever, so intense. “Shoot your Daddygoo inside me!! Shoot it deep Daddy past my pussy! Shoot it deep into my into my belly! Daddy I love you so much! I am going to explode my wet pussy juice all over your cock while you fuck me, ok Daddy? I love you, give me your thick hot cream!!”

My pussy grabbed tight to Daddy’s cock, daddy thrust it so deep and stretched me so wide every one of my thousand nerve endings inside my pussy were leaking my little girl sex juice. Hot orgasm growing inside me, the balloon getting so big now, so close. Ohh yes oh yes it was going to explode!

“I love you Baby, cum for Daddy…. Daddy’s gonna give you his hot cream up your cunt now.”

“Daaaddy yessss I am cumming for you too!!” The balloon burst just as Daddy’s sperm shot up inside me. Daddy’s load shot so hard and deep from his big fat daddycock while my wet little girl cum squirted out, Daddy’s dick blocking my squirt like a damn, a fat daddycock jamming sex juices deep into my pussy, invading and stuffing my tight hole.

“Ooohhh ohhh Daddyyyyyyyy your little girl is cummmming!!!” I yelled out and shook as the Daddy and daughter wet hot orgasm juices exploded around simultaneously in the depth of my little pussy hole.

My body shook violently. Daddy pulled out a few inches letting our juices escape just a little and thrust deep again, spurting another load of his cream, releasing more of my hot little girl orgasm from my cunt.

“Daddy loves you, Baby. Take all of Daddy’s cum,” Daddy leaned down and put his mouth on mine, his tongue pushing into mine, french kissing and tongue fucking his little girls mouth. Daddy moaned as he thrusted deep one more time… another stream of shooting daddygoo.

“Ohhhh Daddy!” I moaned, my head dropping away from Daddy’s french kiss. My body spent, my orgasm still deflating. Daddy slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy, so slowly, allowing a full release of liquids, thick daddy cream and hot daughter juice flowing from my freshly fucked little hole as my orgasm waned. My little body twitched and shivered.

“I love you, Daddy.” I whispered as daddy lowered my bum down to the bed. I closed my eyes, so sleepy and dreamy, smiling, naked, thighs spread, freshly fucked by my handsome daddy, daddy gizz and daughter juice still dripping from my pussy as I fell asleep on my father’s bed.


Hope you enjoyed! This is my first stab at writing a story, please vote and comment! 🙂

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