Dads visit

I hadnt seen my parents in a few years and We had been staying with my granny for awhile after i had our first son. We came in in to find my parents had showed up needing a place to stay till they could find a place to move to.
I was glad to see my mom but not my dad who was already smiling when he seen me.

Jack went back to our room to avoid my dad as they did not like each other at all. And as my mom finally got to hold her grand son i went to get a drink.
my dad walked by me and whispers how he has missed me and his nightly visits. Would really like to see me alone. Which i told him to dam bad and would not ever happen again. He asked for a hug and before i could answer he had his arms around me pulling me into him. As he held me he reaches down and places both his hands on my ass and squeezes. I push him away.

After that i made it a point not to be alone in a room with him.
Now my grannys house was a old big house. Our bedroom as at the back of the house and to get to the kitchen you had to walk down a dark hallway, past the laundry room and a bathroom, there was a back door you would pass before turning the corner to go into the kitchen.( Just to give you a ideal of the layout.)

Late that night after everyone was asleep the baby woke up wanting abottle which i had to go to the kitchen to fix it. Ofcourse jack still didn’t like me sleeping in panties so all i ever slept in was a short gown which i didnt mind.
I didnt expect anyone to be up this late and wouldnt take but a couple mins to go fix a bottle so i got up. As i walked down the hall it was very dark i was surprised when someone reached out and grabbed my arm. It was my dad, ” thats a nice gown michelle, he reaches down with his other hand and rubs it up between my legs. How nice if you no panties ” i yank my arm free and step back away from him. I said its not happening leave me alone. He pushes me back into the wall ” that bastard may have took your cherry before me but im still gonna taste that little pussy and feel just how good it is wrapped around my cock. You know you missed daddys dick ” your sick and its not happening if you try i will scream. ” now that would be real stupid on your part, does jack no about us and what we used to-do huh i wonder. Go ahead and scream we can find out, hell your granny can find out as well and ill tell them you came on to me and told me to meet you back here and when i turned you down to do anything you screamed so go ahead ”

Jack didnt know about my dad molesting me at this time and my granny didnt know the details as to why my mom sent me to stay with her when i was little. I did not want them to know, jack and my dad would fight, i didnt know how my granny would handle finding out her son had molested me.

As i stood there thinking should i scream my dad goes down to his knees spreads my legs alittle and begins licking on my lips. I place my hands on his head and grab a hand full of his hair and start trying to pull his head away from me. It just makes him reach up grab my ass and bury his face deeper between my thighs. Begins licking and sucking on my clit and sticking his tounge in and out of my pussy. I try again to push his face back as i was getting close to cumming and i did not want to get off from my own dad eating my pussy. His tounge did feel good as i shook with a climax my hands instinctively went from pushing his head back to pulling his face into me. With a loan moan i cum.

He stands up with his dick already out of his pants and hard. He takes my hand in his and places his dick in my hand.

“You know what to do now ”
I move my hand away. ” dont be a little cock tease you know it up sets me, i just ate your sweet little pussy and i know you came. Its my turn to cum ” i know at any time jack could get up. My granny or my mom could walk into the hall i had to hurry up and do something cause he wasnt gonna stop. ” fuck this mybdad says ” he takes my hand pulls me into the laundry room. As we walk in he pushes me against the folding table pushes my back down making me bend over the table. He steps up against me, i feel his cock between my thighs. He rubs his head between my lips, as he pushes it upward, after several attempts it slides in. Just the head first then slowly he pushes in inch by inch till he is all the way in. He holds still squeezes my hips. ” i knew your pussy would be tighter than your moms, man its been a long time since i been in such a tight pussy”
He pulls back slowly till just his head is in me ,slowly pushes back in after several strokes again i climax, ashamed and disgusted with myself for cumming from my dads cock being inside me. I hear the baby start to cry. You have to stop now dad the baby will wake up jack. Please dad stop someone will catch us. He keeps pumping his dick into me at a faster pace. Ramming harder and faster into my tight pussy. “Im almost there hold on ” i try to turn and push him away he keeps hold of my hips slamming his cock into me. His breathing getting heavy he pushes into me all the way, it hits me he is fixing to cum and his dick is buried deep inside me. Dad please dont cum in me please dad. He pulls out and cums on my ass. ” oh sweety since i done as you asked i expect you to meet me here tomorrow night. I have to have that sweet pussy around me again. Dont make me come get you” without saying a word i walk out of the laundry room and go fix the babys bottle. As i walk back down the hall my dad was no longer there.

I give the baby his bottle and climb back into bed turning on to my side with thoughts of what all had just happened, trying to figure out what i was gonna do the next night. Should i meet my dad should i get jack to take us to his parents for the night. What should i do.

Jack moves up behind me ” what took you so long ” i feel him pushing his dick up into me. ” dam michelle you sure are wet and hot already” he places his hand on my hip rolling me onto my stomach sliding his cock deep in me. With each thrust thoughts of my dads cock was just in me i moan as i climax against jack. I start pushing back into each of his thrust. ” Dam Michelle your really getting in to it tonight.” I tighten my pussy trying to squeeze his cock even tighter as i feel him cum deep inside me. With a slap on the ass he rolls over that was really good love you.

I fall to sleep thinking what should i do

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