Cousin’s wife turning naughty

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Hello to all the ladies out there , myself Prav, 29 yr old from Bangalore. Here is my story.

4 years back in 2016 I was staying along with my cousin, Ravi in Bangalore. He was married and was working with an IT MNC while I was looking for job. My cousin was 33 years then and his wife Asha is housewife and good looking woman in her late 20’s and I never inquired about her age.

They were married 4 years back and yet to have a child. I was 24 years old then. After my cousin leaves for job I and Asha used to stay back at home. Most of the time and I used to browse internet looking for openings or watch TV. She joins me watching TV after completing her household work.

Intimacy between me and bhabhi was very limited. She doesn’t talk much except for short replies. I used to be little uncomfortable when she was watching along with me, especially if it were romantic scenes. Though her figure was stunning it never caught my eye until the day had arrived.

It so happened that my cousin got an on-site chance for 6 months and was about to leave for UK next week and was going alone. We did some shopping for the whole week and that weekend my cousin left for UK after giving him send-off.

I and bhabhi had dinner on the way and then we drove back to our flat. After 2 days bhabhi asked me if I can accompany her to her native place. She said we can come back within 3 days and I agreed. I booked bus tickets for both of us. It was about 6 hrs from Bangalore.

We got adjoining seats but the operator asked me if I can change my seat as there was another lady. Just as I was about to get up bhabhi held back my hand and told the operator that we can’t exchange the seats. I was shocked by her assertiveness as she is a very reserved person.

Both of us were quite until bus stopped for dinner an hour later. During dinner she broke the silence and started asking me questions probably to make me comfortable. She asked me about my college days, career plans, marriage etc and shared few of her interests.

She said she is very fond of mehendi. Conversation continued all along the journey and by the time we reached her native we were almost like friends. Her parents received me well and after 3 days we started for Bangalore with heavy luggage. Her parents had sent lot of eatables.

This time conversation didn’t last all along the journey as I expected. She fell asleep early and had her head rested on my shoulder. I too didn’t mind as soon as we reached our flat, there was invitation by one of my cousin’s friends to attend a party as my cousin was not here his friend insisted on both of us to attend it.

The day before party bhabhi came to me and asked me if I can help her in selecting the sari for tomorrow. I said that am not so good at it but she insisted. We opened bag and spread all the saris sent by her mother. I told her all of them look awesome but she asked me to choose after she wears each one of them.

Out of all we had shortlisted about 5. I asked her to wear the first one but she stayed still. She showed her hands when I asked her what the problem is. She had mehendi all along her hands right from tip of the finger till her elbows. She said that she had just painted it and can’t wash it till tomorrow morning. Then I asked her how we can do it.

She asked me to drape the sari around her. I was confused and shocked to hear that. Then she said hello! You don’t have to drape around my nude body. You can do it over my nighty. You are not so lucky. Okay then she burst into laughter. I too joined her by saying unlucky me!

But I was dumbstruck by her sense of humour. I was silent when she asked me if I know how to drape a sari. Then she said she will guide me. Now this was the moment when her stunning figure caught my attention. We were both standing facing dressing table in her bedroom.

Never was I so close to a lady. Her sweet body fragrance was blurring my senses. She was guiding me and I was doing exactly as she said. I said sorry for touching her bosoms while draping. Then she said and I don’t think you have touched them.

You actually pressed them and I retorted just checking how spongy they are and we both burst into laughter again. I was losing my senses as every minute was passing by urge of having her was killing me along with her body scent.

After draping the last sari I held her waist in my hands and my head on her shoulders involuntarily and said that this looks good. She said okay and asked me if I can free her from my clutches with a smile. I came back to my senses and let her go.

I felt little uncomfortable with this intimacy and maintained silence. But the urge to have her has not died yet. Suddenly I asked her why not drape the sari actually instead of having it over nighty and see if it looks good. She asked me to shut up and she already knew what I am actually asking for.

But to my surprise she agreed with a condition. She asked me blind my eyes so that I can’t see her bare body. This was more than enough for any man. I tied cloth loosely for obvious reasons. I unbuttoned her nighty and asked if I should remove bra and panty as well.

She said that she didn’t wear then after taking bath. Now I was growing nervous. A sexy figure was in front of me with her bare body. After removing nighty her body scent became more intense taking away every sense of mine and killing last bit of me and evoking every bit of manly instincts in me.

I suddenly removed the cloth that blinded my eyes and was shocked looking at what I had in front of me. She still had bra and panty and was laughing at my foolishness. She said this is cheating and she knew how greedy men are and I am no exception for it. She asked me if I want to see her nude.

I had mixed feelings on one side and I was embarrassed by my foolishness and on the other side a dying urge to have a lady with 34-28-34 standing in front of me. I just maintained silence. She took my silence for yes and asked me what I would do after undressing her with a kinky smile on her lips.

She was standing facing dressing table and I was standing behind her looking at her image in the mirror. She looked more relaxed and comfortable than me. This gave me little encouragement and I asked her to give a chance and see what I can do. I heard very few words from her for rest of the night go ahead.

I hugged her from behind with my hands around her waist and face over her neck. My tongue was sticking out and tasting her bare neck. She closed her closed her eyes and seemed to be enjoying company of my tongue meanwhile my hands were massaging her waist mildly testing.

The smoothness of her skin while licking her neck and I whispered in her ears whoops for which she turned to me with a question mark on her face and I said one of my fingers got struck in your navel. She said hmmmm then move little downwards, your finger will find a well of treasure” with a naughty smile.

I said wow! So I got lot to explore tonight and I slipped one of my hands into her pants and was shocked to find it as smooth as baby’s butt. Seems she had removed her pubic hair just before bath. I started groping and pressing her pussy and she started moaning.

The harder I press it the louder is her moaning. She turned to me and placed her lips over mine. I opened her lips with mine and took control of her tongue tasting her saliva every action of my lips found an equal response from hers.

We became passionate as if both of us were lovers and kissed wildly till we exhausted of all our saliva then I asked her if she was ready to see what I can do. She said yes just do it don’t ask me please then I made her sit on sofa while I was kneeling down in front of her.

I asked her to put both of her legs on my shoulders. I held her feet in my hands and started kissing her toe slowly and moved till her thighs. Her thighs were too soft than I expected. I lowered her panty till thighs and stuck my tongue to her skin tasting every pore on her smooth skin.

I could hear her moaning getting louder and louder as I was moving towards her pussy aaahhhh now the fragrance of her pussy was evoking wild instincts in me driving me crazy. I asked her if she can sense my hot breathe over her pussy lips for which she moaned louder.

I pushed one of my fingers inside her pussy while my tongue tasted the place between pussy and her asshole. Her pussy was already wet and the juices were oozing out of it. I then placed one of my fingers over her clitoris and started rubbing it hard.

I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips to taste her sweet juices as soon as my tongue touched it, she started shivering a bit and asked me not to stop it. She started moaning aahhh umm please don’t stop it move deeper honey.

I held her pussy lips apart and moved my tongue deeper and deeper exploring her pussy walls ummmm muuaahhh aahhh and she held my head in her hands and was pushing it towards her pussy and I was licking it sucking it just like a hungry baby suckling its mother’s milk uuum mmauuhhhh aahhh every act of mine.

I was responded with a louder moan from her aahhhh darling please do it do it hard eat my pussy honey and these words drove me even crazy. We did it for about 20 minutes. Later she asked me to take her to bed as we can no more control ourselves. I made her lay on the bed. She removed my boxer and t-shirt while I removed her bra.

I was lying beside her tasting her armpits and squeezing her 34′ bosoms. She asked me don’t you want to enjoy my juicy sacs” to which I replied I wish I could really squeeze juices out of them and drink baby” and we both burst laughing.

I then started sucking her bosoms harder and harder and biting her titties mildly while I inserted 2 fingers inside her pussy and started shaking it as fast and as hard as possible and our screams got louder and louder with every minute ahhh aahhh umm aahhhh please do it baby faster do it harder suck them harder bite them ummm ahahhh.

Both of us were hungry and she was now getting wilder. She held my 5.5′ cock in her hands shaking it. I wanted her to suck it but was hesitating to ask her. To my surprise she asked me to take 6-9 positing. She was above me with my face just below her pussy lips and she started sucking my cock.

I was enjoying her sweet pussy and the juices that were oozing out of it. After some time she asked me what’s my favourite posture. I said its butterfly position. She said it was her favorite too though she liked doggy style much. I was sitting on the bed with my legs stretched straight.

She was sitting over me with her two legs around my waist. Her boobs were just in reach of my mouth. I pushed my cock gently into her pussy. She hugged me tight. I was sucking her boobs above and was giving mild strokes in the starting as she started moaning aaahh do it fuck me baby please deeper go deeper faster do it harder.

I increased the pace and was doing it faster and faster. Silence of the night was making our moans and thumping sound louder and louder. We were kissing wild and passionately.. ahh ummm muuahh mmcchh muahuhh mmccchhh mmchhhh muahhh aahhh and my cock was exploring her pussy deep inside every hard push from me.

I was replied my equal push from her towards me letting my cock go deeper and deeper ahh muu muahhh aahhh uhhh uffff muahhhh. We both started sweating. I licked almost every pore of her body that was in my reach while fucking her harder and harder after about an half hour.

I cum all my sperm over her pussy and both of us were exhausted completely and were unable to move even an inch and after glorious love making she had put one of her legs between mine and we just laid in each other’s arms. We kept talking almost whole of the night.

I will continue our next encounter in the coming story.

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