When i was in my teens i would spend the summers with my moms cousin. I looked forward to thus every summer cause she had 3 daughters. June, marie and mary. All 3 were very hot but as we all got older and they discovered guys summers started getting boring. Beisdes the occasional camping trip they mainly spent all there time with there boyfriends except for the youngest of the 3. June was 14, nice ass very small titts, her bikinis were always baggy on her she didnt seem to like wearing the ones that fit tight like her 2 sisters. My favorite one she wore tied on both sides.

After a long weekend of camping with the whole family i was glad to be back at there house and planned on sleeping outside on the trampoline that night. June decided that she wanted to sleep outside as well she still had on my favorite bikini and as we were getting ready to go to sleep she pops off for me to stay on my own side smiling.
I lay there trying to fall asleep thinking about how i would like to ease over by her untie the sides and have full access to her sweet little pussy. But she slept under her own blanket on the far side of the trampoline which i thought so much for any fun.

I woke up with a knee in my face, took me a min. To relise it was june. She had moved over to the middle of the trampoline were i was sleeping. As my eyes adjusted and i moved her knee i could see she only had her sheet covering her upper body exposing her stomach down to her feet. Her bottoms were already very loose fitting around her and i had a full veiw of her crotch. Still partially covered by her bikini bottoms. My dick became instant hardon. I so badly wanted to see her pussy, wanted to lick it and rub my dick up against it. As i lay there with dick in my hand thoughts flooding into my mind i decided to act.

She was already laying futher up the trampoline than i was were my head was eve with hips. I slowly reach out and untie the side of her bikin. Then untie the other side. As i pull her bottoms over giving me full view of her bald pussy. She has no outter lips making her pussy look sweet and tight. I very easily and slowly move between Her legs and begin licking on her pussy. She spreads her legs more giving me even more access to her pussy.

I slowly lick and suck on her erect little clit, rubbing my finger between her lips as i lick. She begins humping her hips towards my mouth. I try to push my finger in her, shes tight. I barely can get my finger in her. It dawns on me she might be still a virgin.
Causes me to get even more excited. As i rub faster and suck harder on her she clamps her legs tight around my head. Her hands grab my hair and she begins pulling as she cums with a moan.

I stop afraid oh shit shes awake. Whats gonna happen now. Im screwed if she screams or if she tells her parents. As i go to move from between her legs she pulls my face back between her legs and whispers dont stop now. Im still afraid if she tells or i get caught so i pull away from her and turn onto my back. June scoots down even with me.
“Why did you stop? I was enjoying it. ”
I didnt know you were awake.
” i been kneeing you in the the head the mast few mins, i even pushed on you trying to get you to wake up hoping you would try and take advantage of me”

I ask her why and she tells me she hears her sisters talk about giving there boyfriends blow jobs and mary has even been fucked already. And marie lets her boyfriend fuck her in butt and they both talk about giving hand jobs to them. They both tell her that there boyfriends had only went down on each of them one time how much they liked it but there boyfriends dont like doing it. She tells me she wanted to know what it all felt like. Since she did not have a boyfriend she figured i was tge next best thing.

I layed there still wasnt sure what to do next as she slide her hand in my shorts and wrapped her hand around my hard dick. So this is what a guys dick feels like and smiles. She pulls my dick out of my shorts wow..
She whispers if you will keep licking me down there i will try giving you a blow job. Before i could say a word she had spun around and was climbing on top of me. A second later she was rubbing her pussy against my mouth. I wrap my hands around her and squeeze her ass cheeks as i begin licking her pussy. She moans again. I can feel her rubbing the head of my dick around on her face. I can feel the wet warmth feeling of her mouth sliding down my dick. Half my dick slides in. She starts moving her tounge around it circling the head as she pulls up till just the head is in her mouth. She goes back down taking more of my dick in her mouth.
I begin shoving my tounge in and out of her pussy fucking her with my tounge. Shes moaning and humping my face as she clamps her knees tight against my head cumming. I push my dick upward forcing almost the whole length into her mouth.
She shakes and begins humping my face as she starts moving her mouth up and down my dick. Shes sucking like a pro. Again she clamps her knees tight around my head, she tenses up pulling my dick out of her mouth and moans. She whispers dont move.

She moves off me and turns around straddles me now facing me. She reaches down taking my dick in her hand slowly rubbing it between her pussy lips. She pushes down trying to push my dick into her but shes to tight. Only the head goes in. She tries again pushing down harder. I can tell by her facial expressions its hurting her.
Stop your to tight. I dont want to hurt you. Let me show you something different. She raises up and i lay my dick flat against me and pull her down placing my dick length ways between her pussy lips.
I place my hands on her hips and have her start to slide back and worth on my dick. She smiles and says that feels good. I remove my hands as she places hers on my chest, she leans down pushing her hips down more against me. Slowly picking up her pace as she slides back and forth on my dick. She moans again. Im cumming. Right as i shoot my load splashing onto my stomach. She leans forward falling off me.

Before i can say anything she tells me i best not tell anyone anything. She ties her bikini bottoms and moves back away from me covers up and goes to sleep.

I cant beleave it, my plans were totally flipped around on me. Instead if me using her she used me. Wow…

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