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After all the years of watching porn, women’s sucking cock. I wanted to try it. I ordered a few different dildos and would suck them, this lead to watching gay porn. I guess you could say I was courious. After the excitement of this wore off. I used the dildos on myself. It was uncomfortable at first. But then I really liked fucking myself, when I jacked off. It seemed I couldn’t cum with out it..

I guess this got old too. Because I really wanted to try sucking a real cock. After many online post. And replying to them. I found one on Craigslist one night. It wax this older chubby man, about mid 40s or early 50s laying on his bed with his cock sticking straight up, asking did any guy want to come suck it.

I jumped at the chance. He replied back asking how long before I could get there. And him telling me he just wants a blowjob. He said I would come on. Suck him off them leave.
I agreed, and was on my way. He was only about 15 minutes away, and my cock was rock hard the entire drive.

When I arrived he told me to text him, so I did and he told me the door was open for me to come in, he would be in the bedroom. I walked in found him on the bed. His cock sticking up, just like the picture. The room was dark except for a small light he had on the night stand. As I stood there taking it all in. He said we’ll come on, this cock isn’t going to suck itself.

I got on the bed laying next to him putting my head on his fat stomach, reaching for his dick. It was smaller than mine. Not to long, and not too big around. I played with it a bit as he pushed my head down with his hand. I opened up and took his cock in my mouth. This being my 1st time. I started bobbing my head. But it was still a little limp so I just held it in my mouth while playing with his balls.

With his hand resting on the back of my head he would give me a push downward from time to time, until it was ready to be sucked. I moved over from a sideways position to getting on my knees, in between his legs, he spread them wider, and I went to work.

I was seeing how fast I could go bobbing and it was making slurping noises, when both his hands were on the back of my head slowing me down. He chuckled a bit and said slow down there cocksucker, I like it slow and easy. I slowed going all the down on him. Holding it there then going back up slowly. He would let out a few moans of pleasure.

Then I knew how he liked it. So I did this for quite some time. My cock was about to explode out of my pants. So I reached down getting it out the best I could and would tug at it.. he put both his hands back on he head with quite some force holding my down on his cock. He then removed one hand wrapped it around the part of his cock that I didn’t have in my mouth, and he started pumping.

His breathing got deeper, as he held me with a lot of force. There was no way my mouth was coming off his cock, as he jacked it. He would hit my face with the upstrokes. Then Finley he let out quite the long moan as his cock exploded n my mouth. I naturally tried to raise up. Only to be met with more downward force. So I just stayed there.

His warm cum filled my mouth, it was running out going all down his dick to his he pilled me one sided until I was laying on my side he told me to play with his balls. As he held most of his cock still I’m my mouth. I reached over playing with his cum covered balls, rubbing, pulling, and giving them a little squeeze. I don’t know how long we lay like that. But I was dying.

My cock was huge, about half of it out of my pants. I tried to pull it but couldn’t get a good grip. I started to wiggle my pants down and got them past my butt. Pushing them futher down to my knees, I got a good grip on my dick but still couldn’t get a good pull.

As we lay there. He started telling me he could get a goods nights sleep now, and I’m a good cocksucker. And a good boy. About that time the bedroom door opened allowing the room to be filled with light. There was a woman walking into the room. I quickly raised my head in surprise, as she said, well honey. Did you get yours?? He pulled my head back down to his now limp cock and said yes, he’s a keeper. She laughed,

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