Busted by aunty

I cant beleave it, my aunt had seen us fucking. Shit im in so much trouble. Why didnt she run down there screaming at me. Whats she gonna do when i get back to the house.

As i walk slowly up the path, mary catches up and ask whats wrong with me. I tell her your mom seen us fucking i think. She laughs out loud. Its not funny mary. Whats she gonna do. If she tells your dad im screwed. She laughs again, tells me i have nothing to worry about. I didnt beleave that.

As we walk into the house aunt sally looks at me and then at mary she tells her that the girls are at the neighbors house and they were waiting on her to go to the store. Mary walks past me and says oh no sucks for you. Shit i think. Aunt sally walks over to the window waving at the girls as they leave. She turns around. “What do you think you were doing to your cousin? Did you have fun? ”
Umm what do i say im screwed. Before i can say anything ” if i tell your uncle bill what i seen you doing to mary and what his baby girl says you done with her he will prb beat the shit out of you ” ” oh what to do with you, what to do indeed” she walks over to the couch sits down on the edge of the couch. She looks at me and tells me to get my ass over there in front of her. I slowly walk looking down at the floor thinking im fucked now, i want ever get to come back. I want get to ever get in junes tight pussy. Shit shit i thought.

“Look at me jack, so you like eating pussy do you. Where did you learn to eat pussy” i tell her from my buddys little sister. She gave Me head in return for eating her out. She asked me how old was she, i tell her 12 that her dad had been doing stuff with her for years and she showed me.

” 12 huh” ” tell you alittle secret marry lost her cherry to bill when she was 10 and marie when 12, he hasnt had much time to be able to take junes or do anything with june, seems mary and marie keep him busy when he is home. ” i look at her in disbelief at tge the thought that my uncle has been fucking his own daughters.

” jack let me ask you do you prefer little girls or grown women ” i am in shock i cant beleave this ” i have been wondering for years what your dick looked like since you have gotten so big ” so which do you prefer ” honestly aunt sally pussy is pussy but i have only done anything with one grown woman and her pussy was just as good as her daughters.
She opens her robe and leans back into the couch. Patting her pussy.

“So what do you think about mine would you like to lick on it ” aunt sally i shouldnt uncle bill. ”

your uncle bill dont like eating pussy, he just wants to fuck and have his dick sucked and honestly he prefers little girls ” i look down at aunt sallys pussy and see shes shaved , she has small.outter lips. She has a very nice looking pussy. ” jack ill make it easy for you, either get over here and do what i tell you or i can tell bill and i promise u if he finds out you done anything with june before he did he will beat you ”

With that i get on my knees between her legs a d begin licking on her pussy, i spread her lips rubbing a finger around her clit, it stiffens up like a little dick. She moans out as i flick my tounge on it. Making her squirm as i slide 2 fingers inside her and begin fingering her as i suck and nibble on her erect clit. She begins humping against my mouth moaning loudly. Her legs slam shut around my head, her hands grabbing hand fulls of hair pulling as she yells out im cumming. Oh shit im cumming. Dont stop keep sucking just like that yes baby eat that pussy.

She turns side ways with her legs clamped tightly around my head holding tightly. She begins jerking as she humps my face. Omg im cumming. She takes my hands in hers and places them in each breast ans says squueze them. Pinch my nipples. Dont stop licking. She tilts her head back arching her hips upward and moans out again im cumming.

After she stops moving she pushes me back in to the floor. “Dam boy its been along time since i have came that many times ” i guess you want me to return the favor now? I tell her she dont have to do anything back it was okey. ” no jack you have 3 more weeks before you go home and my boy your gonna be doing this alot more before then” “so we dont have much time before the girls get back do you want me to suck you or you want to fuck ” as shes talking she stands up turns towards the couch gets on her knees pushes her ass back towards me. I know she wants me to fuck her so i walk up behind her pull out my dick and slide it in to her wet pussy. I cant beleave how tight she is, she pushes back against me and i can feel her muscles in her pussy tighten around the base and begin squeezing up and down the length of my dick. Like little fingers. Sally looks back over her shoulder at me. Feels good doesnt it? Kegal exercises.

I grab hold of her hips a d begin pumping into her, thats it. Faster fuck me faster, with each thrust forward she pushes back into me. Moans omg im cumming again. I keep pumping faster. Pressure is building my dick begins twitching and swelling im getting to close to cumming as i slow down and start to pull out she yells dont you dare pull out i wont to feel your cum fill my pussy as i cum. Shit im cumming she moans i am too.

After a second she tells me dont move she wants to feel me go soft inside her. I feel her pussy tighten up milking my dick for every drop of cum.
After a couple mins. My dick slides out. ” now that was fun, ill make sure we have time to do it again soon” oh by the way i know june is gonna want to play around with you more she had fun, but do not fuck her pussy, you can lick her and rub against it but dont put your dick in her, if she will let you you can fuck her in the ass, and im sure marie will be wanting to fuck you also and mary. “You think your gonna be able to keep up with 4 horny females” smileing i tell her i will be glad to try

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