Buddys sister

This summer i chose not to go to my aunt a d uncles for the summer. After everything that happened last summer and my aunt having a new born baby i didnt care to spend my summer with a screaming baby. Plus marie had moved out and mary would be gone first part of the summer. I was sure uncle bill would be keeping june busy.

Besides i made friends with guy down the street. He was 16, he has 2 sisters the older was 15 she was 5’7 redish brown hair, brown eyes c cup titts small ass and average looking and his little sister is 13. Blonde hair blue eyes petite body at 5 ft even, small perky titts, nice round bubble butt. Very sexy little girl. She was a cheerleader at there old school. Doug tells me his sister julie was quit the cock tease with boys and his sister kay was into girls.
Our house we had a camper in the backyard which i had claimed as my own. At 16 i wanted my own space, my parents were cool with it. Needed my privacy to smoke my bud.
We were the family in the neighborhood all the kids wanted to come hang out at cause we had a in ground pool and my sisters were popular.
Wasnt long before i seen what doug had meant about julie being a little cock tease. At 13 she looked older and her body. No 13 yr old should have a body like that. Her bikinis were itty bitty didnt leave much to the imagination. She seemed to flirt with everyone not just the boys but girls to.

This particular day it was late i was sitting in my boxers smoking a joint when julie knocked on my door ” is doug here ” no havent seen him
She turns to walk away and stops. ” is that weed your smoking ”
Whats it to you i ask. She walks back to the camper door “can i come in and smoke some ”

I dont think so. your trouble and i dont need any of your bs. ” what are you talking about ” look like what your wearing right now, your walking around in that little ass bikini. I see how you tease everyone. Your to little and asking for it. Its best you just keep your distance.

“What am i asking for and just why should i keep my distance, you dont know me or anything about me. Besides i see you checking me out ”

Look little girl its not a good ideal you being out here alone with me you might get more than what your wanting. She laughs ” you didnt answer me, what am i asking for ”

Before i can say anything else kay shows up and tells her to come on doug was at the house. Julie pops off see you around jack

I watch as she wiggles her tight little bubble butt walking away. Man she just dont even know.

The next afternoon sam comes outside ” jack mom says we can have a sleep over tonight and us girls are gonna be camping out in the back yard tonight so keep your pervey self in your camper” she turns to walk away. Hey dumb ass its gonna rain tonight.
Around 6pm sam and mandy come outside with with 5 of the girls from the neighborhood and of course julie was one of them and kay was another. Great i thought they play there stupid music and dance around. I hear kay say i dare you. So i look out my door. See julie looking in my direction. Sam says she want shes to worried about my pervert brother. Kay says i will if you do sam, with that they both pull off there tops and jump in the pool. Ofcourse mandy julie and lisa had to do it. I seen enough i didnt care to see my sisters flabby titts bounce around. So shut my door grabbed my bong starting smoking.

With a clap of thunder flash of light from lighting the girls screamed and ran for the house except for julie and lisa. They ran straight into my camper.
(Lisa was a little chubby, she had big titties really wasnt my type ) i have known lisa a few years she was always a little shy around me.

What the fuck do yall think yall are doing? Your party is in the house with my sisters.
“Come on jack let us stay out here with you till it atleast stops raining” my cell rings my sister talks to lisa. And she tells her they are gonna sit out here with me till it stops raining.
I go back to hitting my bong. After hour or so passed its still pouring so i tell the girls im going to bed they can sit in here till it stops raining.

I wake up a few hours later with a pee hardon i notice someone laying in my bed with me. I sit up and turn to see who it is. Julie.
I get up as easy as i can not to wake her up. As i get to the front i see julies bikini hanging up. What i turn and look back at her laying in the bed. Man is she asking for it, i sit down stareing at her in my bed. She moves around the covers slide off her legs. She turns onto her side facing the wall exposing her bare ass. She bends her legs up in front of her and My eyes almost pop out of my head as i can see her exposed pussy. I ease closer and cant beleave how much her pussy looks like junes. No outter lips, nice and smooth. I want to lick it but fight my urge. I have to touch it, slowly i rub my finger across her lips, no response. I slowly and gently push my finger between her lips. Sliding it between her moist lips. Still no response from her. I slowly push my finger into her to my first knuckle. Man shes tight, slowly i start moving it in and out of her. With my free hand i pull down my boxers and start stroking my dick.

I start stroking in rhythm with my finger sliding in and out of her pussy. She gets wetter. But still doesnt move or make a sound. I slide my finger in to the second knuckle. Shes wet as i start fingering her. I think i couldnt get my finger in june that far julie must not be a virgin. I slowly push my finger in as deep as i can. Dam shes tight. But not a virgin. I begin fingering her slowly working my finger in and out. As she gets wetter i pull my finger out and rub it between her lips. I rub across her clit and back between her lips. Slowly push 2 fingers in as deep as i can. She still makes no moves or sounds. I ease back on to the bed and ease up behind her. I rub the head of my dick between her lips several times slowly pushing up so the head slides in. I hold still. Let go of my dick and place my hand on her hip. Slowly pushing forward into her tight little pussy. .inching forward. Half is in when she starts to move straighten out her legs.

” what are you doing ” she starts to pull away from me. I hold tight on to her hip and pull her hip back into me as i push my dick forward till all of it is in her. She yells stop it and turns trying to move to get up. I push her on over on to her stomach with my dick still deep in her. Place my arm across her back pushing down Pinning her to the bed. She tries to kick and move. I pin her legs with mine keeping my dick as deep in her pussy as i can. “Get off me jack what do you think your doing” i ignore her, thinking shit i done it now im fucked.
” get off me jack now, ill tell. if you dont get off me ”

The more she wiggles around the more i pump my dick in and out of her. I told you you were asking for it little girl. Your the one that came and got in my bed wearing only my tshirt. What were you thinking. Wiggling that tight little ass around, you want to be a cock tease well im giving you some cock now.

She tries to push up as she does i push forward pushing deeper into her. I hear a moan escape her lips as she lays flat. Slowly she lifts her hips up. I place my hands on her hips and pull her up onto her knees and push her shoulders back down onto the bed. I pull my dick back till just the head is in and thrust it forward. She grunts with each thrust forward. As im pumping in to her she starts pushing back into my thrust. “Pull my hair hard now” She stops i can feel her pussy tighten up even more she moans out. Slowly she starts moving back and forward sliding my dick into her as i stay still squeezing her hips. “Pull my hair keep pulling it ” She gets faster pushing back harder. She stops moving moaning again her pussy gets tighter. She pulls forward till just the head is in slowly pushes back till im buried deep in her. I know im getting close to coming my dick begins twitching and swelling. She looks back ” dont you even think about cumming in me.” And pulls forward pulling my dick out she lays flat on to her stomach. I place my dick between her ass cheeks and begin sliding it back and forth. She moans again as i shot my cum onto her back.

” i didnt think you were going to wake up and when you did i was sure you were to fucking scared to do anything to me. ” so you wanted me to fuck you?
” man you are slow, i have been throwing hints at you since i first started coming around” ” i figured you were to chicken to make the first move was just waiting on a chance. ” yeah well doug said you were a cock tease and not to trust u that u had a big mouth. ” he would know since he has been shoving his dick in mouth since i was 8 ” no way ur kidding. ” i guess you would really trip out if you saw kay licking my pussy wouldnt you lol ” come on really. ” jack i told you you didnt know me or anything about me, if you only knew half the stuff i have done” ” guess i better get dressed and get in the house ” as she gets up and starts putting on her bikini i tell her wait im hard again tell me more. She laughs ” sorry jack no more time ” i jump up jump towards her, she runs out of the camper laughing ” to slow, maybe you can catch me tomorrow ” she runs into the house ass bouncing. Great i look down at my dick. Oh dont worry little man we will definitely get back into that pussy again and we will definitely get her to suck you.

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