Birthday Sex

Hello everyone.. This is my first story writing and I am new for this so excuse if any mistakes. My name is Ram (all names are changed ofc). I’m a 23 year old guy 5’11, slightly creamish complexion and a fit body. I live in Hyderabad and studying engineering. I have a close group of friends. They are Vijay, dusky skin slightly shorter than me ; Priyanka, milky white and very slim and cute: Ashrita, fair with a figure boys would love. So they’re my best mates. All are of same age group. It started off very simply in the beginning year of college and we’d become one of the closest groups of our batch. Financially our families are good so me and Vijay live together in a house and Priyanka and Ashrita live together at another house in a different area closer ro the college.

So here goes the story.

Me and vijay were studying for our mids exams and then we both got bored and started randomly chatting and then came the topic of sex. We both are not virgins, we’ve had girlfriends in the past which each of us already knew about. So we talked about our girlfriends, how we broke up and then about more girls. It went on like this

Me : What kind of girls do you think are sexy?
Vijay : Well not too dark colour, nice tits and ass usually.
Me : How do you feel about our Priya(Priyanka)
Vijay : Hm well she’s good but doesn’t have big assets now does she
Me : Yeah but she’s good enough, so you’re towards Ashu(Ashrita) eh
Vijay : (Smiling awkardly) Haha well they’re our friends though.. Will never lay a hand on them without consent
Me : Yes ofc. Which porn category do you like most
Vijay : Honestly I don’t mind as long as a hole is filled. N u?
Me : Yeah me too but i kinda like double penetration filling both of them at a time.
Vijay : Lol. Enough of these fantasies. Let’s start studying now or else the exams are gonna kick our asses.

So we wrote the exams well enough and it was a few days holidays for us. And immediately after the exam day was Priya’s birthday. Since the pandemic was going on we couldn’t plan a big birthday party so we settled for just a small cake cutting between just the four of us. Unfortunately Ashu’s sister was coming that afternoon. She will stay with Ashu atleast until evening.

The plan was me and Vijay would take Priya to our room before Ashu’s sister comes and then around 7 pm Ashu would bring the cake to our room. And it was finalised. While going back to our room Priya just flashed a smile at me. I dunno what happened but something was going on inside my mind. It was not the 1st time she smiled at me. But i just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I went to sleep soon after calling and wishing her at 12. Meanwhile Vijay was already alseep. We talked for about 5 mins and then decided to sleep.

I woke up next morning. We both got ready by 11 am and went to the girls room. I asked Vijay to get a Celebrations chocolate pack. He went to get that and when i rang the bell Ashu opened the door. I asked her ‘Where is she’ she said ‘she’s bathing she’ll come out’. So i sat down while she was getting her hair done. Then Priya came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. I did see her before like that once so she didn’t mind. But what she didn’t expect was a hug. I got up went straight to her gave her a hug and peck on the cheek and wished her ‘ Happy Birthday Cutie’. She blushed and thanked me and went inside to get dressed. Ashu raised her eyebrow and questioned me

Ashu : So what was that kiss?
Me : What it was nothing just a friendly kiss
Ashu : Uh-huh yeah right
Me : Its true, I’ll do the same for your birthday as well don’t worry.

By then Vijay arrived with the chocolates which we gave to Priya. We were ready to go out. We said goodbye to Ashu and went to a restaurant for lunch. After that we went back to our room and bought a small cake. It was around 1 in the afternoon. We sat for sometime chatting about stuff when Priya caught sight of our wine stash. She said she wanted a drink but we said no. She kept requesting a lot but we didn’t want her to spoil her day cuz of alcohol but she was so stubborn. So finally we agreed and had a drink together. Soon after drinking she kept a sad face.

Vijay : What happened. Why the sudden change in face
Priya : So you guys tell me. Am i not hot?
Me : Uhh.. Wtf? What are you talking?
Priya : You know Manasa right she was bragging about how she was so hot that 5 boys fell for her and teased me that I am still a virgin.
Vijay : Um awkward topic.. Let’s change the discussion
Me : Hey look at me. You’re hot ok hot as fire. If you tried not 5 even 10 guys would be ready for you. Don’t let her get into your head ok?
Priya : But neither of you even saw me like that why would others see me
Vijay : Its not true Priya. Ram likes you, he even asked me if i think you’re sexy. Even i think so it’s just you’re our friend, if we see you like that you might think bad of us. That’s why we don’t
Me : He’s correct sweetie.
Priya : You guys…. Take me right now please.
Me : Are you saying…
Vijay : …..that we have sex with you?
Priya : Yes and this isn’t the alchohol talking, i really want this, consider it my birthday gift. Please guys i want you both.

I gave Vijay one look and he was thinking what to do but I already decided. I put my lips on her lips. She kissed me back without any hesitation. I kept on kissing her until Vijay was also ready. He started pressing her hands and legs and we broke our kiss. She was wearing a Maxi dress. I slid her dress off her shoulder and pulled it down till her hips from which Vijay took over and removed fully. She was in her bra and panties now. Me and vijay kept kissing her all over the body:face, neck, hands, waist and feet. Slowly she started moaning enjoying the pressure of our lips on her skin. I unclasped her bra and put it aside revealing her small but round tits. She got off the bed and went a bit away from us. She turned around bent down and removed the panties.

We removed our shirts, pants and underwear and our cocks sprung out. Both our cocks were about the same size around 8″. She had a slim body of 31-24-34. She came over and took hold of both of our dicks and started stroking them slowly. She spat on both hands and jerked our dicks faster. She kissed the tip on my cock and slowly took it in her mouth. She sucked my dick for some time and then sucked Vijay’s cock. She kept on sucking our cocks for another 30 mins. Then i lifted her up and placed her straight on her bed.

Me and vijay started playing with her firm tits. I said ‘ You always say Sanka naku(Lick armpit) kadha so this time we will really do it’ and we lifted both her arms and exposed her cleanly shaved and waxed armpits. I tickled her gently and started licking it. The salty taste was making me more hornier. I spread her legs apart and put my hand on her virgin pussy. She gasped and moaned. We didn’t stop our tongues and Vijay too joined in with his hand. I spread her pussy lips and inserted a finger inside at the same time Vijay rubbed her clitoris furiously. She jerked and moaned even loudly.

My fingers went lower and i felt her asshole. I removed my finger from her pussy and put it inside her asshole and Vijay took over the pussy. By now she was going bonkers and she climaxed within 5 minutes of double fingering. She shouted ‘Fuck that’s it put a cock in me, Ram I want you to be my first’. So i got up, lined my dick up with her pussy and went slowly. It was so fuckin tight and she made whimpering sounds. I went in inch by inch until i felt her hymen. I bent forward to her face kissed her lips and whispered in her ear ‘Happy Birthday babe’ and i broke her hymen.

She felt the pain and shut her eyes tightly clenching her teeth. I moved very slowly until she was ready. When she was i picked up pace. Her legs were wide open allowing me to move freely and quickly. When she started moaning Vijay stuffed his cock in her mouth. We going in and out from both ends of her body. I put both her legs together and on my shoulders making her cunt even tighter. Then we exchanged ends. She was giving me a blowjob and he started stuffing her pussy. We were careful only to cum deep in her mouth and not in her womb since we didn’t have condoms. We kept doing this for around 30 mins By now it was 3 pm. We boys never let her boobs stay idle. Her boobs were small but her nipples were firm and erect. They became red hot because we kept on pinching them nonstop.

She was sitting on top of Vijay as I deepthroated her and she took it like a pro. I pulled my dick out and it was all wet with her spit. So i said ‘Get ready for the real show’ and went to her ass. I gave her asshole a good lick making it nice and wet and penetrated it slowly. She started shouting even before the head of my cock was in. So i asked Vijay to shut her mouth tight and he clamped her mouth with his hand. I went deeper and deeper until whole of my cock was in her ass. He removed his had from Priya’s mouth. We went very slowly at first since it was the first time she was having sex as well as a dp. Vijay pushes in deep as i pull out and he pulls out when i push deep.

This continued for a little and we increased the pace suddenly and she started making sounds ‘Uhhh yess uff ah ah ah yess please violate both my holes make you slut I’m your bitch don’t stop.. Harder harder uffff yeah ahhhhh’. These sounds were arousing us even more and we were really rough with her. We fucked her mercilessly and really hard. Vijays hands were on her butt and he kept spanking her while i held her by the boobs. We also kept switching the positions.

First he was below and i was on top of Priya so he got pussy while i got the ass. He then said ‘Man i gotta try that ass once’. So i gave away with pleasure. I laid down and she sat on my dick sliding it in her pussy. Vijays dick slid in easier as my girthy cock loosened her ass nicely. As soon as he put it in He groaned ‘Fuck yeah that’s tight Priya’ and we started ravaging her again. Her face, neck and tits were all open for my mouth. I kept biting her all over the chest. We avoided bites on neck or hands as they can be seen outside. I locked both her hands behind her with one hand and caught her hair with another. We were fucking her really hard. I wanted a different position so i lifted her off the ground,(she was so tiny lol) and went back into her pussy and Vijay went back into her ass. She put her hands around me tightly and we went nuclear this time. We were fucking her so hard and fast she looked like she might pass out. After 10 mins in standing position Vijay came in her ass and pulled out. He said he was tired and sat down. I was close so i fucked her even harder and now it really looked as if she would pass out. I placed her on bed went beside her and pulled out of her vagina and back into her ass and fucked the cum filler ass. Using my right hand i rubbed her clit furiously.

She came and immediately after i shot my load in her ass as well. I pulled out and sperm came out of her ass. I went and laid to the right of her and Vijay was on left. All of us were breathing heavily and the milky white Priya had bright red patches on her ass, chest, hips, waist and neck courtesy our rough hands and teeth. I slept on her waist ‘I really love this waist you know, sure i love all of your body but this drives me crazy’ saying that i kissed her waist licked her belly button. And i stayed there like that with my face on her waist and hands on her tits. She said ‘This is the best birthday wow. So what now?’. Vijay said ‘Now we rest for a while we’ve still got time till Ashu comes’ and we slept in that position.

Here comes the twist Ashu came almost 2 hrs early. The girls have a key to our room, so Ashu came in unaware of the fact me and Vijay had sex with her best friend. She came in saw us asleep, naked and woke us up immediately shouting ‘WTF?’

What happens next would be a part 2 if the feedback is good for this story. Feedback at [email protected]

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