Best friend ever

Lily and I have been friends since when I could say “goo-goo-ga-ga”.When our parents met for the first time,we took to each other’s company.Can’t believe I forgot to introduce maself…the name is Max(changed),18 years old guy with an athletic body form..8 inch massive cock…So each saturday began like every other as far as I can remember but this week,something is gonna be off…I took a shower and groomed my hair as though it will be the last…I dried myself with a towel and felt the warmth accompanied by the towei,”ah…how good it will be to fuck right now.” After I was done,I wore my supertight jeans trouser which was ash in colour and accented it with a brown NY top…damn I looked good……but I had to choose my kick… I went through my collection,nike,jordan,Tn,timberland…you name it.I finally chose to wear the Tn double straps sandals and woala;I looked awesome…not to brag though.

So my dad came over the previous night from his business trip and boy…..the kinky sex they engaged in…I mostly listened for 30 minutes then will grab my iPhone 6s and watch more porn….the horror we virgins go through…So I descended not trying to burst out laughing from the words I heard when they were going at it…

Mom (name Linda) had a smoking hot body.oh,her boobs were so upright like starched uniforms and damn that bubble ass,it was as big as it could get…so I went to the kitchen and tried to avoid eye contact and said aloud,”good morning folks.”dad was like hey,I’m still in my forty’s” and I replied,”believe ya old man.” Mom giggled slightly and I grabbed a juice from the fridge.I poured half a glass and enjoyed it with my toast.My plans today was to head over to Martin’s fortress so we could play some games on his ps4 console…but even the plans were short-thought (I believe that’s the right word).The telephone rang and I wondered who it could be at a time I was having breakfast…dad was about saying I should grab it but I said,sorry dad,living the american dream…he reached for it himself with a smirk on his face…”Glover’s residence,who is speaking…….ooh Lily how ya doing…….ooh really…okay I’m gonna let brainiac come keep you company” I thought to myself and couldn’t figure out wtf Lily wanted…Dad came and said,”son,it’s time you made America proud,there is a lady in distress and who other than Special Agent Max to help her”he said jokingly…sorry dad(real name Maxwell) I am heading over to Martin’s for GameTIME…what,this is Lily your BFF,come on,just do it for old times sake…I finally gave in and grabbed my black topless hat and headed for the door,quite angry and offended because Lily had ruined my weekend…upon getting to the doorway she suddenly came out of the door as though being chased and hugged me…She said hey bestie,sorry for calling but mom had to travel so we’re having a sleepover…”what,I did not sign up for this”said me.She led me in without uttering a word…now Lily is a curvy 17 yr old girl,medium sized boobs,ass as awesome as crafted by the maker…Lily offered me a glass of milk but i declined.She said she was lonely and decided to call me over…she wore this tight mini jeans shorts which did little hiding her lightly-toned skin and only made her ass bigger…Lily noticed the sudden bulge in my trousers,stupid tight thing was meant to restrain my dick…Lily just let out an OMG in disbelief….I shifted my gaze towards the TV even though I was caught…she simply said,hey,it happens…just look at my face next time…I nodded in agreement

Wrestling was on and she punched me,ouch,it almost hurt…I told her she would loose to me but she jumped on me and held me tight to the sofa…I smiled and when I retaliated,her tank top shifted and her cleavage was exposed.She simply took the top off exposing her brown perky nipples…she said she was gonna win since I’m not looking.I yanked of my trousers and lowered my boxer to knee level,removed it and said ooh it’s on.we then decided to wrestle naked…Damn,Lily was beautiful,her neatly trimmed pussy was unavoidable…she attacked at unawares and scored a major punch…she jumped on me and I could feel her crotch throbbing against my dick,I grabbed her and kissed her on the lips,she did nothing but asked what I was doing…I fondled her breast and flicked my tongue on her nips…she let out a moan and I knew we were gonna have some fan.She kissed me back and said”ooh Max,i’ve been wanting you for so long,fuck me max”I positioned her in missionary style and teased her bulging clit with my dick,she grabbed it and shoved it inside her warm pussy,she moaned as I took to pace…she screamed…She held my butt while I kiss her and I gave her my all…after 5 mins of that,doggystyle followed suite…Lily kept thrashing her pussy on my dick and I fucked her more…she had an orgasm and that almost took of to the edge…she said Max I’m cumming and I thrust deeper and came with her…we lay & I said sleepover it is.

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