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Episode : 3

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Bengalee Film Queen

Gargi Roychowdhury, a diva in Tollywood was married at the early age of twenty and after that she was trying her best to find a place in Silver-Screen world. By the time she was twenty-five, she had two children and a boy and a girl. Unable to afford any more mistakes, after a night of passion, she had her tubes tied.

However her continuous efforts of becoming a self-sufficient woman, was possible at the age of twenty-six when she was selected as a newscaster of a pvt TV-channel. Her claim to fame was her stint in Bengali and Tollywood projects which include movies as well as serials.

Beginning her career as a theatre artist in her debut play ‘Uttaran’, she moved on to perform in ‘Bohurupee’. She rose to fame from the long running soap ‘Sisirer Sabdo Sona Jai’ and became highly popular with the masses. Her other work includes ‘Buno Haansh’, ‘Ramdhanu’, ‘The Rainbow’ and ‘Meghnad Badh Rahasya’ before she became a part of ‘Haami’.

Now, at the age of forty-five yrs old, her second child Pallabi was a 1st yr student of BA in English of ‘Gokhel Memorial College’ while her elder brother Palash was an assistant of a renowned film-director of Tollywood. Both the children respected their mother for her great struggling in bringing up and providing them sufficient luxuries of modern living.
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Finally, returning from that party after enjoying a hot three-some with Swastika and a lower-claas Adibasi guard Ramu, Gargi was alone at home with time on her hands, she could hear herself thinking about her own life.

Her husband Goutam worked as a freelance reporter of an established newspaper and earned just an average of thirty thousand per month. A good wage under such critical circumstances, but not nearly good enough to pay all the bills, never mind to pay for any of the extras.

They only have the one car, an old Maruti Xentra with over 100,000 miles on the milometer and it runs like crap. Good enough for her husband, to make it back and forth to work, which, fortunately, was only a ten mile roundtrip. Unfortunately, if he took the car, she needs to run errands and was without transportation.

He played the lottery every week hoping to win, but never won more than a free bet. Forcing himself to quit from smoking, he bought his six pack of beer every Saturday and did it all over again on Sunday. Most times, it was a good life with a good wife, until he started  thinking that he wanted more.

Gargi undoubtedly loved and respected her husband very much, and had no desire to leave him. But for the last three years, she’d wanted to augment the family’s income,  since her husband’s income wasn’t sufficient to make up the requirements.

Now that her kids are outside, Gargi had hopes of finding a part-time job to make a little extra money as she had neither a job in a TV-serial nor in a big-screen movie. Only, with her charming look-up and a mouth-watering figure and no office or computer skills, the only place willing to hire her was modelling of low-cost budget, which didn’t appeal to her at all.

However she’d always noticed that not only her fans….. other men like producers, directors even the crew members stared at her with a lustful look. They always checked out her perky boobs and watched her jiggling ass hungrily. Naturally it was always enjoyable to have their attention. But then one day, something happened that sort of opened up some repressed feelings she always had.

She was having some snacks with coffee after a break of one day’s film-shootimg in Tollygunge studio with her long-time friend and co-actress Swastika……with whom she had a great understanding from that three-some incident. Gargi also realized from that incident that her younger friend was really a knock-out gorgeous at 40. With a beautiful face, she had the capability to kill any man just with her wicked grin…..even with a Mangalsutra around her neck.

They spent few minutes more and discussed about their next joint-shooting, while they drank some whisky. The conversation at one time, naturally turned to sex and their colleagues.

Gargi had decried about her husband’s lack of attention and her feelings of negligenc in the sexual arena. They chatted back and forth, and when Swastika became a little tipsy, she accidentally blurted out that she did some escort work on the side. She said she was pleased to have solved the ‘lack of sex’ problem as well as adding some ‘much-needed cash’ to the family pot.

Gargi became shocked as hell….. she couldn’t utter a word for few seconds. Even she couldn’t believe her own ears. So for the confirmation what she actually heard, she inquired further. The long and short of it was that she worked for an escort service that was specialized in well-preserved, shapely, beautiful mature Tolly actresses. Married housewives were not just part of the mix of ‘associates’, they were preferred.

This was amazing and unbeatable to Gargi. She never would have suspected such a revelation from a sophisticated actress like Swastika, but she had to admit she had the goods. She was quite good looking, well built and well maintained.

Swastika then told her older friend that she worked once a week……usually when she hadn’t any film-shootimg. She mainly offered her service in five-star hotels….with some kind of conference or convention.

In addition to the typical Sunday night outing with a conventioneer, she did occasional weeknight work with a few ‘regular’ local clients also. Actually she had developed a close relation with these local clients over the course of the three years she had worked as an escort.

She even disclosed that not all of the work involved sex…. sometimes she just gave her client her company for a dinner party. But usually the client would request her for some sort of sexual play, which she had learned to enjoy greatly. She’d called herself a ‘provider’, and was proud of her services which she’d provided to her satisfied and happy clients.

Swastika then revealed that her escort Manager was always in need of attractive Tolly heroines to join his team and provide services. She started giggling at one point that Gargi was just the kind of lady that was perfect for his upscale, elite clientele.

Gargi was afraid to ask what ‘sort’ of woman she thought she was, since she guessed that she meant it as a compliment. She even asked if her husband knew about it, and she said that he did. Gargi became shocked once again that her friend’s husband himself handled such a filthy thing.

Swastika even assured her friend that the average income of her from this escort service was one lakh per week. Her income now had gone a long way toward assuaging her husband’s fears of losing her. Even he admitted that her libido was far advanced of his, and she was much more calm and friendly since she’d began this job.

She disclosed at last that it kind of turned her perverted husband on immensely. It made himself to think that his famous actress-wife was so hot and desirable that other men would pay money to have her. In fact, their best sex was after she’d been on a ‘date’…… and she had more raunchy sex with her husband since she had started working as a callgirl.

‘Oh God! How perverted Swastika’s husband was!’ Gargi couldn’t digest what her friend revealed so far.

However that was enough revelation for one day for the Tolly diva, so that she’d had all the information about the escort service of some Tolly celebs. She couldn’t believe that so many established Tolly heroines were involved with such an obnoxious job who looked so innocent and behaved like a real ‘Sati-Sabitri’ ( chaste ) lady.

When she got home, she continued her thinking and tried to digest the whole matter for a while. That was always risky and dangerous…..she realized that she wasn’t a ‘sexually experienced’ actress in Tollywood. She’d only had sex with some producers and directors to have her roles in their films, and most of the cases they were somewhat less than satisfactory. In fact, they were horrible.

Ever since she had turned forty, she’d actually noticed that she thought about sex more than when she was younger. Her desire for sex had increased now, while her husband’s had waned. She thought that she was a late bloomer in the libido department which might not be helpful to flourish her filmy career in Tollygunge Film-Industry.

So, since she really hadn’t had any broad experience of men, it was kind of an attractive thought to sow a few wild oats at her advanced age. Getting into bed with men of different shapes and sizes was becoming an intriguing concept for her…..she began to think about it.

Thinking about of making minimum one lakh rupees extra beside her film-shootimg per week…..would surely be helpful to solve her immediate financial crisis, and relieve the pressures. And the idea of being paid for sex, no matter how tawdry the connotations, was always a little bit of a naughty turn-on for her.

Thinking about how her husband was gone so much of the time, and it left her home alone sometimes for a week at a time. And honestly, she wasn’t getting nearly enough sex! She had a far more active sexual relationship with either cucumber or brinjal than with her husband, and that’s not what a gorgeous actress wants at all.

On the other hand, she never thought of herself as a callgirl or prostitute. She’d always thought of ‘hookers’ walking street corners in shabby, slutty clothes. But Swastika had talked her about evening gowns, galas, champagnes, and five-star hotels. So maybe being an ‘escort’ wasn’t the same as being a roadside ‘Beshya’ ( Prostitute ) exactly in which the public were acquainted with.

Gargi stewed on this subject for weeks. And in the end, one night when she was feeling very horny and her husband was out of town, as usual, she called her friend.

“Swastika, this is Gargi,” she said.

“Hi, Gargi, let me go to the other room away from the TV…” Swastika put her friend on hold and then moved to another room…..a quiet part of the house. “Hey, what’s going on?” she said.

Gargi almost lost her courage, but she heard herself whisper, “I want to talk with you about…ah…that job opportunity we discussed a few days ago at the studio.”

“Well, it’s about time,” Swastika giggled, “I wondered if you were ever going to make the call.”

That was kind of embarrassing. But Gargi forged ahead. “I’ve been thinking about the money, and the kind of clientele you described, and maybe…I’m thinking about exploring the idea a little further.”

There, that didn’t sound so bad Swastika thought as she replied, “I’m sure you won’t regret it, Gargidi. Just let me have Sujit call you. He’s the manager of our great society, and a very sweet and understanding guy. I know you’ll like him and you’ll like what he has to say. I certainly did, and I’ve never regretted it.”

The two Bengalee celebrities then chatted for a while longer about other things, and then hung up. Gargi was almost shaking with fear….excitement…..dread…..horniness and worry. She had a ‘falling’ feeling in her tummy that was at the same time horrible and thrilling. She was in a mess when the phone rang not five minutes later.


“Is this Gargi Roychowdhury?” A man’s voice.

“Yes,” Gargi said cautiously.

“This is Sujit Chowdhury, I’m an assistant of your friend Swastika Mukherjee. We work for the same society, and I am the manager of that Noble ( ! ) society.”

“I see.” She was still cautious.

“Well, uh, Swastika Madam suggested I give you a call and we could discuss things and maybe I could answer some conflicting questions for you.” He had a nice voice and seemed so pleasant.

“Oh, yes, well, uh, perhaps you could tell me about your society in which you are working these days…”

“Certainly we are always looking for new actresses…mainly Bengalee film-heroines, who have that certain criteria. Swastika Madam described you as just that kind of wonderful Lady our society require. We only engage those film-celebrities with life experience, grace, beauty, charms…..all the things that Swastika Madam said you possess in abundance.”

My God! he was so smooth about his speech….Gargi thought.

“It’s OK, thanks for the compliments,” Gargi said, blushing alone in her own bedroom.

He paused a moment and let out a breath, “May I speak something frankly about our Society, Gargi Madam?” he asked….so polite.

“By all means…you needn’t to be embarrassed a little,” She assured him smilingly.

“We at ‘The Great Tolly Queen Welfare Society’, that’s our Society’s name, work with very special Bengalee actresses to serve our clientele by providing discrete feminine companionship. Our clients are of discerning upscale gentlemen, fully vetted and background checked. Our priorities are safety, secrecy and well being of our ladies… we refuse those clients that don’t measure up. As it’s a welfare society, we mainly focus on those Tolly actresses who aren’t getting sufficient roles in films and greatly suffer to maintain their aristocratic luxurious lifestyle. We have no website nor do we advertise….just to keep our celebrities’ identity strictly confidential. We exist by word of mouth only in the highest levels of executives and entrepreneurs.”

“That sounds impressive…I really like it’s welfare attitude and notion,” Gargi encouraged him.

“Yes, thank you Madam. Most of the actresses of this welfare society are of either TV-serial or of big-screen neglected but talented actresses and are over 35 yrs of age. We like to think that we provide our clients true Courtesans… actresses of distinction, intelligence, experience. Above all, our top priority are of these actresses’s celebrity image…..their exquisite feminine charm and beauty. Swastika Madam really determined that you could be a valuable addition to our welfare society. Even she hoped that you surely will consider meeting me, and I feel the same.”

Certainly, Gargi had to admit, she was very much impressed about the society’s actual ideology and purpose. She then asked, “What exactly, if I joined your society, would my job…I mean duties be?”

He chuckled warmly, “Ah, a nice lady with a direct and clear mind. Just as expected, and I would respect nothing less, Gargiji. A typical assignment would have one of our Society’s meeting, one of our clients at a public setting……perhaps a restaurant or a club. Activities such as…..going to the parties or dancing, attending a formal event. Or maybe just a casual get-together of filmy celebrities in the bar of a five-star hotel. I mean there are so many ways to start your time with the society’s client.”

“Hmm, sounds nice,” Gargi said, “Tell me more….elaborately.”

“Naturally after plenty of time of talk and get to know one another, you might retire to a suite for a nightcap with your client. In any event, your client will book time with you. Actually most of the clients are successful, busy, stress-out men with a lot on their minds. Normally they ask us to provide for them a scintillating, beautiful and sexy actress with whom they can spend time to relax and enjoy amid their busy schedule. However, it is completely up to you whether you kiss your client goodnight, or choose to stay with him a while longer for some sexual encounter…”

“I see,” Gargi said, knowingly.

“And our clients are very big tippers, particularly when a lady chooses to grace them with her presence after hours.” He was silent after that, waiting for her response.

“What are the rates you charge…I mean my salary situation would be if I join your Society?”

“Very simply, the Society will charge one lakh per hour and keeps only 10% for it’s maintenance, so that you can earn 90 thousand per hour for your time. When it comes to tipping, the Society will not interfere in that. In other words, what you do or don’t do on your own time after the booked hours is none of the Society’s concern.”

His voice took on a more secret, intimate quality. “Just so you know, I’ve heard rumors of various sorts of tips. Sometimes, I’ve heard the amount of being five to six lakh….which depends mainly on the actress’s celebrity image and identity. But these are only rumors and I have no way of substantiating such claims. Perhaps Swastika Madam could tell you more in detail. Actually the Society didn’t want to involve personally with either the members or with the clients about how they past their time or what they wish to present one another.”

“Wow,” Gargi said, giggling, “You sound like a lawyer.”

“Yes, actually I am.”

“Alright then,” Gargi said, “Would there be a good time for me to come in for an interview with you?”

“How about tomorrow for lunch? I could meet you at the Paradise Hotel, and lunch is on me, of course.”

“That sounds lovely, how about one in the afternoon?”

“I’ll arrange it,” he said, and then he continued. “One last thing, and I hate to bring it up, but it is an important part of the business. Please forgive me for that…you should be looked sophisticated and gracious with your client. So your wardrobe must be packed with modern but sober clothes.”

“Sounds nice…you must have noticed me in parties. I always like to wear modern clothes with aristocratic outlooks,” Gargi said, “See you tomorrow.”

“Oh..sure. I’ve already noticed so many pictures of you in different Magazines and electronic media. Yes…you always look so beautiful in your dresses and I must appreciate your glamourous lookups,” he said and then he rang off.

Gargi could hardly sleep that night, thinking about wearing really great clothes in really great places and making really great money. And maybe, just maybe, having some exciting sex with unknown men she’d only just met…

Even though the thoughts of being an escort intrigued her, at first, she didn’t think of the sexual relation with others as a job, until now. Sounding like fun, she thought only of the entertainment factors, going out to eat, attending shows, and having interesting conversation with someone of the opposite sex.

Now, Gargi could think more about Sujit or about the escort business. She started rationalising about the proposed job. So next day, she had just sent her daughter Pallabi to college and was thinking about her boring life as a neglected actress. Now, thinking more about and confronted with the reality of what was expected of her as an escort, she decided that she could sell herself for any amount of money.

However it made her skin crawl to think about another man kissing her, touching up, and expecting her to give him a hand job, blowjob or to fuck her. Although she had this type of few experiences for attaining the filmy roles, sometimes she couldn’t rationalize the matter of selling herself for sex.

But at the same time, when she thought about the feel of a stranger’s cock in her hand, in her mouth or up her pussy for money, she became sexually aroused. She’d considered, if the money was right and the man was nice, she could easily do it with an attractive man, someone less her age. On the other hand, there might be the chances when she’d have to escort a much older man, someone who wasn’t as attractive and/or appealing.

But the most important thing was, what would she say to her beloved husband? How would she get out of the house? How would she explain the sudden infusion of money? In all the years together, she had never lied to him, not once, not ever.

On the other hand, she always noticed, when her husband returned, he looked so tired to do anything, like having sex, except for her giving him a blowjob. He was always in the mood for that. He was never in the mood to spend some extra time pleasuring her. When it came to reciprocating and satisfying her sexually, he had already turned over and gone to sleep. They hardly ever made love anymore, not since the kids were born, one right after the other.

And now, with the things that had suddenly happened and changed their lives for the worse, he was depressed. Sometimes he had trouble getting it up and would suddenly go soft in her mouth. Tired of having to satisfy herself with her fingers, she was always so horny. She missed the feeling of a rockhard cock inside of her for a long time and humping her, while fucking her.

She missed the romance and the attentiveness that diminished more with the birth of each child. Now, with her days filled with less job in film or other show business, she didn’t know what day it was, except for the joy of her children.

Sometimes she felt that there was no purpose to her life. She wasn’t too old to give up her life to them and to relegate her identity to just that of wife, housekeeper, and mother. She wanted something more. She wanted some excitement in her life.

Only, there was never any extra money for anything. She couldn’t remember the last time her husband took her out to eat or bought her flowers. She couldn’t remember when there was money enough so that they could to move outside Kolkata…..forget about buying something new.
________   _________   _________    __________   _________   ________

The next morning, after her husband and children’s leaving, she spent on working on the bags under her eyes and putting together her very best ‘lunch at the Paradise Hotel’ outfit. She wore a highly expensive synthetic white saree with matching blouse….putting a big roundish red ‘Bindi’ on forehead and a small strand of ‘Sindoor’ in her ‘Sinthi’. Then she put on her lucky Mangalsutra attached with a beautiful pendant, a pair of matching pump shoe, handful of bangles, a thin chain around her waist and gold earrings.

Gargi’s heart was in her throat when she reached the address mentioned by Sujit….i.e. when she walked into the Paradise Hotel. She headed for the hall where elegant lunches were served for the guests. As she was searching for Sujit…. a very handsome young man with short black hair appeared at her side. He couldn’t have been over 25, but he probably was.

“Namaskar Gargidevi,” joining his both palms together, he showed his courtesy to the gorgeous Tolly beauty.

“OK….Dhanyabad,” Gargi smiled, “You must be Sujit.”

They were seated at the corner of the hall on a table which was booked by Sujit earlier. They chatted for a long time over salad and chilly-chicken with toast. During the conversation, Gargi realized that he was one of her fan and he had a good idea of her filmy career as well as her family. He was quite skilled at pleasurable interrogation.

At the end of their meal, he ordered the attendant to serve two pegs of light whisky. As they started drinking, he asked her the questions she had really dreaded, but knew were coming.

“Gargidevi, there are a few things I need to ask you. I hope you do not feel offended in any way…”

“Ok, go ahead, I think I know what you need to ask anyway.” She took a good slug of the whisky in preparation.

“Suppose…. you were at the end of a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing. Your client was a true gentleman. .. I mean admirable in many ways. He has treated you like a gracious lady all evening, and now your time together is drawing to a close. Suppose he asked you politely to spend some time alone so that you two could be more…intimate. Do you think you might, if you liked him, say ‘yes’?”

She looked at him as she downed the rest of her whisky in one gulp. She fixed her gaze at his pretty eyes as she said, “Sure, I might be willing to accompany a gentleman to his suite and be alone with him, more intimately, on my own time.”

He smiled, “Very well said indeed, Gargidevi. I think you would be a wonderful asset to our welfare society as our newest associate. May I call you before this weekend and offer you an opportunity to provide companionship to one of our clients?”

Gargi smiled, “Yes you may, Sujit.”

He reached into his pocket and handed her a small but thick envelope. “You look very nice today, but you will need many more newest outfits for your evening adventure just as an aristocratic lady. May I offer you this advance against your future earnings to arrange the latest outfits for your wardrobe?”

“OK, thank you Sujit.. Although I’ve sufficient clothes, I want some ultra modern scintillating dresses to present myself as more attractive and sexy for this purpose.” She took the envelope smilingly.

“That’s wonderful,” he said, offering his arm as they strolled back toward the lounge, and to the valet to collect their cars.

As Gargi’s car was brought up, Sujit said, “I’ll call you tonight, Gargidevi. I think I have an outstanding client who would be very pleased to have your company tomorrow night. Shall I tell him….. you’re free?”

Gargi swallowed hard. This was moving really fast. She took a deep breath as she replied, “Please Sujit, let him know I’d be delighted,”

“Excellent,” said the ever elegant Sujit. “As you’re a novice in this special job, I would like Swastika to assist you with him. OK…. please expect my call with details this evening.”

“Talk to you soon and I think it would be fine if Swastika accompanies me with my debut job,” Gargi said, as she drove off and proceeded towards a huze AC shopping Plaza.

When she parked at the Plaza, she opened the envelope and found a bundle of two thousand rupees note….i.e. two lakh in cash. She just about fell out of the car. She hit the upscale mall hard and walked out of there with some pretty hot evening gowns, cocktail dresses, a couple of casual dresses, and some very fine lingerie.

Oh! So nice and beautiful… Biggest Sunday for her… she’d ever had. She guessed and became confirm, ‘I would really have to start making some money to get out of all this debt provided by Sujit!’

When she got home, and just finished the unloading of her clothes from the car, her cell phone rang. It was Sujit.

“Hi, Gargidevi,” he said cheerfully, “Did you have a good time in shopping?”

“Yes, sure…,” the beamed actress replied.

“Great. So… Let me tell you about tomorrow night. The Client’s name is Jamal Khan. He’s just twenty-one yrs old, 5’11” and always have a special fondness in Bengalee heroines. Like myself, he is also a blind fan of you and Swastika Madam and a regular customer of her. He’s a great guy, and single, and we’ve known him for over two years. How does that sound so far?”

It was much better than she expected, though she was a little taken aback by his young age and caste. “He sounds great, but I’m almost twenty-four yrs older than him. He’s is just like my son’s age and of my opposite caste. That’s kind of scary…,” Gargi replied as she started thinking about her first customer.

Actually she had a long-time fantasy over a Muslim man, specially for their circumcised penis. Oh! And it would be even more exciting due to his younger age.

Sujit assured her by saying, “Don’t worry at all about that. Most of our clients are in their twenties or thirties. Jamal, like most of our clients, enjoys the company of mature actress…. he just adores a celebrity with her maturity. Actually none of those young, immature slin heroines attract this guy. He’s actually a inhabitant of Saudi Arab, son of an Oil Baron and in Kolkata for the weekend to see his company’s customers and make big deals. He would arrive tomorrow at four in the afternoon and stay at the Paradise Hotel. He would like to take you and Swastika Madam to dinner at seven o’clock in the Dining Room. As I mentioned earlier he likes the Bengalee ladies only, so please think about a special kind of saree-blouse.”

“Wow, ok, here we go I guess.” Gargi replied enthusiastically as she thought Sujit’s younger age was a bit of a surprise to her when she met with him at first. But Gargi was now even more pleased to hear that most of the Society’s clients would be younger than her. Much younger…just like her son.

“Don’t worry,” Sujit said with real assurance in his voice, “You’re going to do great. He’s a great guy and you’re also a fabulous lady. Swastika Madam told me about your adventure with a Adibasi guard few days ago. Actually our President Mrs. Roy was too much impressed hearing that incident and she urged me repeatedly to include you in our Noble Society. We all are quite sure that you’re going to be popular soon in our Society.”

“Oh God! Swastika had told you all. It’s so embarrassing… she can’t keep anything in her belly. I’ve to talk with her…but who is Mrs. Roy? You’ve just told…President of the Great Tolly Queen Welfare Society….,” Gargi became suddenly curious about Mrs. Roy.

“Sorry Gargidevi…to be truth, I don’t know her. I get instructions from her through mobile only…I mean I didn’t see her physically. Only two or three persons, really close to her, could meet her. She is a mysterious and powerful lady with close relation to the political as well as administrative personnel. And just for her influence in upper level, the Society’s welfare activities could run without any interruption. Anyway that great lady always protects us from any type of legal problems we face and keep our identity intact. So it’s none of our business who the lady is.” Sujit clarified his position.

“Right you’re….we’re only concerned about our own image and identity which she’d guaranteed…” Gargi added supporting his views.

“That’s the point. So now come to the business….. just be yourself with Jamal and I’m sure you’ll be able to satisfy him. I’m very confident about your capability. Just relax and let him take the lead and you have a great time! He’ll have on a dark blue suit and a red tie with the logo of our Society “Swastik Mark” on it. He’ll keep a stool next to him open at the bar so you can find him easily there….moreover Swastika Madam will also be present, Sound good?.”

“Yes, Sir,” Gargi said, “I’ll do my best. I’ll try not to screw up my first date and the image of our society.”

Sujit laughed happily, “You’ll be fine. Jamal is a sweetheart, you’ll see. His booking is from seven to ten, so that’s three hours. After ten, well that’s up to you three. Just make sure you have fun!”

“Ok, seven to ten it is,” Gargi said, “I’ll try not to let you down.”

They said goodbyes to each other and rang off. She then called her husband, Goutam. He was in Mumbai she thought. She chatted with him a while and then lied ( first time ) that she’d be going to take some ready-made knowledge at Paradise Hotel to improve her acting performances for a week. He told her that he was sorry and wasn’t around much. He said even more that he had his permission to participate in the training schedule which she seemed to deserve.

Gargi smiled knowing her husband’s innocence as he believed her fully. Yes…..she loved her husband, and he really was a sweetheart.

The next day she got home early from her film-shooting. She finished her bathing and shaved herself in the tub at about four thirty that afternoon. She had hemmed and hawed over whether or not to go for it and completely shaved all of her pubic hairs. She had always kept herself well groomed and trimmed, especially to young men, who expected a girl to be pretty bare down there…. the more bare, the better.

To be continued…….

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