Bengalee Film Queen 3

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Episode : 3

Bengalee Film Queen 2

Bengalee Film Queen

Gargi Roychowdhury, a diva in Tollywood was married at the early age of twenty and after that she was trying her best to find a place in Silver-Screen world. By the time she was twenty-five, she had two children and a boy and a girl. Unable to afford any more mistakes, after a night of passion, she had her tubes tied.

However her continuous efforts of becoming a self-sufficient woman, was possible at the age of twenty-six when she was selected as a newscaster of a pvt TV-channel. Her claim to fame was her stint in Bengali and Tollywood projects which include movies as well as serials.

Beginning her career as a theatre artist in her debut play ‘Uttaran’, she moved on to perform in ‘Bohurupee’. She rose to fame from the long running soap ‘Sisirer Sabdo Sona Jai’ and became highly popular with the masses. Her other work includes ‘Buno Haansh’, ‘Ramdhanu’, ‘The Rainbow’ and ‘Meghnad Badh Rahasya’ before she became a part of ‘Haami’.

Now, at the age of forty-five yrs old, her second child Pallabi was a 1st yr student of BA in English of ‘Gokhel Memorial College’ while her elder brother Palash was an assistant of a renowned film-director of Tollywood. Both the children respected their mother for her great struggling in bringing up and providing them sufficient luxuries of modern living.
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Finally, returning from that party after enjoying a hot three-some with Swastika and a lower-claas Adibasi guard Ramu, Gargi was alone at home with time on her hands, she could hear herself thinking about her own life.

Her husband Goutam worked as a freelance reporter of an established newspaper and earned just an average of thirty thousand per month. A good wage under such critical circumstances, but not nearly good enough to pay all the bills, never mind to pay for any of the extras.

They only have the one car, an old Maruti Xentra with over 100,000 miles on the milometer and it runs like crap. Good enough for her husband, to make it back and forth to work, which, fortunately, was only a ten mile roundtrip. Unfortunately, if he took the car, she needs to run errands and was without transportation.

He played the lottery every week hoping to win, but never won more than a free bet. Forcing himself to quit from smoking, he bought his six pack of beer every Saturday and did it all over again on Sunday. Most times, it was a good life with a good wife, until he started  thinking that he wanted more.

Gargi undoubtedly loved and respected her husband very much, and had no desire to leave him. But for the last three years, she’d wanted to augment the family’s income,  since her husband’s income wasn’t sufficient to make up the requirements.

Now that her kids are outside, Gargi had hopes of finding a part-time job to make a little extra money as she had neither a job in a TV-serial nor in a big-screen movie. Only, with her charming look-up and a mouth-watering figure and no office or computer skills, the only place willing to hire her was modelling of low-cost budget, which didn’t appeal to her at all.

However she’d always noticed that not only her fans….. other men like producers, directors even the crew members stared at her with a lustful look. They always checked out her perky boobs and watched her jiggling ass hungrily. Naturally it was always enjoyable to have their attention. But then one day, something happened that sort of opened up some repressed feelings she always had.

She was having some snacks with coffee after a break of one day’s film-shootimg in Tollygunge studio with her long-time friend and co-actress Swastika……with whom she had a great understanding from that three-some incident. Gargi also realized from that incident that her younger friend was really a knock-out gorgeous at 40. With a beautiful face, she had the capability to kill any man just with her wicked grin…..even with a Mangalsutra around her neck.

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