Ashley’s work-friends on a Sunset cruise – Part 7

Priya was waiting for my answer to her question, “Is there any left for me?” So far, I had only confessed to having sex with Divi this morning before she arrived home from her trip to Boston to iron out the financial details of her divorce from Naveen. To suggest that ‘there wasn’t any left for her’ because my balls ached would mean that I’d had a lot more recent sex than that, which of course, I had. There was only one answer that I could give.

I could only imagine the conversation if I’d said, ‘Sorry. My balls are killing me. I lost track of how many times I ejaculated at an orgy that I went to last night.’ Priya would ask, ‘Where was Divi when you were at the Orgy?‘ ‘She was home. I went alone.‘ ‘You left her home alone and went to an orgy. Seriously?‘ ‘Okay. Okay. I took her with me to the orgy.’ ‘You took my teenage daughter to an orgy?‘ That kind of a conversation wasn’t going to happen.

“Of course there is. I’m always available to you,” I said. Divi looked at me as I avoided her gaze.

Priya pushed her body against mine and stretched up and kissed me. She cradled my balls in her right hand through my shorts. My dick hardened instantly and my balls were screaming. Priya released my balls and pulled back from me and said, “Good answer. Now keep that thought. I have some things I need to take care of before I forget. I’ll be back in an hour or two.” She turned to Divi and flexed her index finger indicating that she was to go too. Priya said nothing more and headed for the stairs. Divi cupped my balls in her hand, like her mother had, as she brushed past me and blew me an air-kiss.

I mouthed the words, ‘what just happened?‘ to Divi and she just shrugged her shoulders and followed her mother down the stairs and across the yard, hurrying to catch up. Neither of them looked back. Things had looked so promising that Priya and I would get back on track. Now, I had no clue; again. I went back to my chair and sat down as I lifted my coffee cup to my lips. It was stone cold. I struggled my way out of the chair and went inside to make another cup. While I waited, I fondled my balls to further assess their condition. I decided that they would do just fine when Priya came back. If both Priya and Divi came back, I wasn’t so sure.

The doorbell rang and two seconds later I heard the front screen door open and then shut. A voice said, “Hello. Is anyone home?” It was Ashley. I headed for the breezeway and nearly collided with her coming down the hall as I rounded the corner. She was still wearing her spandex yoga outfit and her huge boobs collided against my chest like bumpers as I recoiled and instinctively pushed my hands out in front, as my head pulled back. We were both startled and we pulled back from each other. She laughed and said, “Sorry Jack. I walked right in to you.”

“No problem. What’s up?” Her spandex outfit had her tits mashed together and the display of cleavage was incredible. I couldn’t take my eyes from her chest. Ashley saw where I was looking and she bent down so I was looking at her face. Then she stood back up and my eyes followed hers.

Ashley said, “I wonder if you could do me a big favor?”

“Sure. Anything.”

“I have a few of my friends from work coming over and a sunset cruise would be a perfect way to end the day. Our little dingy wouldn’t work very well. I wondered if you could take us out on your Party Boat?” She crossed her arms under her boobs and lifted them a little exposing more of the ample flesh in the v-cut front of her outfit.

Her move caused my attention to drop to her boobs again as all rational thought was evacuated in an instant. “Sure. I’d love to.” She jumped up and down a couple times causing her tits to bounce and one of her nipples came free. She nonchalantly tucked it back in and clapped her fingers together.

“Thank you, thank you. Would seven o’clock be good. That would give us some time before sunset.” I nodded as I watched her tits roll around like Jell-O in a bowl.

I watched her amazing body until she was around the corner of her house. I stood there for a while after that. ‘What the fuck am I thinking. Priya’s back and giving positive signals and I agree to take Ashley and a bunch of her work friends on a cruise. Jesus,‘ I thought, as I headed back to the kitchen. My coffee was luke-warm.

I was never one hundred percent sure that Ashley worked as a stripper. Her aggressive nature; the way she dressed and other things led me to that assumption. If I was correct, then I would be taking a boat-load of strippers on a sun-set cruise tonight. That wouldn’t go over well with Priya; if, in fact, she was interested in restarting our relationship. I decided to play it by ear. I thought to myself, ‘Man, I’ve been thinking that a lot lately.’

I didn’t have to wait long. The phone rang. It was Divi and she was crying hard. Before I could even say “Hello,” Divi was sobbing out, “Mom is on her way over there and she is pissed. She grilled me about yesterday and I sort of confessed that we went to that orgy last night.”

“Fuck,” was all I got out before the sliding glass door from the deck slammed open against the stops and from the look on Priya’s face, she was furious. I told Divi that I had to go and hung up the phone. I turned toward Priya and took it like a man. She lit into me, screaming, “What the fuck were you thinking; taking Divi to an Orgy. Jesus Jack.” She went on and on and to be honest, all I heard was the screaming pitch of her voice at the edge of my hearing range. The words were gone in an instant and they didn’t really matter anyway. I got the gist from the first sentence. I didn’t know what Divi had confessed to, specifically, so I was careful not to throw her any further under the bus than she already had.

While I was trying to think of a response, I suddenly realized that Priya had stopped shrieking and was standing there on the other side of the bar with her hands on her hips staring at me. Glaring at me would be a better description of the expression on her face.

“Sorry. I didn’t know it was that kind of a party until it was.” I figured, for Divi’s sake, the less said the better.

She continued to glare at me waiting for me to say more. When it was apparent that I was done explaining, she said in a much less shrill voice, “That’s it? That’s all you have to say? Fuck you Jack.” She spun on her heels and yanked open the slider and slammed it behind her with nothing more said.

Divi must have been on her way up the stairs when her mother exploded out of my living room. I heard Priya yell, “Don’t come over here. Get your butt home. I’ve got a good mind to ground you for the rest of the summer and I would if I thought this was your fault.”

I could hear Divi crying all the way back to her house. I felt awful for her. I deserved Priya’s rage and I would take it in stride. I was bummed at the apparent loss of Priya again. I guess we were doomed from the start. I decided to take the kayak out for a ride to work off the emotional frustration. I paddled to the east end of the lake along the southern shore and returned on the northern shore. I had never done that before. It took me two and a half hours and my fingers throbbed from gripping the paddle. I didn’t encounter anyone else other than boaters who always waved. I’d just nod because both hands were busy.

When I coasted up to my dock, I could see that Ashley’s friends had arrived. An incredible array of a half-dozen or so beautiful women came to Ashley’s deck railing as I tied up and hoisted my body out of the kayak. It wasn’t the most graceful of exits but it’s hard to get your feet under you when you’re sitting that low. Ashley waved and yelled, “Hi Jack. Are we on for tonight?” The other’s all waved and grinned down at me.

I walked over to her yard so I wouldn’t be yelling back. I wanted to get a better look at Ashley’s friends anyway. My guess was that they were in their mid to late twenties. I looked up at Ashley and the others and said, “Sure. Seven o’clock, right?” All of Ashley’s friends were as gorgeous as she was and to say that they were wearing bikinis would have been very generous. None had breasts like Ashley’s but one of Ashley was plenty. They were tittering amongst themselves as I spoke to Ashley. I didn’t want to be a creep and stare at them so I waved to Ashley and headed for my yard. I could hear them laughing and giggling as I walked away.

I glanced toward Priya’s yard on my way around to the stairs up to my deck. There was no sign of either Priya or Divi. I went inside and took a shower and dressed in clean shorts and a tee shirt. I made a sandwich and carried it and a beer to the deck to watch the boat parade slowly cruising past. No one aboard was looking in my direction. As usual, they were gawking at Ashley and today they were getting a bonus. It didn’t take long for the word to get around.

When the parade got longer, Ashley and her gang came down off the deck and were sunning themselves on the dock and in the yard. One boat with a couple of the more young and aggressive guys actually tied up to Jacob’s dock and chatted up a couple of the friends who had laid out their towels there. I watched with my binoculars and was amused by the guys, who were practically drooling on the women laying on the dock talking to them. The others, sunning themselves on towels in the yard, were laughing at the two guys. I had to hand it to them. As goofy as they were acting, they had a lot of confidence and women always seemed to respond to men with confidence.

Sure enough, the women on the dock yelled up to Ashley sitting in a lawn chair, “We’re going to go for a ride. We’ll be right back. Ashley and the others burst out laughing and both women on the dock stuck out their middle fingers at the others and the guys offered their hands and helped them aboard. To state the obvious; they were all grins. The guys released the lines and the motor rumbled to life. Their boat practically leaped away from the dock and they sped off down the lake at high speed.

Then the fun started. Because they were showing off, neither of the guys noticed the Marine Patrol boat cruise into the middle of this part of the lake. He was probably curious about the boat parade. His blue lights went on immediately and he took off after the boat. They didn’t even get out of this part of the lake before they coasted to a stop. I watched the ranger tie up to the two guy’s boat. There was no secret as to why he pulled them over. There were laws against speed within so many feet of shore and they were going way too fast. He held them up for twenty minutes as he checked for a fire extinguisher and life vests, which they apparently didn’t have. His boat drifted away from their boat and I could see he was writing them a ticket. The two women sat in the stern with their arms crossed under their boobs. They were obviously pissed off. The guys were dejected and were talking into the other’s ear.

Ashley and her remaining friends were all standing on the dock watching what was going on. They were laughing at the situation. I felt bad for the guy’s misfortune but they brought it on themselves. When the Patrol Boat sped off, I could see the women standing and pointing back to the dock. The two guys were pleading with them but in the end, they turned around and brought them back. When they stepped out on the dock, the others were laughing hard. The two guys couldn’t get out of there fast enough but they eased back off the dock toward the middle of the lake before they sped back the way they had been heading.

The ribbing from the others continued as the two friends that had got in the boat stomped back to the house in a huff. The entertainment was over as the others returned to their towels on the lawn and a new form of entertainment started. Ashley returned to her lounge chair on the lawn and removed her bikini top and then tipped her seat back to near horizontal and placed her hands behind her head. Ashley’s example prompted two others to do the same. Ashley turned her head toward me and grinned when she saw me watching with my binoculars. She mouthed the word, “Later,” and threw me an air-kiss. The two other topless sunbathers saw Ashley purse her lips in a kiss and looked where she was looking. They waved at me and threw air-kisses of their own. I could feel the heat in my face from embarrassment at getting caught spying again. All I could do was wave back.

The boat parade continued to slowly cruise by. They were getting so close to shore that I was afraid they would clip my boat on their way by. They certainly weren’t paying attention to anything but Ashley and her friends. A loud power boat roared into view and cut across the lake bypassing the parade as the feeble horns started tooting and beeping. The power boat was captained by a young woman of maybe twenty in a one-piece bathing suit. Her blonde ponytail flew out behind her. She was accompanied by another young women of roughly the same age in a bikini. They ignored the irate boaters and cut right through the line and right up to Ashley’s dock before gunning the motor in reverse and came to a smooth stop inches from the dock. The woman in the bikini stepped casually onto the dock with rope in hand and tied the bow to a cleat and then did the same at the stern.

Ashley heard the commotion and sat up to see what was going on. Then she pushed herself out of her chair and hurried down to the dock with tits going everywhere. The boats close to shore stopped their progress and the boats behind them wanted a better look at what was going on so the parade bunched up side by side like an Amphitheatre fifty feet off Ashley’s shoreline. I swung the binoculars back to the two new arrivals just as Ashley made her way onto the dock. They greeted each other with kisses and then Ashley, who towered above the bikini clad woman grabbed her and pulled her in for a hug. The new woman, in Ashley’s embrace, was maybe five feet tall and when Ashley pulled her in, her face went right between Ashley’s massive globes. Neither seemed to care and when Ashley released the woman, she kissed each nipple before standing back and allowing the same process with the woman in the one-piece.

The three of them walked off the dock into the yard and Ashley was obviously introducing the new arrivals to her friends. They all shook hands and then Ashley grabbed the both of them and pulled them in for a group hug as their faces were again pressed to the sides of Ashley’s breasts. Now there were eight beautiful women next door. I would have been in heaven except for my aching balls. My dick had been hard for a while but I was trying to ignore it in hopes of being ready for whatever might happen on the sunset cruise, which reminded me.

I got out of my chair and retrieved my cell phone and called the Marina. I ordered three large pizzas to be picked up at 7:15 and then spent fifteen minutes chatting with the owner, Miranda. She’s a huge flirt and always on the prowl. She’s in her late thirties, my age, and divorced. I didn’t know whether she had kids or not. Before the recent revival of my libido, Miranda delighted in messing with me as I expressed no desire to engage in her repartee. She’s a fairly attractive woman with a decent body and the rumors swirl about her many trysts with local men and women. I finally had to lie and tell her I had company just arrive and I had to go. She ended her side of the conversation with, “When are we going to get together?”

I replied, “Soon Miranda, soon.” I hung up and thought, ‘why the fuck did I say that?‘ Then I completed the thought with, ‘because I’m a nice, thoughtful guy who wouldn’t insult her with what I was really thinking; ‘it’ll never happen Miranda.

I hadn’t got much sleep last night and I was just tormenting myself by spying on Ashley and her friends so I crawled onto my bed and moments later I was sound asleep. I was having an erotic dream of women’s bodies in fluid motion cresting over me like a wave. I woke enough to realize that I had an erection. I drifted back into the dream. I was in between the dream and reality and I pulled the leg of my shorts up and started slowly stroking my hard-on as I tried to cling to the remnants of the dream and as my hand descended to the base of my cock, my fingers rolled my testicles and pulled gently on my scrotum.

I was shocked awake when I felt something touch my glans. My eyes burst open and there was Ashley in her bikini with her lips pushed over my glans. She was looking at my face and when I came to, she pulled her lips off and said, “Wakey, wakey. It’s past seven o’clock. We’re waiting for you. I heard a giggle from behind Ashley as she ran her fingers down my shaft to my balls.

I looked around Ashley and one of her early arrival friends stood there in a thong bikini. She looked at my hard-on and then at Ashley and said, “Jesus, Ashley. You struck gold. It’s huge.”

Ashley giggled and looked back at the woman and said, “I told you. Go tell the others that we’ll be right there.”

The woman said, “If we want to see the sunset we don’t have time for your shenanigans.” She left through the bathroom and breezeway.

Ashley dropped her lips to my glans and took one drop down my shaft and then pulled off. She said, “Unfortunately, Alex is right. We don’t have time. She stood up and adjusted the position of her tits in her bikini top and headed for the door. “Hurry. Tempus Fugit.” I had no clue whether Ashley knew what that Latin phrase meant but she used it correctly.

I jumped out of bed and stuffed my hard-on back in my shorts. I pulled on a wife-beater tee shirt that lay at the foot of the bed and then pulled on my sandals. I was on the deck, pulling the slider shut, before Ashley got to the boat. I pushed my hard-on around to minimize the tent and said, “Hold on. I need to get some beer.”

Alex yelled, “We have plenty.” She lifted the lid of a large cooler that they had loaded already. I closed the slider and thundered down the stairs and hurried to the boat as I glanced at my watch. I was okay timewise. I slid into the captain’s chair and started the motor and then stepped back to the dock to untie the fore and aft lines. I pushed off the dock and hopped aboard. I slid back behind the steering wheel and headed for the Marina.

Now I had time to look around at the eight women sitting all around me. They were all very attractive with smoking hot bodies and they were all staring at me. More precisely, they were staring at my crotch. I looked down and groaned as the tent in my shorts had not diminished since I had stuffed my cock back in. No one said a word and I pushed the tent around so my hard cock pushed down the left leg of my shorts. Just to be sure, I pulled my shorts leg down to make sure it didn’t push out the bottom. I could feel the heat building on my face from my embarrassment.

Ashley stood up and introduced me to her friends. They all smiled at me and Alex spoke up and said, “We feel like we know you already. Now we get to put a face, and whatever, to your name.” The others laughed when Alex said, “…and whatever…”

Ashley went around the boat introducing her friends. Sitting directly in front of me was Alex. Beside her was Jess. Across from them was Mandy and Sarah. Beside me was Ashley, Samantha, Lauren and Meg. Lauren and Meg were the two that had arrived by boat. The others were there when I got back from kayaking. I rehashed the names with their faces. There were too many to remember. I was terrible with names.

I pulled up to the dock at the Marina and tied up and went inside. As expected, Miranda wanted to flirt and visit. I paid the bill and excused myself and told her the company that had arrived earlier was on my boat. She looked out the window and turned back to me with a smirk and said, “Good luck Jack. I may never see you again.” She grinned and I hurried back to the boat. There were grins all around when they saw three large pizza boxes in my hands. I set them down on the cooler and untied and reversed away from the dock.

I pushed the throttle forward to the stops to make up for the lost time. We had plenty of time before sundown but I figured everyone would eat pizza and drink and chat before the sun hit the tree line at the west end of the lake. I found a good spot and anchored. Other boats were always present for sunset and today there would be more than usual because of the clouds in the western sky. After the sun dropped below the horizon it would reflect up under the clouds and turn them pink, orange and red and yellow. Most of the occupants of the sunset cruisers were watching the occupants on my boat rather than the sunset. They had seen thousands of sunsets. They would probably never again see a concentrated collection of beautiful women like I had aboard.

The pizza went fast and so did the beers. Everyone was drinking and before the sun even went down and dusk turned the clouds purple, the women were all pretty well buzzed. I didn’t want to be a casualty of the Marine Patrol so I kept my consumption of beers to a minimum. The eight women were all laughing and giggling. I was ready to join their conversations but none of them addressed me, so I kept quiet.

When it started getting dark, I got up and pulled in the anchor. The women all thought I was taking them home but I had decided to take them to the private cove that I had taken Divi and her friends to. I calmed them down and told them we were just moving to a secret cove. They all liked the sound of that and they resumed their conversations, laughing and giggling.

Everyone went quiet as I pulled into the secret cove. It wasn’t really secret but everyone called it that. Some secret, huh? Fortunately, no one else was there. I shut off the engine and threw out the anchor again. Before I could even get back to my chair, their bathing suits were coming off and one by one they dove over the side. I felt like I was the hired help so I didn’t join them. Servants stayed in the background. I drank two beers as I listened to my music. Someone in the water yelled for me to turn up the volume so they could hear. I did as requested.

I climbed up on the padded sundeck and laid down on my back to look up at the brightest stars that appeared before it was totally dark. It was getting there. The moon was a sliver and the stars were the only real illumination after the western horizon darkened. I watched several shooting stars streak by in the upper atmosphere and one came in slow and I could actually see the flames before it winked out.

I heard water splash as someone climbed up on the swim deck. I felt the boat dip. I didn’t know which one of Ashley’s friends had come aboard and it turned out to be Alex. She grabbed a towel that she had brought with her and sat down on the bench seat below the sundeck. She wasted no time as she reached up and slid her hand into my shorts and gripped my cock. It went hard almost instantly and Alex mumbled quietly, “Jesus Jack. Your cock is huge. The moment I saw it in your bedroom, I knew I had to have it. Ashley told us that her neighbor at the lake had a big cock but none of us really believed her.” She got up on her knees and pulled my hard cock out and rubbed it along her face as she kissed her way down the shaft and sucked in my balls one at a time. She pulled her face back up the underside and rolled her lips over the glans and stopped there as she worked a double fisted, counter-rotating hand job while I groaned and moaned.

I thought of my balls and realized that they felt fine. That was good because I had a feeling that I would be giving them a workout tonight. Alex removed one hand and pushed her lips further down my shaft and then started an amazing blow job. Jesus, she was good. I groaned out, “Fuck Alex. Yes. Oh my God. That’s incredible. I could feel her lips curl into a grin. I couldn’t see her face. She flailed her tongue up and down and around my shaft. If she kept this up I wasn’t going to last long.

Alex was reading my mind as she pulled her lips up to my glans and drilled her tongue into the spot and when I groaned she giggled with her lips still locked on my knob. Then she pulled off and pulled down my shorts and threw them on the seat beside her. She removed her towel and climbed up on the sundeck and straddled my hips. She guided my cock to her pussy and slid herself on. We both groaned hard. Alex eased herself down the length of my cock and slowed as she felt the pressure on her vagina building. I stayed still and let her gauge the depth and then she started fucking me hard and fast. She was groaning and gasping for air as she placed her hands on my chest and drove her hips forward and back. I found her tits and caressed her hard nipples. I could only make out a silhouette of her form in the starlight.

I heard one of the women in the water yell out, “Alex. No fair. Your jumping the line. I was supposed to be first.” Then I felt the boat dip again as someone else stepped out of the water to the swim deck. I couldn’t see who it was. I had enough trouble remembering the names. Assigning those names to a face, and even worse a voice, was impossible. She could apparently see us on the crème colored sundeck because she came right over and reached in behind Alex and pulled my cock out of her pussy. Alex groaned hard as my cock came out. She was irate at the interruption.

The interrupter turned out to be Sarah. She had worn a very tiny bikini that was cut very high on her shapely hips. She had big boobs that had been displayed by small triangles of material. The way her boobs maintained the cleavage led me to think her boobs were enhanced. She ran her hand down my slippery cock and pushed her lips on the glans and then straight down to my balls. If Alex wasn’t still sitting on my hips with her hands on my chest, I would have come right up to a sitting position as I let out a loud groan, “Jesus Christ. Oh my gawwwdddd.” Sarah pulled her lips back up to my ridge and giggled at my groan. Sarah pulled off my cock and stuffed it back in Alex’s pussy and she groaned as I pushed my hips up into her.

From there, things got very busy. I felt a wet pair of knees drop down on the sides of my head and a wet pussy dropped down over my lips. I dragged my tongue through her sex and whoever it was yelped and then began sliding her pussy around on my face. I found her clitoris and she yelped again. I abandoned Alex’s tits and went after the tits of the woman sitting on my face. They were smallish with the longest nipples. Only one of them had small breasts. The distance I had to raise my hands told me she was tall. It had to be Mandy. She grabbed my hands and moved them around where she wanted them.

Alex fucked my cock for a dozen strokes and then Sarah pulled my cock out of her again and dragged my glans over Alex’s rosebud. She groaned hard from that. Sarah sucked me back into her mouth and pushed me deep in her throat several times before pulling off and then she dragged my cock back down over Alex’s anus to her pussy and she pushed back on again.

Alex suddenly humped up and screamed, “I’m fucked. Oh my God. I’m cummminnggggg.” She rolled her hips to the side as she stuffed her hand to her clitoris and began frigging herself with all four fingers. I was concentrating on pleasing the woman sitting on my face. She was grinding her pussy on my face as I drilled my tongue deep many times and then pulled out and went after her clitoris. I even mixed in a rim job on her rosebud. Some women like that and others don’t. I always do a test to see.

As soon at Alex’s orgasm diminished, Sarah pulled my cock from her throbbing pussy and Alex rolled off to my outboard side and started grinding her pussy on my hipbone. That was short-lived as Sarah positioned her pussy above my cock, displacing Alex and guided me into her pussy. She was considerably tighter that Alex and she groaned hard as she sank too deep and bottomed out on her cervix. It slowed her down a bit but she quickly recovered. Alex wasn’t about to be deterred as she pushed herself down my body and began grinding herself on my knee.

The woman on my face, Mandy, groaned hard and shuddered as she rolled into her orgasm. She ground her pussy around my face and I could feel it pushing my tongue out with each clench and I pushed it right back in. She was going nuts and bent forward and her lips and Sarah’s came together above my chest. They were groaning into each other’s mouths. This was getting interesting.

With Mandy leaning forward, I could see that we had an audience. One of the new arrivals stood up on the seat below us and joined the embrace between Sarah and Mandy. I saw the blonde ponytail and knew that it was Lauren, the short woman, who had captained the power boat that arrived late to the party. I realized that I was identifying them by their hair-styles.

Sarah abandoned the three way embrace and concentrated on getting herself off on my cock. Her tightness was pulling my climax forward and I tried hard to push it back. She was on her knees driving her hips forward and back with her hands on my chest. Mandy came back down on my face pulling Lauren with her. They were attacking each other’s tits with their hands. I went back to work on Mandy’s pussy. She groaned hard when I drove my tongue back in.

Sarah started chanting, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” over and over again and then she tensed hard and yelled out, “YES. YES. YES. OH FUCK JACK. YES.” She was suddenly all over the place on my hips. Her pussy was grabbing my cock and my efforts to delay my climax were overpowered by her unique motion of pulling herself straight up my shaft and then just dropping herself back down again. She repeated this several times before her torso dropped to my chest. Her pussy continued to throb as my cock hardened even more and I groaned out, “OH FUCK,” and I slammed my hips up, lifting Sarah’s body and exploded cum into her tight pussy. She screamed hard before resuming her gasps for air. Mandy had moved off my face and had maneuvered into a sixty-nine with Lauren, right beside Sarah and I. I was holding my breath as I thrust my hips upward with each salvo. My teeth were clenched tight.

With my last shot, the air in my lungs just drained out of me and I settled my ass back down on the sundeck and sucked in huge quantities of air only to immediately expelled them. When I opened my eyes, there was a soft, blue illumination. I realized that someone had turned on the dash lights.

Someone had moved in behind Sarah and had leaned forward and was kissing her neck. Sarah didn’t move but she groaned from the kisses. I looked to see who it was. The blue lights did weird things with colors but I could make out that the woman above Sarah, who was in the process of extracting my softening cock from her, had long red hair and the only one there with red hair was Jess.

She began by stroking my gooey cock. She loudly said, “Jesus guys. I can’t even get my hand around it.”

Sarah, who had gotten her breathing back to normal said, “Yeah? You should feel it in your pussy. Fuck. I thought it would rip me in two.” The other’s giggled from various other seats.

I heard Ashley say, “Who’s next. It looks like Jack’s face is available. He’s pretty good with his tongue, for a guy.” A hand went up. It was the other woman from the power boat, Meg. She climbed up on the sundeck and bent down and kissed me passionately and then threw one leg across my shoulders. She put her hands on my forehead and slid her pussy forward to my chin. I lifted my head and gently kissed her clitoris. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her. For such a small woman she was very aggressive. I gave her back what she was giving and drilled my tongue to her clitoris and then as deep in her pussy as I could manage. She screamed hard and then she started riding my face like I was a rodeo bull. Her pubic bone kept slamming into my nose, which hurt like hell.

Jess’ attempts to get me back up again were being thwarted by Meg’s violent ride. My tongue was getting tired and I could barely move it anymore. I lifted my chin so Meg could grind herself on that instead of my nose. Jess had decided that a mostly hard cock was good enough because she guided it to her pussy. She easily dropped herself on and then began thrusting her hips on it. That action brought me quickly up to full size and Jess stopped her motion and groaned hard, “Fuck. It’s gets bigger and bigger.” She tilted her head back and started grinding on me again. I was concentrating on dealing with Meg. I reached to her tits and gripped them firmly trying to temper Meg’s violent thrusts on my face. She apparently liked my firm grip as she yelled out, “Fuck, yes. Jack. Yes. Grab those tits.” I eased off. That approach was having the opposite effect.

I got a reprieve when suddenly, Meg’s body went rigid and she stopped driving her pussy on my chin. I flicked my tongue out on her clitoris and she screamed, “I’M CUMMMINNGGGG. OH JESUS. YES. YES.” I drilled my tongue into her clitoris again and she screamed again. She had completely stopped moving as she groaned through her orgasm. I had never been so glad to get a woman off as I was then.

Jess was riding my cock from glans to balls and I just realized that she wasn’t having any difficulty with going too deep. She was groaning non-stop. When Meg rolled off my face, I was thankful to have survived. Jess’ feet were pushing into my waist and I noticed her toes curling into a fist and I knew she was about to blow and did she ever. She erupted into a huge orgasm. Her pussy was clenching hard on my cock and she was silently screaming with her head tilted back as she continued to drive herself on my shaft. I flexed my cock hard and Jess’ silent scream instantly changed to a very loud one. She began chanting, “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.” I flexed again and she screamed again.

My cock was as hard as stone and I felt like I could fuck all night. When Jess had recovered from her orgasm, she pulled off my cock and laid herself down on my body and kissed me hard. I kissed her back. My hard cock was between her thighs, slapping her on the ass. She pulled back and said, “I wanted to get you off.”

I said, “Did you get off? That’s all that matters.” Alright. I lied a little. With all the woman still waiting, I knew I’d get off eventually.

Jess replied, “Fuck. Did I ever get off? Holy shit. My pussy is still throbbing.” She rolled off me and we both sat up. My cock dropped down off my stomach and bobbed out in front of me. Lauren and Mandy had moved down on the bench seat below the sundeck and were still engaged in a sixty-nine. I don’t know how many orgasms they gave each other but it was more than a few. I swung my feet around and carefully stepped over them and jumped down to the deck. My cock bounced down and back up again. Ashley reached out and wrapped her hand around it, bent forward and shoved her lips down my shaft as far as she could. Then she pulled off and aimed it at Samantha who was watching every move Ashley made. No words were spoken but Sam came out of her seat with big tits swinging.

Sam pushed me back to the Captain’s chair and I was forced to sit down in it. She swung me away from the steering wheel and went to her knees. She ran her hand down the length of my shaft as she looked up at me bathed in the eerie blue light from the dash. She had a wicked smile on her face like she was going to eat me in one bite. She inched closer and laid my cock in her ample cleavage and then encased it in tit-flesh held in place by her palms and fingers. She dipped her head to watch my cock appear and disappear between her tits. She spit into her cleavage and then really got busy bobbing her tits up and down my shaft. She occasionally lifted her eyes to mine to see my reaction and then they went right back down to watch the action.

Other than Mandy and Lauren, they all gathered around to watch Sam tit-fuck my cock. She was getting tired and she abandoned her tit-job and pushed her lips down my shaft and I groaned hard as my glans pushed into her throat. She started bobbing her head so my glans would come out of her throat and then push right back in again. The sensation was fantastic. Ashley moved to Sam’s side and whispered, “You go girl,” and then bent down and sucked one of Sam’s nipples to her lips. Sam came up off my cock and groaned hard from Ashley’s attack. Alex went after Ashley’s monster tits and Sarah locked her lips on Alex’s tit. I had to chuckle to myself. I was watching a daisy-chain of tit-sucking while Sam resumed her blow job. I could feel a hint of a pending orgasm but it was way off and I was sure I could hold it back for a while.

Mandy and Lauren appeared to be done as they laid side by side watching the tit-sucking daisy-chain. I had noticed that Meg had been watching Lauren and Mandy and when they were done Meg took Mandy’s place as she drove her face into Lauren’s pussy and planted her pussy on Lauren’s face. Meg was as violently aggressive with her friend Lauren as she was with me and Lauren pushed her off and said, “Jesus Meg. Chill. That’s too hard. I’ve told you a million times. The last time, my nose was sore for a week.”

Meg sat up and said, “I’m sorry Lauren. I lose control. I get so horny I just lose control. I’ll be better.”

Lauren sat up too and said, “You say that every time.” She turned to the others not engaged in attacking tits and said, “Is there anyone here that wants to get their nose pummeled by Meg’s pubic bone?” Other than the radio and the sucking noises and the groans there was total silence. Meg’s face scrunched up and she burst out crying. I thought Lauren had stuck a stick in and twisted it with her question posed to the group. Meg was embarrassed by her friend’s verbal attack and I felt bad for her, but my attention immediately returned to Sam’s blow job as she was drilling her tongue into the ‘spot’.

I knew I was rapidly approaching my climax and so did Sam. She pulled her lips off and continued jerking me off as she announced, “He’s gonna blow. Who wants some?” Everyone except Meg pushed in close to Sam’s face disrupting Ashley’s attack on Sam’s nipples. Meg was stung by Lauren’s words and she sat away from the others and sulked.

Sam’s lips went back on my cock and she resumed her full depth throat job. I could feel my balls churning and I was glad that they didn’t hurt at all. My body stiffened and Mandy said, “He’s close,” and they crowded in closer. Mandy took the opportunity to grab Jess’ big tits and tweak her nipples causing her to groan.

I tried to hold my orgasm back because I didn’t want this to ever end. I knew I’d lose the battle and then my climax crested and over the top I went. I groaned out, “YYYUUNNNGGGG,” as I humped up out of my seat lifting Sam’s face and everyone else that was leaning on me. Sam took the first long shot and then immediately pulled off and Ashley’s face pushed on just in time to catch the next shot. She pulled off and Alex tried to get on in time but was late and it splattered across her face. She got the next shot and aimed my cock at Sarah who slurped her mouth on quickly and by then the long powerful shots had diminished to a much smaller amount but that didn’t deter the others from getting some. Mandy abandoned Jess’ tits and got a smaller shot, Jess got a shot that was smaller still and then Lauren moved in and clamped her lips on my glans and took the remaining two small shots. She continued to milk my cock with her lips and tongue to get whatever remained and then she lashed my cock with her tongue to clean it. Meg watched it all as she was humped up in a corner by herself.

I was done. My tongue was exhausted and numb and my nose hurt. Lauren pulled her lips off my softening cock with a ‘pop’ and everyone giggled. Sarah and Alex had held their shots in their mouths and were now swapping it back and forth between them. Lauren had held hers in her mouth and was attempting to make up with Meg by kissing her and pushing cum into Meg’s mouth as a peace offering. Meg resisted Lauren’s kiss but finally relented and accepted the small load of cum with a smile. They hugged and Lauren apologized.

Ashley pulled me up out of my chair and led me by the hand to the open door on the port side and jumped overboard pulling me with her. When we bobbed to the surface, Ashley pulled herself to me and wrapped her legs around my waist. She kissed me and whispered, “Thanks Jack. You performed quite well for one guy and a bunch of horny strippers.” That was the first confirmation of what I had thought all along. “My co-workers invited themselves up today just to see you. I guess I was singing your praises too much. The club is closed tonight so today was the obvious choice. Lauren and Meg live here on the lake. We’ve been friends for a long time; even before Jacob.” Ashley kissed me again and reached between us to see if I was getting hard again. I wasn’t and she had her personal rule anyway. When we climbed the ladder to the swim deck and stepped up on the deck, seven naked women were sitting around drinking and talking. The conversations stopped as each of them stared at my hanging, limp dick to see if they would get some more. I slid into the captain’s chair as quickly as possible just in case. I popped the tab on a beer and joined them.

They took turns trying to get some personal information out of me and all I’d tell them was that I’d lived on the lake for ten years and eight years in the city before that. Sarah asked where in the city I had lived and I told her. I still owned the house but I had rented it since I moved up here. Alex commented on the house being in the swanky part of town. I didn’t say anything. They wanted to know if I was married and I said, “If I was married, I wouldn’t be out here with you beautiful women.” They giggled.

Mandy said, “Do you really think we’re beautiful?”

I chuckled at her question, “Of course I do. In your profession, you have to be, don’t you?”

Mandy looked sternly as Ashley and said, “You told him?” Ashley nodded. “Why would you do that? He didn’t need to know.”

Ashley said, “Sorry. I was pretty sure he already knew what I do for a living.” I nodded.

Jess spoke up and said, “Jack. The next time you’re in the city, you’ll have to stop by the club and we can give you one for free.”

I chuckled to myself at her obvious lead-in from the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ movie when the two hookers said the same thing to the title character played by Paul Hogan. I picked up his line and said, “Great. One wott?” in my best Australian accent. They had obviously seen the movie and they all roared with laughter.

It was late and the women hadn’t brought any warmer clothing so they were huddled together for warmth. I started the engine and pulled in the anchor. There were no objections to leaving so I slid back into the Captain’s chair and navigated out of the hidden cove and headed for home at idle speed.

Sam had seemed the more cerebral of the bunch and now she was pointing out constellations and even the names of several of the brighter stars. Sarah asked about the north star and Sam looked around the sky and pointed. The others all looked. Lauren and Meg had made up and sat close together with a towel draped over their shoulders as they kissed.

Jess asked about the super bright star in the western sky after the sun went down. Sam explained, “That wasn’t a star. That was the planet Venus.”

When we were docked and tied up none of them made a move to get off the boat. Another round of beers was popped and Alex raised hers and said, “A toast to Jack. That was the best boat ride I’ve ever had.” The others pushed their cans together and in unison said, “To Jack.” I drank with them.

Sarah giggled and said, “A toast to Jack. That was the best cock ride I’ve ever had.” They all burst out laughing.

Jess said, “I’ll second that.” Beer cans clinked together as they all got up and touched their cans to mine.” I was honored, but embarrassed.

We finished that beer and then they started getting their stuff together and stepped onto the dock. We were all still naked. Sam and Jess hoisted the beer cooler, which was considerably lighter than when they carried it aboard. I offered to take it but they objected.

In the yard, each of them pushed their gorgeous bodies against me and rubbed their tits on my chest as they kissed and thanked me. Some of their kisses were passionate and others weren’t. I gave each of them what they gave me. Ashley was last and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard and then she whispered, “Will you be available early tomorrow?”

I said, “Depends on what I’m available for.” She winked and followed the others across my lawn to her yard. I watched them go and then headed up Jacob’s boat ramp to his driveway and then across to my front door. I dropped the empty pizza boxes on the counter and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I relieved my bladder of all the beer and stepped in under the warm water. The water felt good and I stood under the cascading water for a long time before I lathered up from head to toe with my new shower-gel and then rinsed off. I shut off the water and dried myself as I went through the door to my bedroom. I turned out the bathroom light as I left. It was darker than dark. I eased my way around the corner of my king-size bed and searched in the dark for the covers. I pulled them down and slid in between the sheets and was startled to find that someone was already under the covers.

“God damn it, Divi. You can’t be here.”

A voice said, “Who’s Divi?” It was Mandy.

Another voice said, “Yeah. Who’s Divi?” This voice belonged to Sam.

I turned on the bedside lamp and said, “Jesus guys. Haven’t you had enough tonight?”

Mandy said, “Actually, Sam and I didn’t get to have sex with you. The ones that did are all over there yapping about how good your big dick felt. Some of us didn’t get the pleasure. We figured we’d give you some time to recover and then we’d get our share.”

“Come on guys. I’m fucked out,” I said.

Sam said, “Give us a chance. If we can get you up again. Great. If we can’t, we’ll go back to Ashley’s. What do you say?” She was grinning at me as she fondled her big tits that she had used earlier to tit-fuck me. Mandy was in the middle and she reached for my flaccid cock. I covered it with my hands and Mandy changed course and fondled my balls. I pushed her hand off my balls and she grabbed my cock and gripped it firmly as she started jerking me off.

I had no doubt that they could get me back up so I let her go. I was torn between wanting her to be successful and not. I was tired but how many times in a man’s life did he have a chance to fuck two gorgeous women who had snuck into his bed. While Mandy jerked me off, Sam got out of bed and came around to my side and pushed me to the middle. She laid her big tits on my thigh and pushed her lips over my glans and lashed my velvety crown with her tongue. She pulled her lips off and then pushed back on again. She did this several times and if I had bet that they couldn’t get me up again, I would have lost that bet. I was as hard as a steel pipe before Sam pulled her head back, kissed my glans and Mandy released my cock from her hand and maneuvered herself to her hands and knees facing the headboard.

I came up on my knees and maneuvered around behind Mandy and she reached between her thighs and pulled my cock to her sex. I pushed in and Mandy groaned hard, “Fuck yeah. They were right. It does feel great.” I slowed at what I guessed was her depth and she pushed back until she felt my cock press against her cervix. She groaned again and pulled away. I was amused by how often women, who hadn’t been fucked by a big dick, wanted to test the depth of their vaginas against my cock; just to see how it felt.

Sam came up behind me and put her arms around my waist and whispered, “Don’t move. Let Mandy do the fucking.” They must have choreographed this because Mandy started rocking her ass toward me and then pulled away. Sam reached between my legs and ran her hands along my balls and then laid her fingers along my slippery shaft as Mandy pulled forward and then Sam’s fingers moved along Mandy’s pussy when she pushed back. Sam bent down behind me and rolled on to her back as she pushed her face under me and sucked my balls into her mouth as her fingers continued to slide along my cock and Mandy’s pussy. I groaned hard from Sam’s attack on my balls. Mandy groaned hard too as Sam’s tongue flicked on her clitoris each time it came in range.

I was nowhere near an orgasm. I was wondering if they would be able to get me off. I was glad I didn’t bet on that either. Mandy rocked herself on and off my cock as I knelt behind her holding on to her hips. She was pushing the limits of her depth and flinched every so often and then she changed her pace as her body started to seize as she muttered, “OH.. OH.. OH,” in synch with my penetrations. Then she went down to her elbows and mumbled, “Sweet Jesus, I’m cumming. I’m really cumming. Oh my God.” Her hips pulsed hard and she stopped to savor the sensation. Her head dropped to the bed as her vagina clenched on my cock in rapid succession. Sam pulled off my balls and giggled at what Mandy had said. Mandy later explained that sex had become so routine as part of her job that she didn’t have real orgasms anymore. She’d faked them for so long. Sam nodded that it was the same for her.

Mandy erratically drove her hips on my cock until her orgasm finished and then she pulled forward and off my cock. Samantha pulled herself up from behind me and crawled on her hands and knees up beside Mandy and presented herself to invite me to push my cock into her. At first, I thought she wanted me to fuck her ass but when I touched her there she immediately cocked her hips back and I pushed into her pussy. She groaned and said, “Oh my God. I see what they were talking about.” I stopped at what I thought was the correct depth based on my experience but Sam wanted more and she pushed back further. She didn’t get far before she yelped and lurched forward. “Jesus Christ. It’s been a while since I ran aground on a cock.”

Mandy giggled and said, “Same here.” She was diddling her pussy while I fucked Samantha.

It took several minutes but I could feel my balls pull in and another load of cum was brewing. I flexed my cock and Sam flinched and said, “What the fuck was that?” I chuckled and Sam said, “Jesus Jack. It’s already big. Don’t do that.” I chuckled again and continued. We were both gasping for air and then Mandy drove herself into another orgasm. That seemed to pull Sam into hers and she groaned out, “Oh fuck. Yes,” and then whimpered, “I’d forgotten what a real one feels like. Oh my gaawwdd.” Her pussy was clamping hard on my cock and suddenly I was groaning hard too.

Sam cried out, “Oh fuck yeah. Cum in both of us. Jesus, your cock is hard.” I ramped up my pace and Sam screamed. I could feel my cock harden further and then I was over the top and spewing my load into Sam’s pussy. I launched two shots in her and then pulled out and pushed into Mandy and fired two more. Sam dropped to the bed when I pulled out of her and she spun around and held up her big tits indicating that she wanted me to cum on them.

When I pulled out of Mandy, she dropped too and turned around and pushed her lips on my cock to catch the remaining few drooling shots. She pulled her lips off and I watched her pursed lips as she swirled cum around in her mouth. Sam moved in close to Mandy’s face and they swapped cum back and forth before each swallowed their share. I collapsed backward on the bed with my erection pointing at the ceiling. Sam got on her hands and knees and pushed her face to my softening cock and sucked it into her mouth. She lashed it with her tongue until she was satisfied that there was no more taste of cum. Mandy sat there cross-legged watching with a huge grin on her face until she spotted the cum on Sam’s tits. She knocked Sam to her back as she furiously attacked her tits. Sam held Mandy’s face on her tits and started laughing as Mandy scooped up stray globs of cum from Sam’s nipples and tit-flesh. It was a job because Sam’s tits were big.

I just laid there watching Sam cradle Mandy’s head to her chest as Mandy slurped and Sam’s eye’s closed and her head snapped back on occasion as her mouth opened to form an ‘O’ as a deep moan was emitted from her throat. The slurping and moaning stopped after a while and we all laid there in a heap gasping for air.

Finally, Sam, who was staring at the slowly rotating ceiling fan, said, “That was the best ever. I’m fucked out.”

I said, “That’s my line”.

Mandy was the first to move as she rolled over and got to the floor. She headed for the bathroom. Sam rolled over toward me and kissed me on the lips and then dropped down my body and kissed my flaccid cock and giggled as she rolled off the bed and followed Mandy. I continued to just lie there until they returned. They both leaned over the bed and kissed me and then said in unison, “Good night Jack. Thanks.”

I mumbled, “Turn out the light please.” Sam snapped off the light on the nightstand and I heard the front screen door open and then latch shut moments later. I didn’t even move back under the covers. I was out in seconds.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep. I woke up for some reason and the earliest vestiges of dawn had replaced the black windows with dark gray. I pulled a sheet over me and it was promptly pulled back off. ‘What the fuck,’ I thought. Then I heard a soft giggle and I lifted my head to search the room. It was still too dark to make anything out. I said, “Who’s there?” There was total silence in the room but I could sense someone’s presence.

A whisper came out of the darkness, “It’s Lauren and Meg.”

I dropped my head back to the bed and thought, ‘Just great. It’s the wild woman and her friend.’ I said, “It’s late; or rather, early. What can I do for you?” Like I didn’t know already. I felt the bed compress as they both climbed in beside me. As they crawled closer, I could see that they were both naked. They both put a hand on my thigh and it felt like an electric shock went through my body. My cock jumped up off my thigh.

Lauren said, “Well, ummm. Mandy said, ummmm. Mandy said that since Meg and I didn’t get any of your cock last night that we should, ummm, get some before we go.” She stopped talking and waited for my reply.

I contemplated a variety of replies ranging from, ‘get the fuck out of here‘ all the way across the spectrum to ‘what’s your favorite position.‘ My dick was favoring the latter end of the spectrum. My big head was somewhere in the middle but I knew we would wind up there in the end.

I guess Lauren had waited long enough and she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started jerking me off. That electric charge was back. Lauren pushed Meg’s head down toward my cock and whispered, “Suck it.” Meg did as Lauren instructed as she pushed her lips over my glans and held it there as Lauren continued stroking it.

Meg was a powder-keg about to explode and she couldn’t wait another moment as she pulled her head back and climbed over my hips and guided her pussy over my cock and dropped herself on. She displaced Lauren’s hand as she pushed lower. I was sure she would thrust herself down and hurt herself at the bottom but she didn’t. She slowed and pulled back before she hit. I figured that she must have had some experience with long cocks before. She pulled her feet forward and planted them at my waist as she leaned back and put her hands on my shins and then she started fucking me hard as she twerked her hips up and down at a furious pace. I groaned and muttered, “Jesus Christ Meg. Take it easy.”

Lauren bent down and whispered into Meg’s ear. I couldn’t hear what she’d said to her but she slowed down and took a more normal pace. Meg started chanting, “OH.. Oh.. Oh,” in synch with her thrusts. I joined her with a long moan, “Fuuuuccccckkkkkk.” It wasn’t very long before she was pulling my climax out of me and I hardened further. Meg pushed her torso up to vertical and began lifting herself rapidly with her thighs as she went rigid and screamed out, “OH MY GOD. LAUREN! FUCK! I’MMM CCCUUUMMMINNNGGGG.” She flailed all over my hips and I grabbed her to keep her from hurting herself and me.

In the brightening gloom, Lauren was closely examining my face and body to determine if I was cumming too. She didn’t want to lose her chance. The moment that Meg’s orgasm appeared to be stopping, Lauren nudged her so she’d get off my cock. Lauren apparently had her favorite position because she pulled me up to a sitting position and then pulled me to the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor. She turned her back to me and pushed herself between my thighs and guided my cock between hers and dragged my glans along her sex from clitoris to anus. I always thought of my mom in this position. Meg got down on the floor too and knelt in front of Lauren with her hands resting on Lauren’s thighs as she looked up into Lauren’s face.

Lauren lifted to her tiptoes and pushed my cock to her vagina and dropped herself down my shaft. Her mouth flew open in a silent scream as her head rocked backward. Then she groaned, “Oh my gawwwdd.” She stopped more that half way down my shaft and lifted herself back up to my glans. Meg moved her face in close and flicked her tongue on my shaft as Lauren pulled up and then on Lauren’s clitoris when she pushed back down. I reached around and cupped Lauren’s breasts and tweaked her nipples. She groaned and mumbled, “Fuck. Yes.” Lauren placed her hands on my thighs and lifted and dropped herself as fast as she could. Her thighs opened to accommodate Meg’s tongue which raised us both higher.

After many strokes of her pussy on my cock, Meg gripped my shaft and pulled it from Lauren. She shoved her lips down my shaft and started a vigorous blow job before pulling her lips off and pushing my cock back in Lauren’s pussy to another round of groans from Lauren and me.

I was trying hard to hold off until Lauren had her orgasm but there wasn’t a hint that it was eminent. Mine was getting there and I concentrated on pushing it back. Meg repeated her extraction and blow job again and pushed me back in Lauren’s pussy again. This time Lauren’s groan was followed immediately by, “YES. OH MY GOD, MEG. I’M GONNA CUM.” She sucked her breath in and held it as her muscles tensed and she screamed. I let myself go and I was right behind her. My strong shots caused her to scream again as I flooded her pussy with my cum. Meg felt the bolts of cum launching up my shaft and she waited for a few moments and then pulled my cock out of Lauren and accepted the remaining shots in her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she realized that the volume of cum was way more that she anticipated and she started swallowing as fast as she could.

Lauren went limp in my arms as we both gasped for air. I fell back and took Lauren with me and rolled her onto the bed. My cock was pulled from Meg’s lips and she followed it up on the bed where she resumed cleaning my cock with her tongue. When Meg released me, I rolled in behind Lauren in a spoon position. Meg moved around and laid down facing Lauren and they kissed softly. Lauren giggled and said to Meg, “You taste like cum.” Meg giggled too and kissed Lauren again.

I was fading fast and all I wanted to do was fall asleep. My personal code stopped me until they finally pushed themselves off the bed and leaned down and kissed me and just like Sam and Mandy had said earlier, they both said, “Good night Jack. Thanks.” I listened for the screen door to latch shut and ran my hand down to my cock and thought ‘Meg cleaned me up pretty good.” I continued down to my balls and thought, ‘They don’t feel too bad’. Seconds later, I was sound asleep.

When I woke again, bright sunlight greeted me. I got up and glanced out the window. All the cars that were parked in Ashley’s driveway last night were gone, including Ashley’s. I thought, ‘Thank God, she must have changed her mind about my early availability‘. I jumped in the shower and did my bathroom stuff. I was feeling exhilarated. I thought, ‘Wow. What a night.’

I dressed in my ‘going-to-town’ clothes. My plan was to go to my favorite breakfast diner. I knew Donna would be working and wouldn’t be able to talk but I felt like I wanted to see her. I thought that it might be possible that Donna and I could be more than donor and receiver. I was still wrestling with Priya and me but she was twisting me into a pretzel and I decided to just let it ride for a while. Nothing Priya had done or said was irrational. I understood her positions about how our relationship had started and about her anger at me for taking Divi to the orgy. For now, I decided to dwell on the prospect of fatherhood. If father and mother couldn’t make it as a husband and wife; I would take the blame and put it squarely on the fact that I can’t leave Anna behind. I was sure that Donna would be fine either way.

The phone rang as I was heading for the garage. I didn’t get many calls and the only one I was expecting was from my mother, and that’s who it was. I answered, “Hi Mom. Are you here?” She said that she and Janet got to the camp late last night and decided to wait until this morning to let me know. I suggested that we meet for breakfast at the diner and she accepted. I gave her the address.

I arrived at the diner first and Donna beamed a high watt smile at me and pointed to my usual table by the windows. I faced the window this time so I could watch for Mom and Janet. Donna finished taking an order and took it to the kitchen and returned to my table. She nudged up against me and said, “It seems like forever since I saw you. I can’t wait for Thursday night.” I smiled. She said, “The usual?”

I said, “I’m waiting for two others. I’ll order with them. Here they are now.” Mom and Janet came through the door from the other side of the building so they didn’t come past the window in front of me. I stood up from the booth and Mom hurried into my arms and stretched up and kissed me on the lips. Janet did the same but with a little more passion than was appropriate between brother and sister. Donna stood back and watched with a bemused expression on her face when my mother kissed me and a little green-eyed monster showed when Janet mashed her lips on mine.

I motioned for them to have a seat on the window side of the booth and Janet slid in to make room for Mom, but she was pushing in on my side and I slid over to the wall to make room. Janet was giddy and said, “Hey little brother. How have you been? It’s been ages. I’ve missed you.” I knew the last part was bullshit.

Donna returned to the end of the table with her pad and pencil out and asked if we wanted coffee. Mom and Janet did and I didn’t. Donna had heard Janet say ‘hey little brother’ and she was hanging around a little to be introduced. At least her green-eyed monster expression was gone. She had to assume that the older woman was my mother even though Janet and Mom look like sisters. I hadn’t seen either of them for years and mom looked different than I had remembered. She looked great though and I told her so. She was pleased.

Janet spoke up, “I guess she should with the face lift and the boob job and the tummy tuck.” Mom gave her a scornful look and Janet looked away and unwrapped her silverware from her paper napkin and examined each piece for water-spots and then used her napkin to wipe each one. They were both dressed very nicely. The last I knew neither of them had a pot to piss in. Something had changed that led to the nice clothes and the body work.

Janet blurted it out, “Mom is married again.” She leaned across the table and rubbed her index and middle finger on her thumb indicating ‘money’.

Mom gave an embarrassed grin and said, “His name is Jeremy and he’s very nice. After all the abusers over the years, I wasn’t sure I could go for him.”

Janet interjected with obvious sarcasm, “And his money had nothing to do with it, huh Mom?” Mom’s face reddened as she examined her silverware too. After continued conversation it became apparent that Jeremy was in his eighties and loaded. Mom provided none of that information but Janet seemed eager to. I congratulated mom on her marriage.

Donna returned for our order and I yielded to them. They hadn’t paid any attention to the menu before Donna arrived so they weren’t ready to order. I ordered my usual and after a few moments, Janet placed hers. Mom couldn’t decide and Janet examined Donna as we waited.

When Donna left for the kitchen with our orders, Janet leaned her breasts on the table and said, “She very pretty and she’s definitely into you. Are you tapping that?” I gave her a disapproving look as I thought, ‘you can take the lady out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the lady.’ Janet’s expression morphed into one of surprise and she said, “Oh my God. You are. You have to introduce us.”

My eyes dropped from her gaze and I could feel the heat in my face from embarrassment. Mom had watched the whole thing and she looked over at Janet and said, “I think you nailed it Janet.” She looked toward the kitchen to see if Donna was close by. She wasn’t and I feared for what she was going to do and say when Donna returned with our meals.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Donna came out of the kitchen with a tray held in one hand at face level. She placed my meal in front of me and then looked at the two remaining meals trying to remember which was which. She got it right. I figured that Donna already knew who my companions were but I introduced Donna to them and them to Donna. They all smiled at each other and thankfully, that was it.

Then, while Donna was exchanging pleasantries with Mom, Janet pushed her bare foot into my crotch under the table. I was startled by the contact and I lurched forward over my plate. Donna saw the look that I gave Janet and Janet’s grin as I pushed her foot away told Donna everything she needed to know. She was flustered and excused herself and hurried away. Janet pushed her foot back in my crotch and I glared at her. Mom had a bemused look on her face. They had probably orchestrated this whole thing. Donna didn’t return to our table until we were done eating. She brought the check and asked how everything was. Janet gave Donna a coquettish smile and said, “Wonderful. Thank you, Donna.” I reached for the check but Mom grabbed it first. I let her pay. She was pretty cheap with the tip.

As I struggled out of the booth, Mom and Janet were heading for the door. I got Donna’s attention and mouthed the words, ‘See you Thursday night”. She grinned and vigorously nodded. When Mom and Janet were through the door I blew Donna an air-kiss and she blew one back with a grin on her face. We stood outside discussing who was going where to continue our visit. They had never been to my house and Mom expressed her desire to see it, so I led them back to my house. Mom pulled in behind my Nissan with her big Mercedes SUV.

I gave them a tour of my house. In the old days, Mom would have gushed over it with awe on her face. Now that she had money and was living in a big house or a mansion, she acted very blasé. Janet reacted similarly, which made sense when I discovered that Janet had moved in with Mom and Jeremy after her divorce. She was living the high-life on her step-father’s dime.

I offered them coffee and they both accepted. When I brought the cups to the living room and handed them over, Janet set hers down immediately and reached out and placed her full hand on my crotch. My cock hardened immediately from her touch. Janet glanced at Mom who was watching closely. Mom smiled up at me and then at Janet and nodded. I started to pull back from her touch but she came out of her seat and followed me back until I fell backward into the loveseat across the room under the window. Nothing was said by anyone but the expression on Janet’s face told me that I was meat on the table.

I fended Janet’s hands away until she succeeded in getting my hard cock in her hand and she pulled it out of my jeans. Then my little head was in control and my big head was along for the ride. Mom got up from the sofa and sat in a rocking chair beside the loveseat to get a better view. Before Janet could get her lips on my glans, Mom had her hand under her dress frigging herself.

With just her lips locked on the crown of my cock, Janet stripped off her blouse and bra and cradled her tits in her hands for a moment as she tweaked her rock-hard nipples. She pulled my jeans off with some assistance from me. I pulled my shirt off over my head. Then her hands wrapped around my shaft and she started a double-fisted counter-rotating hand job as she held my knob with her lips. I let out a loud groan and fell back against the loveseat. The memories of Janet’s skills all those years ago came flooding back. If I had any misgivings about this when she started, they were gone.

Mom was chewing on her lower lip as she watched Janet’s hand job and blow job. Her face was flushed red with sexual anticipation. Mom’s contact with my cock had been only that once on my eighteenth birthday. I had a feeling that the experience was about to be repeated when she hiked up her dress and she had no underwear on. She turned in her chair to show me as her fingers lanced through her glistening wet sex. She was breathing as hard as I was as her attention dropped from my face to my lap to watch Janet displace her hands with her lips as she pushed her mouth all the way down to my balls. Mom smiled as she looked back to my face to see the look of pure ecstasy on my face.

I knew that the one time with Mom and the several times with Janet were wrong just as I knew that what we were doing right then was wrong. I would feel the regrets later, but right then I was beyond logical thought. I started rolling my hips forward to feed my cock into Janet’s face. She grinned around my shaft as I pumped my cock in and out. I looked down into Janet’s eyes, which were looking up at me.

Janet pulled up off my cock and lashed her tongue down my shaft to my balls. She sucked them inside her mouth one at a time and then rubbed my cock on her face as she moaned. She made her way back up to my glans and rolled her lips over the tip and then pulled off again. She looked over at Mom, who’s eyes were shut with her mouth open and her fingers flailing through her labia. She was obviously remembering something erotic. When she realized that the slurping and sucking noises had stopped she opened her eyes to see why. Janet grinned at her and aimed my cock at her as she resumed her hand job. Mom’s lustful smile revealed her desire but she hesitated and Janet stuffed my cock back in her mouth as she looked over at Mom. I guess that was enough for her as Mom dropped out of the chair to her knees and maneuvered herself up beside Janet.

The first thing Mom did was to bend forward and suck on Janet’s tits. Janet groaned hard with her attack and she bit down on her lower lip. Janet dragged my cock across Mom’s face and she moaned. She turned her face to me and pushed her lips over my glans and watched my reaction. I groaned when she rapidly flicked her tongue on my ‘spot’. She smiled around my cock at Janet and then Janet released my cock to Mom’s hand as she took over the hand job.

Janet stood up and stripped naked. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear either. The years had been kind to her. Her body was as incredible as it was back then. I wondered if Step-daddy had paid for some body-work on her too. She was forty-three and there wasn’t a hint of boob-sag. She’d definitely had a boob job and it was a good one. Her tits were spectacular. I couldn’t help but wonder what Mom’s tits looked like.

Janet ran her hands down over her boobs, fondled her nipples and then continued down over the gentle curves of her hips and into her sex. She spread her labia to expose her soaking wet pink vagina. She ran her index finger over her swollen clitoris and with her hips leading the way her whole body surged forward and then snapped back and her head rolled to the side as she let out a loud groan and her voice trembled as she said, “Hurry up Mom. I can’t wait much longer to get him inside me. I’ve dreamed about it since you made the reservations.”

Mom giggled around my cock and pulled her lips off as she continued her hand job. “So have I. I can wait though. You go first but I want his cum in me.” They were having this discussion right in front of me. At that point, I didn’t care who I came in. Mom pushed her lips back on my cock and rolled them around my knob and she lashed it with her tongue until Janet got in position to slide her body into my lap.

Mom pulled back and got her body out of the way but held my cock to guide it to Janet’s pussy as she spread her legs wide to slide in over my thighs. The expression on her face told me that she was on fire. She took a deep breath and held it and then exhaled it all as she pushed onto my cock. Mom gripped my cock hard as Janet slid on and let Janet’s weight push her hand down the shaft and then she cradled my balls as Janet immediately went to a normal fucking pace. Her eyes were wild with passion. She sucked in another breath and gasped it back out as she hit bottom with a groan.

My hands went to her enhanced tits and she grabbed my wrists and maneuvered my hands where she wanted them. Her head cocked to the right as her mouth opened. She moaned loudly and muttered, “Fuck Mom. His cock is the best. Better than I remembered.” She manually clenched her vaginal muscles and I responded by flexing my cock. She looked up at me and mumbled, “Oh Jesus. That was incredible. Can you do that again. I’m so close.”

I flexed my cock as hard as I could and Janet opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her eyes went wide and then her body tensed and her silent scream morphed into a loud high-pitched scream as her body thrashed around in my lap. Her hands, that had been holding my hands on her tits went to my biceps to steady herself.

The tension in her face went slack as she turned to look at Mom who was grinning broadly. “Oh my God, Mom. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in years. Holy shit.” Her pussy was still clenching on my cock. I could have caught up with her but I pushed my orgasm back. I knew I wouldn’t last long if Mom decided it was her turn. Janet fell forward, pressing her face to my chest. She was furiously gasping for air. I could feel her tits pressing against my stomach.

Mom’s hand dropped to Janet’s ass and then she ran her hand down my gooey cock. Her fingers found Janet’s clitoris and dragged her index finger over it to an instantaneous reaction from Janet. Then Mom pulled my hard cock from Janet’s pussy and leaned in and pushed her lips on. I groaned loudly from Mom’s attack. Janet lifted herself off me and rolled to the other seat away from Mom. She turned to watch Mom feverishly sucking my cock.

Once Janet was out of the way, Mom pulled her lips off and pulled me out of the seat as she went back on the floor. Her legs spread and her knees went up. She wanted it Missionary Style and I was ready to accommodate her. I moved my knees between hers and let her guide my cock into her pussy. She was sopping wet. She groaned hard until my penetration stopped and then she shoved her hips up to take more. She yelped and stopped before dropping her ass back to the floor. I smiled down at her and she smiled back.

I pulled my cock back to the ridge and pushed back in and Mom groaned again. She muttered, “Jesus Christ. My baby boy has a big cock.” I never liked being referred to as her ‘baby boy’ but I let it go as I started a steady fucking motion with my hips and thighs working together. My orgasm was closing in fast. I tried to push it back but that wasn’t going to happen. I stopped my motion to gather myself and Mom looked up at me with a disappointed expression as she tried to pick up the action. To stop her motion, I pulled her ass up into my lap and sat back on my feet. She grinned at this new position as I resumed my fucking motion. It wasn’t long before she screamed, “Oh my God. Fuck me. Yes. YESSSS. I’m cumming. Fuck me. Oh gawwdd fuck me.”

The timing was good because I couldn’t hold off anymore and I started driving my cock in and out of her in this new position. As her pussy clenched on my cock, my balls boiled over and I yelled out, “UNNNGGGGYYYYYYUUUUNNGGG,” as cum rocketed up my shaft to Mom’s pussy. She knew what was coming and she screamed out, “YYYYYEEESSSSS. OH GODDDD. YESSSS.”

I lost count of the number of shots that I poured into her. They just kept coming. When I finished, Mom’s pussy continued to throb on my cock. We were both gasping for oxygen as Janet came down off the loveseat and fondled my balls while Mom and I recovered. When Mom’s pussy stopped throbbing, I fell off to her side and suckled on her tit. She cradled my head in her arms as she emitted a self-satisfied cooing noise and then she said, “Uuummm. Just like when you were a baby.” I chuckled at the thought.

Janet joined my embrace on Mom’s other breast and Mom held us both tightly. We stayed like that for a long while before Janet pulled herself away and sat up. She fondled her own nipples and then pulled each one to her lips for a kiss. I sat up and then pulled myself back into the loveseat. Mom’s hands went back to her sex and she lazily dragged her index fingers through her labia as cum bubbled out of her. A sigh escaped from her throat and she sat up too.

Her perfectly coiffed hair was a mess and that seemed to bother her. She struggled to her feet, grabbed her discarded clothing and headed for the bathroom. Janet was staring at my limp cock. I could only assume that she wanted more, but she collected her clothes and followed Mom to the bathroom.

I sat there reliving what just happened and then I heard loud slurping noises coming from the bathroom and my curiosity got the better of me. As I passed through the kitchen heading for the bathroom, I could see Mom leaning back against the vanity with one foot on the counter. She was still naked and Janet was on her knees with her face buried in Mom’s sex, sucking and licking cum out of her pussy. Mom had a grip on Janet’s head holding her in place as her own head rolled back with mouth open in a long constant moan. I stopped and watched from the hallway. My cock was rising again from the vision before me. My hand gripped it and slowly began stroking.

Behind me I heard the door from the deck slide open and I hurried to the bathroom and shut the door and then turned back to the kitchen. Divi came in and closed the slider behind her. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a tight tee shirt with no bra. Her torpedo shaped tits, that I found so intoxicating, were pushing against the material. I was naked and my hand was still stroking my hard cock. Divi looked at me and said, “OOOO. Is that for me?” She headed toward me. Then she heard the moaning coming from the bathroom and she stopped. She frowned and said, “I guess you have company. I won’t keep you. You probably want to get back to that,” as she pointed toward the bathroom. “I just wanted to tell you that Mom has settled down. Wow, was she ever pissed off. I told her that going to the party was my idea but I didn’t know it was that kind of party and neither did you. She’s gone to the corner store right now. I’m hopeful that you and Mom can get back together…”

Her sentence was interrupted by a loud groan from the bathroom, “Oh God. I’m cumming again.”

Divi looked at the bathroom door and then back at me. My hand was covering my cock and she said, “Well, it looks like your company to going ahead without you. You should probably get back to that rather than standing here jerking yourself off talking to me.” She moved closer and stretched up to kiss me. I kissed her back. She continued, “I wish I was whoever is in there right now.” I smiled and told her I hoped to see her later. She left the way she had come in.

I stood there leaning against the kitchen counter watching Divi go down the stairs and then I heard the shower come on. A few moments later, I heard Mom and Janet giggling and then a screech followed by Mom saying, “Janet stop that. You’re insatiable.” Janet laughed and Mom screeched again and they both laughed. I didn’t return to the bathroom and my erection faded as I returned to the living room and got dressed.

Several minutes later, Mom and Janet appeared fully dressed and as pristine as when they arrived. I don’t know how Mom got her hair back in order but it was. Mom gave me her address at the camp. Her GPS would take her there. When they left, I looked up the address on the town’s tax map website. I was sure it was quicker to go by boat. With all the back roads, it could take thirty minutes to drive there. They invited me to dinner at their camp tonight and I was sure we would go another round then. I felt a little guilty but I had gotten past that years ago with Janet.

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