Arthi… My hot reportee part 2

Hi friends this is Harish back with my second encounter with my hot reportee Arthi…Most of you may have read my first sexperience story with her earlier . For those who haven’t .. she is my reportee in office and we work for an Indian IT company but from Stockholm .

Perv Sex4stories part 1 –  My reportee Arthi

After the first encounter , we did not speak much and I was not sure if she wanted it again or not . She had a boyfriend in India whom she had plans to marry anyways . We don’t meet often since we operate from different offices . After 1 week we crossed each other in bus stand and we said hi hello as if nothing happened . But she was as usual hot in a red jacket and hair free flowing until her full breasts ..The moment I saw her I really wanted her back in bed and hear her moaning . But was not sure how to make the move … when she came sat next to me she said nice perfume… and I replied thank you but I prefer your smell more .. She blushed and was silent .. I didn’t want to loose chance and asked we can do the perfume test tomorrow if she is ok . Arthi was silent and her stop came . I sent a text to her to do work from home tomorrow .

Later in the night I texted her not to cook anything for the next day and I am making her favourite dish and will bring . She asked what I wanted and I replied U 😉 . Next day morning did clean shave , one pack of durex and rang her house bell.

Arthi opened the door and was wearing a tight t shirt and night pants . I couldn’t resist and hugged her as soon as we closed the door . We both had just taken bath so our fresh smell was mingling and making us more hot .. I had other plans so I pulled back and said Arthi do you have any Indian dresses . She said she had only couple of Chudidhars here in Stockholm . I went to her closet and selected a white top and a red pyjama . Noticed her draw where she kept her bra and panties as well . Selected a black bra and black panty and said pls wear this and come I will wait .

She came out in 5 mins … She looked more sexy in Indian outfit and it was my fantasy to undress her from her Indian dress as I had first seen her in that way . Her breasts looked like they were about to explode from her dress as it was very tight .. I pulled her close to me and moved my hands on her face .She slowly closed her eyes and I kissed her lips . She opened her lips slowly and I inserted my hand on her hair . By now we were kissing like hungry animals and our saliva was being exchanged … I moved my hand on her neck and without touching her breasts moved my hand to her hip … Since I kept doing this for some time she realised I was teasing her and took my hands and kept on her breasts . I cupped her breast and squeezed them soft and she let out a moan ..That turned me on more so I squeezed them harder .. She bit my lips and pulled my hair ..

I lifted her top and freed her breasts which were still in bra . I started kissing her cleavage and she helped to remove my t-shirt …She said vetkama irukku ( feeling shy ) , I smooched her and undid her pyjama ..She had closed her big eyes while I was kissing her cleavage and I took her hand and kept it on my bulge .. Her touch made mine even harder … and I kneeled down in front of her . I kissed her navel deep and inserted my tongue as well … She had light plump stomach which made it more sexy …I kissed her cunt over her wet panty and teased by kissing around her hairy bush .. It was not very hairy but trimmed few days ago I think . I kept teasing and suddenly inserted by tongue in her cunt .. She let out a loud moan .. Harish.. and I started eating her cunt and licking it .. My hands were on her round shape buttocks pushing her more into my mouth . She was moaning more and more and started twitching her body and I realised she cummed .. I licked her cunt fully and stood up and asked did she feel good . She was shy and covered her cunt …

I started smooching kissing her and my hardness was touching her cunt .. Slowly pushed Arthi to bed and was on top of her . We were in a missionary position and I was kissing her neck and nibbling her there . I lifted her arm pit and licked her there and she started moaning again . Slowly moved her black bra strap and kissed her shoulders and went down to her half exposed breast . Her size was 38C . Her nipples were pointed brown and stiff …Removed her bra fully and started licking her nipples and slowly sucked them .. She was completely lost and closed her eyes … I was kneading one breast and sucking her other breast … Arthi slowly started stroking my penis and I took her hand and kept it inside my pant. She held my shaft and started stroking it …
I made her lie on top of me and moved my hands on her sexy ass and pinched them a bit hard . Her hair was on my face and she started kissing my forehead , eyes , chin and then moved to my chest . She rolled her tongue on my chest and kissed my stomach … I gently pushed her down and she removed my pants and underwear in one go .. She skillfully stroked my balls while she kissed my inner thighs .. She then started rolling her tongue on my penis which was starting to have precum. She took a part of my penis in her mouth and I pushed her head to take mine fully . I could feel her throat in my tip and she started to gag . I rolled her hair and forced her in and out and she soon started the rhythm and I had become so hard that it started paining for me ..I pulled her up and she lied over me ..
I tried to insert with her on top and she didn’t understand the position at first but then realised what I was doing . I lifted her ass and made her sit on me .. I was fully inside her watery cunt and she was moaning in pain . I started stroking and when she moved her breasts were bouncing up and down … I also sat and started inserting deeper and sucked her breasts .. This time I was rough on her breasts and she was liking it and pushed my head more to her breasts … I wanted to try the next position as well so made her lie down and inserted inside again . I wanted to go as deep as I can so I lifted her leg on my shoulders .. She submitted to what I am doing and opened her leg as much as she can .. I kept stroking her for some minutes and when I was about to cum removed my penis …
I told Arthi thirumbu ( turn around ) , she didn’t understand what or why but turned .. I squuezed her round ass and inserted from behind , it was a bit difficult but finally I was able to insert .. While she bent I inserted my finger in her ass as well . She didn’t expect this and shouted valikuthu ( paining ) .. I was in no mood to hurt her but wanted to do everything to her … I removed my penis and wore condom . She thought I am going to insert again in her cunt from behind but I inserted in her ass hole . She started shouting venam podium Harish ( enough leave it Harish ) but I kept stroking her .. and cupped her breasts from behind and pulled her hair .. Guess she started liking it and started moving front and back .

I was not able to hold any more and turned her in missionary position and stroked hard and bit her nipples .. She was moaning Harish varamadhiri irukku ( its going to come ) I said Arthi control pannatha ( don’t control ) and stroke her harder .. She started twitching and I knew she was cumming and I released mine too in the condom… We both were tired after the session and she said lets sleep for some time …

I was tired but I was not done with my fantasy yet so I said sure but lets clean ourselves .. She thought to wipe with clothes but I pulled her out of the bed and took her to the bath room . Before she realised I opened the shower and we both were wet and I started kissing her again with my shaft pointed at her cunt .. She started stroking for few mins and I was ready again … Her sexy wet hair made my hardness to come faster ..I opened her leg and inserted inside and stroked … When I was about to cumm I removed to avoid risk and started fingering her and made her cumm .. Then I made her kneel down and suck mine .. She started sucking my cock and I was mouth fucking her … pressure was building and I just pulled out and cummed on her face giving her a good facial . Her eyes nose hair and lips were all soaked with my cumm and she was about to stand up to clean .. I didn’t let her stand and took my cumm dripping penis to her mouth and said Nakku… ( lick it ) .. She licked all the drops of my cumm and I smeared all my cumm on her face ..

We then took bath with she bathing me and I bathed her .. We dried ourselves and slept naked till we were hungry and ate the dish I cooked for her …
Next encounters in the next update …

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