Anjali got fucked in the ass

Hi horny people,

I’m TJ, this is my story of Tinder date, Anjali who then became my sex doll.

I met Anjali on Tinder. After few days of chatting and video calls we met. Our first meet was in KFC where she gave me handjob while eating crispy chicken. That was the moment I knew I can get to experience all my fantasies with her Next day I went to her place.

Anjali is 28 yrs old single mom. She is 5’2 with 34C-28-34 figure. Her boobs are so tender and feels great to touch. I got 3 condoms which we used in span of 4 hours.

It was just great sex.

I told her I wanted to try anal which she said no. I was determined to fuck her ass so I started licking her pussy and got her super horny. Then while fingering her pussy I licked her ass and put one finger inside…..she hesitated but once I increase the speed of fingering her pussy she let go

Then I slowly put 2 fingers in her ass by then she was pretty relaxed so I was able to put 3 fingers in her ass
Now I knew she was ready for anal. So I put some saliva on her ass and touched my dick on her asshole. Slowly I started to push it in. But her hole was so tight it was not going in.

I held my dick and made sure it doesn’t move while I push it again. It worked. Finally my dickhead disappeared in her ass. She must have felt some pain as she was resisting so I quickly pushed my whole dick in her.

Then I let it stay there while fingering her pussy. I was able to feel my dick from the inside of her pussy and it felt great. So I pushed on my dick with 2 fingers while starting to pump her ass with slow but deep strokes. Now her eyes were rolled back and I knew she was enjoying. So I increased the speed and lifted her legs on my shoulders. She started rubbing her clit and said fast karo…fuck me faster. Those words made me go into beast mode and I started fucking her ass as fast as I could. The feeling was amazing….anal sex was my new favourite thing.

After sometime I came. She must have cummed 2 times at least. Those were her first anal orgasms.
Once we finished she told me from now on we must do anal everytime we have sex. She asked me when I am ready to cum I must take condom off and then fill as ass with my cum.

Which is what I have been doing everytime since then.

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