Treating Illnesses with Vaginal Penetration:

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Record #2 Treating Illnesses with Vaginal Penetration:

Patient George Nunan (50), accompanied by his wife Amy Nunan (52), has been called to seek sexual treatment for his illness at our facility. According to him, and his medical records, Mr. Nunan has been diagnosed with a symptomatic illness in his pelvic area and would need a medical prescription to cure it. From this illness, he is faced with inflammation, slight pain, and risks of the illness spreading to other areas. Normally, prescriptions are an easy solution as they are just consumed by the patient and processed in the body. However, the patient had a rare case in which his body would fail to break down the medicine needed to heal his illness. For this reason, the patient needed other options to be given his supplement.

First, his sexologist recommended he apply a skin cream treatment on his pelvic area to help heal his illness. So, George was given skin like medicine to take home and apply once a night before bed. However, after a while, we noticed that he was not healing from this at all, so another method had to be done. Next his sexologist gave a stronger cream to be applied to his genitals to let the medicine dissolve into the patient’s pelvic area and begin the healing process. Instead of just applying it and leaving it, the patient was told to perform a therapy on himself with the cream that way the medicine could absorb more effectively. He was instructed to apply the cream on his penis and masturbate for at least 5 minutes every night to induce healing. This could either be done by himself or his wife.

After about a week of this plan, the patient was evaluated again and it was observed that a very small amount of healing had been done, but nothing more. This wasn’t effective at all and in time his illness could possibly get worse without better treatment. It was at this point our staff realized that this situation was more serious than first thought. Mr. Nunan couldn’t process and break down his prescription orally and masturbation with the prescription cream wasn’t very effective either. The patient needed a more effective way to get his prescription into his body – specifically in the area of his ill pelvis.

After a series of evaluations from his sexologist and discussion with our team, we concluded that the best possible solution to curing his pelvic illness would be “Vaginal Penetration Diffusion”.

“Vaginal Penetration Diffusion”, is a treatment that we uncommonly use for patients like Nunan who need absorption of a medical prescription – or some other material – but cannot break it down inside their own body through normal consumption. Essentially, the treatment works by giving the needed medicine to a female who can break down the substance, and then letting the male patient have vaginal intercourse with the designated female so that he can absorb the medicine more efficiently. Through this intercourse, bloodflow increases to each of the participant’s sexual organs and through the mixture of all the sexual fluids, vaginal secretion in particular, the selected medicines can diffuse – or be absorbed – from the womans vaginal walls and into the penis. The blood flow then carries out the medicine from the penis to the rest of the body. This is similar to the way of sexually transmitted diseases are transferred through one person to another, however this would be done with the patients required prescription instead of a disease. This also works the other way around with sperm therapy, but this is unrelated at the moment. Going forward, our team outlined this to be the best possible solution to curing Mr. Nunan’s pelvic illness.

To start, we had George Nunan and his wife come into our office to be instructed on how to carry out this plan. Because the Nunan’s were married, we designated Mrs. Nunan to be the female participant of the Vaginal Diffusion since George would likely be most comfortable penetrating his wife rather than one of our practitioners. We wanted to start out with the treatment being done inside the comfort of the couple’s home, so we gave them instructions on how to carry this treatment out: First Amy would ingest George’s prescription along with any other needed sexual enhancements. Then after 30 minutes of waiting for the prescription to be broken down, George would have sex with his wife via vaginal penetration. The sex needed to last for at least 10 minutes and treatment would need to be done at a minimum of three times a week. And of course, no condom could be worn as bare skin was needed for the transfer of the broken-down medicine. The couple were given the prescription to take home along with a number of sexual enhancements that they might need.

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