Treating Illnesses with Vaginal Penetration:

Record #2 Treating Illnesses with Vaginal Penetration:

Patient George Nunan (50), accompanied by his wife Amy Nunan (52), has been called to seek sexual treatment for his illness at our facility. According to him, and his medical records, Mr. Nunan has been diagnosed with a symptomatic illness in his pelvic area and would need a medical prescription to cure it. From this illness, he is faced with inflammation, slight pain, and risks of the illness spreading to other areas. Normally, prescriptions are an easy solution as they are just consumed by the patient and processed in the body. However, the patient had a rare case in which his body would fail to break down the medicine needed to heal his illness. For this reason, the patient needed other options to be given his supplement.

First, his sexologist recommended he apply a skin cream treatment on his pelvic area to help heal his illness. So, George was given skin like medicine to take home and apply once a night before bed. However, after a while, we noticed that he was not healing from this at all, so another method had to be done. Next his sexologist gave a stronger cream to be applied to his genitals to let the medicine dissolve into the patient’s pelvic area and begin the healing process. Instead of just applying it and leaving it, the patient was told to perform a therapy on himself with the cream that way the medicine could absorb more effectively. He was instructed to apply the cream on his penis and masturbate for at least 5 minutes every night to induce healing. This could either be done by himself or his wife.

After about a week of this plan, the patient was evaluated again and it was observed that a very small amount of healing had been done, but nothing more. This wasn’t effective at all and in time his illness could possibly get worse without better treatment. It was at this point our staff realized that this situation was more serious than first thought. Mr. Nunan couldn’t process and break down his prescription orally and masturbation with the prescription cream wasn’t very effective either. The patient needed a more effective way to get his prescription into his body – specifically in the area of his ill pelvis.

After a series of evaluations from his sexologist and discussion with our team, we concluded that the best possible solution to curing his pelvic illness would be “Vaginal Penetration Diffusion”.

“Vaginal Penetration Diffusion”, is a treatment that we uncommonly use for patients like Nunan who need absorption of a medical prescription – or some other material – but cannot break it down inside their own body through normal consumption. Essentially, the treatment works by giving the needed medicine to a female who can break down the substance, and then letting the male patient have vaginal intercourse with the designated female so that he can absorb the medicine more efficiently. Through this intercourse, bloodflow increases to each of the participant’s sexual organs and through the mixture of all the sexual fluids, vaginal secretion in particular, the selected medicines can diffuse – or be absorbed – from the womans vaginal walls and into the penis. The blood flow then carries out the medicine from the penis to the rest of the body. This is similar to the way of sexually transmitted diseases are transferred through one person to another, however this would be done with the patients required prescription instead of a disease. This also works the other way around with sperm therapy, but this is unrelated at the moment. Going forward, our team outlined this to be the best possible solution to curing Mr. Nunan’s pelvic illness.

To start, we had George Nunan and his wife come into our office to be instructed on how to carry out this plan. Because the Nunan’s were married, we designated Mrs. Nunan to be the female participant of the Vaginal Diffusion since George would likely be most comfortable penetrating his wife rather than one of our practitioners. We wanted to start out with the treatment being done inside the comfort of the couple’s home, so we gave them instructions on how to carry this treatment out: First Amy would ingest George’s prescription along with any other needed sexual enhancements. Then after 30 minutes of waiting for the prescription to be broken down, George would have sex with his wife via vaginal penetration. The sex needed to last for at least 10 minutes and treatment would need to be done at a minimum of three times a week. And of course, no condom could be worn as bare skin was needed for the transfer of the broken-down medicine. The couple were given the prescription to take home along with a number of sexual enhancements that they might need.

After the first week of the treatment, we noticed results almost immediately regarding George Nunan’s condition. During evaluation, we found that this method was effective in healing the inflammation of the patient’s pelvic region however, it was still somewhat ineffective in stopping the spread of the disease and curing it completely. Because treatment was done at home, we assessed that this was most likely due to the treatment being done incorrectly and to fix this, couple was required to come into our office to be observed while having the sexual treatment. So for the next couple of weeks, the patient and his wife came into our office and was facilitated by their sexologist while they had sex.

They would come in, Amy would be given the prescription along with sexual enhancement pills, and George would penetrate his wife on the medical bed infront of his sexologist. According to the records, penetration would almost always last around 12 minutes. While George ejaculated every time, his wife would only orgasm 50 percent of the time. After a few sessions, we evaluated Mr. Nunan once again and found the same results as before: his pelvic disease got better but would not be cleared entirely due to the treatment only being somewhat effective. However, after watching the sexual intercourse between the Nunan’s multiple times, we found the answer to our problem. Amy Nunan was abnormally dry during sex. While lube was used, Amy had a hard time secreting the vaginal fluid that George’s penis needed to absorb the prescription.

According to the patient’s sexologist, “During my sessions with George and Amy, they would come into my office and have sex in front of me while I walked them through the therapy and logged in important information. They were a very nice couple and they both felt very comfortable doing these acts while I facilitated. After being given their needed materials, they would strip naked and have sex on the medical bed. I was required to make sure the vaginal diffusion works properly but really all I had to do was make sure George didn’t cum too early. They would start out in a missionary position with Amy on the bottom and George on top. George would push in deep and go at a medium fast pace. They would sometimes switch positions: Doggystyle, Prone bone, etc. I could tell George was really enjoying it, even more so than his wife most of the time. While his wife did moan and cum on occasion, I assume being in a medical hospital hindered her focus and sexual pleasure most of the time they fucked. However, soon into these sessions I realized a number of patterns. With me being a professional at observing sexual organs, I picked up on the fact that Amy Nunan was exceptionally dry. I often had to interrupt the sessions to apply more lubrication on her genitals so that they could proceed because her vagina couldn’t produce enough fluid on its own. This can be an issue with women at an older age, but it isn’t too common. In our situation this was a big deal because we needed her to be wet to transfer George’s medicine. It was obvious Amy was very sexually dormant – which is an issue within itself that can be discussed at a different time – and we needed someone who was nice and wet for George. At this point I was confident that one of our female team members could better handle this issue.”

Even though Mrs. Nunan could break down the prescription, she could not get wet enough to transfer it to Mr. Nunan, and his sexologist picked up on that. Because of this, another female participant was needed for the patient to have sex with. After being briefed, George was scheduled to come in three times a week and vaginally penetrate with one of our practitioners. For the female participant, George selected one of our intermediate practitioners, Rebecca Harris, a 24-year-old blond, white woman, to be his female participant. Harris is one of our most reliable sex practitioners and she was experienced enough to treat Mr. Nunan’s condition.

The sessions would start with George Nunan coming into the office with his wife and getting prepared for vaginal penetration. Rebecca would be given his prescription along with spermicide, sexual enhancement pills, and others. After everything was ready, Rebecca would lead George and his wife to the treatment room where she would be vaginally penetrated. Its common for a wife or a husband to be in the same room when their significant other is given sexual treatment as it can be awkward or troublesome if done without them.

In the room, Rebecca would strip naked, as would George, and she would lie on the medical bed. Rebecca wanted to start out the sessions in a more professional manner, so the two wouldn’t have casual sex rather, Rebecca would lie on the edge of the bed and put her legs in the medical leg spreader (tool used to keep a person’s legs spread and up to better show their genitals), and George would penetrate her standing by the front of the bed. Once the two were both ready, George would put his penis in Rebecca’s vagina and have sex with her. On average, the sex would last about 9 minutes – due to George’s sensitivity – and Rebecca would secrete enough liquid for George to absorb. The patient would also be free to ejaculate inside of Rebecca.

After about three sessions, our evaluations showed a significant increase in healing around the patient’s pelvis. The spread was halted indefinitely, and diseased areas were healing. The only thing left to do was continue the sessions until George was all better.

George would continue undergoing sexual treatment with Rebecca. She would continue to be penetrated in front of his wife up until ejaculation and then he would be sent on his way. Rebecca would then upscaled the meetings to a more comfortable sex setting by changing positions, getting closer with the patient, and generally making the sexual therapy more casual.

According two Rebecca Haris, “In learning that I would be the Nunan’s practitioner, I was intrigued because I knew George and Amy to be very kind people. However, because they were married, I figured it could get potentially awkward for George to be having sex with a different person, so I made it my job to make them both feel as comfortable as possible. Immediately in the first meeting, George was turned on even before we got to the therapy room. The thought of having sex with a younger woman sexual satisfied him immensely, but I wasn’t put off by this at all. I’ve practiced for tons of patients of all different ages and Mr. Nunan was no different. When we got to the room, we were all ready and full of the prescriptions we needed. I could start to feel myself get incredibly wet and turned on. Amy sat down near the medical be we would have sex on. I could tell she was a little nervous so I tried to make her a little bit more comfortable by offering her things while she waited and conversing with her. I even offered her to join in the sexual therapy by giving her husband foreplay, a hand job, or a blowjob. I also said that she could get sexual stimulation as well, either from her husband or even from me. While she declined, I convinced her to feel free to please herself or masturbate during the session.

I then stripped my medical clothes off and spreaded on the edge of the bed faced upwards in a missionary-like position. I wanted to begin these meetings in a formal manner so I got in a position where Mr. Nunan’s dick could efficiently slide inside of me without the need of a close personal touch. So, George took his clothes off, went to the edge of the bed, grabbed my leg for support, and pushed his bare penis inside of me standing up. His cock was big for an older man, and it felt very pleasurable, but I did not want to moan or give a hint of an orgasm in front of his wife during the first session. I wanted to loosen up Mrs. Nunan so she wouldn’t feel left out or awkward during the meetings. After his first push in, George moaned softly and began to rub my spread open ankles while thrusting. His thrusts were slow and rough, almost like he’s been waiting his whole life to do this. I pulled him in closer with my arms so that he could get inside of me deeper. I could feel my pussy pulsing on his dick and my juices running. I was a bit warmer inside due to his broken-down prescription and sexual enhancements. About 4 minutes of him thrusting he began to go faster, and I could tell he was close to cumming. I had to reassure him however that the therapy needed to be at least 10 minutes and he needed to last longer than that. A couple more minutes later I was close to orgasming and so was he. He began moaning louder and gripping my legs even tighter. He thrusted once more and said that he couldn’t hold it. I tried to get him to slow down but I could tell he just couldn’t hack it, so I said it was okay just for the first meeting to cum a minute earlier than needed. And with that he expressed a very long moan and held inside of me while he ejaculated. I could see across the room that his wife looked very discomforted and sort of embarrassed. I guess the sight of his husband relishing in someone else made her feel bad.

After he came inside of me I put my legs down and cleaned up the room. On the way out I had a talk with Amy Nunan about her discomfort. She said that she was ‘fine’ and whatever her husband needed to do to get better was necessary, it was just awkward that the solution had to be sex with someone else rather than her. I assured her this was very normal in married couples that receive treatment at our establishment and that it didn’t have to be awkward. She could pleasure herself at any time during the session, I could even give her oral stimulation after the session to make her cum too. But she declined and they eventually left.

During the next meeting I started the same way as I did before. We went to the room and got undressed. George was even more excited before, and I could see the outline of his dick through his pants. Amy was again, a little embarrassed. ‘Would you like some type of stimulation yourself Mrs. Nunan?’ I asked her. She was a little stubborn and replied to no. Just like before I persuaded her to masturbate while we had sex, or even take her clothes off and join us, but she just said she would watch. So I laid back again on the medical bed just like before, with my legs up and spread in the leg holders. George rubbed up and down my lower stomach and began to push in his penis. He was a sweetheart and I could tell he was reeling over the sex, and I loved that, but his it was obvious his wife didn’t. He began slow for the first couple of minutes and then accelerated. It was hard not to make a sound because he was hitting all my right spots and making me so wet, but still, I didn’t. He rubbed up and down my legs and then asked if he could touch my breasts. I of course said yes as that would help stimulate him, and he proceeded to grip them tightly. He played with my nipples and even kissed my ankles that were in the leg holder. I could tell he was on the verge of cumming and told him to slow down. He pulled his dick out to take a sort-of break and then put it back inside of me. He moaned softly and I did too. However, towards the back of the room I saw Amy Nunan get up and call to my attention. ‘Umm excuse me, you said I could touch myself, right?’ to which I replied of course and take your clothes off if you want too as well. While George thrusted inside of me, off in his own world of euphoria, Amy unbuckled her jeans, doused her fingers with saliva, and slid her fingers in her pants. She was a bit more out of her shell now and began to receive pleasure from watching her husband have sex with someone else. The outline of her hand in her pants began to move in a circle like she was massaging her clit. While she didn’t take off her clothes, she did move her other hand up her shirt and fondled her breasts. Right when she did that, George let out a loud groan and thrusted his penis as deep as he could. When he ejaculated, I orgasmed and let out a couple of moans as well. When George finished draining himself inside of me, we got up and took a look at what Amy was doing. She stopped masturbating herself and took her hands out of her pants – or presuming her vagina. She buckled back up and got ready to leave. ‘You didn’t look like you finished, your husband could finish you off if you want’, to which she replied no thanks and left the room. It was obvious she was still really embarrassed, and I had to do something so our future meeting could be more comforting to her.

So, when both of them were about to leave the facility I stopped his wife and told her that I needed to speak with her privately. I took her back into the room and said that I wanted her to benefit and be satisfied as much as her husband. She replied, ‘I know my husband needs this to heal but I am just kinda awkward’. I told her that it’s completely fine and normal to feel that way and that I would do everything to guarantee her comfort during these sessions. After telling her that I put my hands on her waist and said, ‘let me finish you off and make you orgasm.’ She questioned for a bit, but I assured her that it was completely professional and that it wouldn’t take so long. So, after agreeing I started to unbuckle her pants, wet my hands, and slid my hand in her panties. After rubbing her for a bit I put my fingers inside of her and pushed her softly against the wall behind her. She opened her mouth and moaned like she hadn’t been touched in a year. After a minute of getting her off, I told her to slide her pants down and sit in the chair beside us. She was reluctant at first but then got more comfortable. I then got on my knees and began to eat out her vagina. As a practitioner, I was more familiar with male stimulation, however, I still had attained skills from my female stimulation training and my few female patients that I practiced upon. Nevertheless, I was pretty good at making another woman cum. And after just 2 minutes of me sucking her clit she was cumming with her head tilted backwards, eyes closed, and hand on my head pushing me deeper. This is very common within women who have not experienced different sexual acts with their partners; a different type of stimulation can go a long way. After she came, we exited the room, and I sent her on her way. She seemed more satisfied than before, and I was making progress.

The next meeting followed the same routine. We got to the room, got undressed, and prepared for the therapy. However, I laid out a magic wand vibrator just for Amy to use while her husband penetrated me. She was wearing a nice black sundress and I told her that it would be comforting for her to masturbate while we continue with the session. She took the vibrator and sat down, then me and George prepared to do our thing. I laid back, put my legs outwards, and he pushed in his penis, and of course moaned immediately. He started to touch my legs and kiss my ankles. He was a bit rough and went moderately fast. About a couple minutes into thrusting, his wife sat up and asked if she could take her panties out from under her dress and masturbate. I of course said yes and told her to enjoy it. Even her husband said that she should make herself orgasm. So she proceeded to lift her dress and slide off her underwear. She took the vibrator, turned it on, and masturbated herself to the sight of her husband. About 3 minutes into it she was moaning more than I was and I could tell she was enjoying it. She eventually called out to her husband and said that she was going to orgasm. As soon as she did George called out to her and said that he was about to ejaculate, and they both came at the same time, moaning while doing so. It was very sweet. I could tell they had a lot of love for each other even if they were experiencing sex in different ways. After the session they both exited the room looking satisfied and I could tell that I was making these sessions more comfortable for the both of them.

In the next meeting I had planned something special to get Amy more involved with George’s treatment. When we got in, I started by asking Amy to strip naked and lie back on the medical table. She was confused at first but then I said that it was necessary for this session. When she and George both stripped naked I told them that we would all be stimulating each other while George got his vaginal diffusion, that way Amy can be involved and not feel so left out. While puzzled at first, they trusted me and agreed to do so. I started by telling them to enact foreplay with each other to get turned on. I know George was already turned on, but I wanted his wife to be also. They kissed and touched on the medical bed for a brief moment and then George sat up. ‘So here’s how it’s going to go. Amy, you’re going to lay at the back of the medical bed with your knees and legs spread open. I’m going to go between your legs and give you oral sex, and then George is going to go on the bed and penetrate me from behind, sounds good?’ They were reluctant at first but surprisingly, Amy said that she was all for it. So, we got in our positions, and I started to kiss all over Amy’s chest and breasts. When I got to her vagina, George started to penetrate me from behind. He was on his knees and my rear was against his pelvis with his hand on my butt. As I was in between Amy’s legs, I grabbed her thighs and dove into her pussy. I gave her oral sex and she was moaning in seconds, both of them were. While George was relishing in my vagina, Amy was relishing in my tongue and mouth. As he pounded me from behind, his wife started jetting fluids and convulsing. After about 7 minutes I told them that we would change positions so that the couple could get close to each other. We got off each other and I got on my back with my legs up and in the leg holder, just like before. ‘George stood in front of me like before, Amy came on top of me facing your husband. You’re gonna sit your vagina on my face, and while you do that you can kiss your husband.’ When I said that they looked aroused. They quickly got in their positions. I put the leg holder outward a bit so Many could sit on my face and still reach her husband just fine. Amy hovered over me and I laid between and underneath her legs. I gave her the okay and she brought her vagina right to my mouth. When she did that George put his penis inside of me. They both were moaning very loudly. I tilted my head back and forth and licked up and down her clit. She basically sat on my tongue and as soon as it went inside of her, she began to moan louder. I kept licking for several minutes while George went to town on my own vagina. Instead of grabbing my legs, he grabbed his wife and kissed her ferociously. They were not only rough with me but also rough with each other. They kissed with love and passion, and soon enough, both of them came simultaneously. George thrusted roughly inside of me while ejaculating, Amy creamed while pressing down on my tongue and moving her hips back and forth, and they did this while kissing each other lovingly. I swear it was one of the most passionate things I’ve ever seen in my life. It was so pleasurable until when I orgasmed, it was one of the hardest I’ve ever had in my entire life. My own body convulsed, and I basically screamed softly – well as soft as I could. The thought of being plowed by a husband and wife was more than just hot, it was euphoric.
When we finished, we got ready and exited the room. Soon after they were sent on their way.

For the future sessions this type of dynamic persisted all throughout the treatment. George and Amy were very comfortable during the sessions and Amy was more involved than ever. Me and her husband gave her oral sex, she gave her husband blowjobs, and she even gave me oral sex occasionally. And on average the couple would orgasm at the exact same time, no matter what act we were doing. And most of the time it was while they were kissing and facing each other lovingly while I pleased them both at the same time. It was truly beautiful.

After the therapy was completed, Mr. Nunan’s illness was completely cured and healed. They were ready to be sent on their way for good this time. However, before they did, I let them know how enjoyable they were as patients and how beautiful it was to see such loving people. They themselves told me how fun it was and how I did a good job of opening them up to more sexual possibilities. Their sex life had not only been revived but was also boosted immensely. ‘We really appreciate you; you gave us something we needed for a long time. And our sex life is better than ever. Thank you so much’. After saying that, I sent them on their way. Out of all my work in this facility I have never experienced something this meaningful with my patients. Amy and George are the best patients that I’ve ever had and I’m extremely grateful to have worked with them.”

After about 30 sessions in three months, George would be all healed up and the couple would be ready to move on with their life. We’re happy to say that another patient was cured using the power of sexology.

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